Manifestation Test – How Likely is Your Goal to Manifest?

Manifestation testThese days I’ve been working on creating a 10-page, 21-questions’ manifestation test.

Test results will determine whether your goal is very likely to manifest, may manifest, or won’t manifest.

Test questions not only serve to determine whether your goal will manifest, but they are teachings in themselves, helping you to get more into the alignment with universal laws, and thus manifest more easily.

You will need to answer each question honestly, and add up given sums for each of your answer. This total sum will show how close you are to manifesting your goal.

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I hope you will enjoy doing this test, and I hope the results will show that your goal is very likely to manifest!

Take care,

Simona Rich


  1. Is it possible for me to obtain a link to the test
    I wasn’t a newsletter subscriber at that moment
    Thank you

  2. Towhidul says:

    Thank you…it really helped me to see where I need to improve.

  3. Rajadatta says:

    Hi Simona !

    its very unique and 1st of its kind.. i suppose.

    Great effort !

    You always rock and keep rocking !!!

    All your writing is helping me to a great extent to evolve spiritually. Feel a deep connection with you !!!

    Warm regards,

  4. Hi Simona,
    Great post from you, a test to see how a small goal manifest – and learning from it a like having a gold bar in our hand. It really great – thank you for beaming the inner light.

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