Meditation in Action

No matter how little I care about technology, I recently had to buy a smartphone for easier social updates and checking if everything’s okay with my blog.

In a new white and blue Samsung Smartphone showroom in the middle of a busy Indian city, I was served by a sales guy who was very polite and self-contained.

When I signed the papers and made the payment, he took out the smartphone from the box and prepared to apply a non-scratchable screen protector to it.

When he was applying the screen protector by carefully placing the thin transparent layer on the smartphone screen, it was a pleasure to watch him do it.

He did it in such a meditative way. His whole focus was on that single task, and he took plenty of time to make it perfect. Watching him made me so happy, because you don’t see many people these days so single-mindedly focused on anything.

It seemed that nothing existed for him except for that smartphone and the non-scratchable layer he was applying.

Me and my boyfriend were as though hypnotized by his meditative action. It was a delight to watch him do it, and we both got into a sort of meditation too. All this happened in a busy city’s smartphone showroom, which shows that meditation in action (and usual meditation, with time) is possible everywhere!

Of course, his work was perfect – he applied the extra surface layer in a way that you couldn’t tell it was there.

It was a pleasure doing business with him and I wish more people would be so focused on the task at hand.

My personal experience with meditation in action

I love to start a day in a meditative way. I wake up, do pranayama, light yoga, make tea or read a spiritual book.

I do each activity slowly, and there’s nothing more in my mind except for that single activity. Such a way of doing things is indeed meditation, and it’s something to consider for those who find it hard to meditate in a usual way.

Sometimes, at the end of yoga or pranayama, I just sit on my meditation mat, looking at nothing in particular and feeling blissful.

I love staying in such a meditative mood, and I could sit this way for a long time, as it’s such a pleasure of a higher kind to experience this. There’s absolute emptiness in my mind, when I sit like this, and there’s nothing amazing happening in terms of spiritual visions or anything like this, yet this experience seems magical to me.

Meditation in actionYou probably heard of a Japanese tea ceremony called “Chado”. In the Buddhism section you find this description of Chado:

Through meticulous attention to every detail of preparing and drinking tea, the participants enter into a shared, intimate experience of tea.

This kind of meditative action takes you beyond the rough reality into something more subtle and magical. Any action can be made into meditation, yet making tea is pleasant in itself, so it’s easy to apply that extra attention and do it slower.

Any activity, if done mindfully, will fill you with happiness. Every small and seemingly insignificant action taken this way can make you feel peaceful and contented. After such an experience of meditation in action, a saying can be understood that happiness is in the small things.

There’s such clarity of mind and a sense of freedom when you’re not ruled by your mind even for ten minutes. If you’re a master of your mind, peace and contentment is a natural state of being.

You can quieten your mind by placing a total focus on whatever task you’re doing. Mind, having no control over the situation, gives it to the control of the self, and thus happiness and contentment arises.

At first, the mind, conditioned to do this way, will try to make you rush. “There’s no time”, “Other things need to be accomplished” might be the thoughts that would arise. Ignore them all, and focus entirely on the task at hand to achieve meditation in action.

If you do, you will become the thing you focused on, or the activity you’re doing. Such an experience will expand your perception, and you will never be the same again.

Conclusion about meditation in action

Meditation in action sometimes comes naturally to people, like in the first example I gave of a man applying an extra surface to the smartphone. It can come at will too, if you focus on taking one action single-mindedly, and without rush.

Meditation in action is perfect for those who can’t do usual meditation (because, for example, they have too many thoughts). It can be, therefore, a stepping stone to the traditional meditation.

Meditation in action can also be a nice addition to those who already do regular meditation or yoga. Such a meditation will enrich one’s experience with more peace, happiness and contentment.

If you experienced meditation in action, share this experience with others by leaving a comment below.

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  1. The times I experience complete and total meditation are when I am with my horses, either grooming, taking care of them or riding my wonderful mare. I get lost in it and cannot get enough of it. Time seems to stand still. Nothing else matters. My husband does not understand it and says I am obsessed with horses, but it is who I am and I love every minute of it.

  2. I like everyone else get caught up in my day to day activity,s from my youth to now I have always had an interest in crafting,In my studio I surronud myself with the things that I use to create my crafts that warm my heart,As I sit and create I get so focust on my work,I play soft music and many times I burn a sented candle, This is where From a young boy to now a mature adult man Is where I find solitude piece of mind where I,am lifted to the center of my being, We live and breath and have our being in spirit, Nurture it always!!

  3. I enjoyed this post. I think farming work bring out opportunities for this type of focus. Perhaps that is why fishing is a freeing and relaxing activity or hunting well is enjoyed by many.

  4. Hello Simona,
    When I’m reading a novel I am applying “meditation in action.” It is like I am in the book and the book is my world while I’m reading it.
    I also apply “meditation in action” while I am studying or doing any type of work and therefore it does not feel like a struggle.

  5. Thanks Simona for your clarity, I guess my ‘meditation in action’ is when cutting the lawn and the smell of freshly cut grass or seeing the rain hitting a freshly cut lawn. Satnam!

  6. Hello Simona,

    It was really nice to read this post. I naturally applied the ‘meditation in action’ into it. Sometimes, playing chess gives me the feeling of meditation, as it involves focussing a lot. This post really helped me a lot making me realize that meditative state can be so easily achieved during a normal, busy day.

    Thank you

  7. Dear Simona

    Thank you for sharing your e-mail with me, I loved it, especially for better understanding benefits, more clarity and peace of mind.