Meditation Lesson: How to Get Rid of Thoughts

Meditation lessonsWhen you live in a hot country you know how annoying flies can be.

You eat something delicious like a cake and they keep landing on it.

You wave them off and they come back from another direction and land on almost exactly the same spot.

You wave harder but that doesn’t scare them at all – they continue their mission to partake of the cake.

The same thing can be said about your thoughts during meditation: the harder you try to get rid of them, the more annoying they get.

Sometimes they fool you and make you lose yourself in them. When you become aware that this happened you push them out of your mind but they surely come back.

You can do a few things to get rid of these annoying mental creatures.

With the cake example, if you would put a pot of honey or sugar a bit away from the cake, flies are likely to flock to this new addition.

As with the mind, you can focus on your breath so your mind has something to do. This will leave you exposed to the nothingness and finally bliss.

You can cover the cake with a plastic wrap and flies will leave. That can be compared with guarding your mind against new impressions from the outside world, whilst you continue meditating to dissipate the thoughts arising from the old mental impressions.

You can burn strong incense of sandalwood or lemongrass, which flies hate. They’ll leave your cake alone very quickly if you do this.

That can be compared with asking higher power for a quiet mind.

Or… you can leave the cake to the flies because it’s not good for you anyway.

That’s like letting all the thoughts come without clinging to them or reacting to them.

For some time thoughts will continue coming up but as they meet with no reaction soon they will dissipate in power and finally disappear.

You feed power to the thoughts when you react to them. Cease to react and they’ll be no more.

That’s the best way.

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!
    i see the light of your articles.

  2. What a beautiful analogy. I loved this post Simona. I will never look at flies the same way …

    P.S Yes you are right, flies are annoying but I have since learnt to accept them and that they are a part of life (for me I live in Australia). Much like our thoughts … they too are a part of life and as much as we would like too we can never get rid of them, only accept them and choose whether they rule and control us or whether they are just a part of life that we can watch fly by.

  3. joe o'connell says:

    i suspect far to many people quit early on, thinking it’s not working. not realizing it gets better with practice

    • That’s true, Joe!

      • Hey Simona I’ve been reading into your website and I’m 14. I meditate but I have a problem with not meditating a lot, but I think I opened my thrid eye. After about 8 min of meditating I see Indigo and shapes of eyes and their really detailed. You can see the pupil of the eye the eyelashes it’s crazy. Then I start to see moving colors that look like shapes but their really not that clear. Every time when I meditate the same process happens again. So I wanted to buy your book on 30 days of Deep meditation but that I already have opened my third eye and I know the concept of meditation I was thinking about getting one of the other books like
        1. Increase your intuition
        2. How to see and read auras
        3. Non attachment Lessons
        So I was wondering which one would you think is good for me thx and I really admire you you changed my life!

        • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Nikia! It’s great that you opened your third eye and get beautiful visions as a result. I can’t direct you to any of my products – you should only get the ones that feel right, if any.

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