Meditation Motivation

You can increase your meditation motivation once you understand the benefits it brings.

You may also be encouraged to try meditation if you clearly understand how to practise it and how to create perfect environment for meditation.

This article explains the advantages of meditation, different meditation methods and ways raise your motivation to meditate.

Common meditation misunderstandings

Many people doubt about starting meditation because they assume that meditation is complicated and requires a lot of effort.

Because of this misunderstanding many people fail to experience amazing benefits meditation brings.

Meditation is very easy, there is no work involved at all, just relaxation. Even sitting in the quiet with your eyes closed is considered to be meditation.

All this practice requires from you is to dedicate some time to it. You should meditate twice per day for around twenty minutes.

There are many types of meditation, but even deep types of meditation are easy to learn. They may just require repeating mantra or focusing on one object (like your breathing).

Another common misunderstanding is to do with your sitting pose. Some people think that you have to sit in a certain way (e.g. in Lotus pose) to meditate. That is really not true, you can meditate in any sitting pose or even when lying down.

You should sit in a pose that is very comfortable to you, but no too comfortable because then you might fall asleep:)

Also some think that you need to have no thoughts at all in your head for the meditation to be successful. That cannot be further from the truth!

You can still have thoughts it your head, but your focus should be not on thoughts, but on mantra, silence or your breathing. By doing that you get less and less thoughts during meditation and finally you are able to enter into the complete silence.

The benefits of meditation

I have written an article about known and less often known benefits of meditation. This article will definitely motivate you to start the practice of meditation.

There is no better meditation motivation than reading inspiring articles about it. Reading such articles will give you enough willpower to start meditating because you will know how many advantages it offers.

Create peaceful surroundings

Peaceful surroundings get you relaxed and reduce stress. Such surroundings will create a perfect condition to meditate. This consequently will raise your meditation motivation.

To make your surroundings relaxing, you should keep your home very tidy. That will also give clarity and positiveness to your mind. You may consider putting some lightly scented candles around your house to create warm atmosphere.

You can also create relaxing environment by lighting some joss sticks. However, be aware that some of them have very strong scents that can even cause headaches. Therefore you should use milder ones to get into a relaxing mood.

Take time off to be with yourself

If you are always busy and stressed you may forget that this life is meant to be fun and joyful. So many people get too deep into their routines and miss the positive side of life.

There is more to life than just work and weekends spent with family. Life is really interesting and empowering, but you may not see that if you constantly find yourself lost in stressful situations.

The way out of such lifestyle is through meditation. It will show the peaceful and positive side of you. Meditation will bring out the best in you and this fact alone might raise your meditation motivation.

Read a book about meditation

If you still cannot get into the meditation motivation, you should read a motivating book about it. This is how I started practising meditation.

The book that introduced me to meditation was Deep Meditation: Pathway to Personal Freedomby Yogani. This book is a great meditation manual that will help you understand the effortless process of meditation.

This book also explains what can happen during meditation and what that means (like energy circulation in your head or sudden sleep). It also lists numerous advantages of meditation.

Connect with people that practice meditation

If you are still unsure about meditation, you should try contacting people who already meditate. They will be able to explain to you the benefits and reasons why meditation is such a good practice. They can share their experiences and walk you through the process of this practice.

Also, the fact that meditation is a habit of the most successful people might be just the turning point you need!


Meditation is an effortless and relaxing experience. It makes you more positive and happy.

I look forward every day to the moment of meditation because then I completely relax and clear my mind from the thoughts that are not useful.

Your meditation motivation should really increase once you understand that this practise does not require any effort on your part and it brings many advantages that you will notice instantly and in the years to come.

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