Low Vibration Hooks

Low vibration hooksIndia is full of low vibration hooks that can catch even most positive people. Some are very subtle, some – very obvious.

Being a girlfriend of an Indian man, I get a fair share of hooks thrown at me on a daily basis.

At first I didn’t recognize the nature of these hooks, and like an ignorant fish, bit them.

I’m becoming wiser now, and only subtle hooks still catch me sometimes.

One of such hooks, is, for example, glances or reactions that I get from some Indian women and men when I’m with my boyfriend.

Some of them disapprove, some of them are hurt (the ego is hurt) and show it in a way that we would get hurt; some of them are extremely interested in our relationship for selfish reasons.

These attitudes hurt me in the beginning, however gradually I realized that if I reacted to such people, I would get dragged down to their level.

A wise reader once wrote to me that it’s quite easy for high-vibration people to get dragged down to a lower vibration, but it’s nearly impossible for a person whose awareness is low to rise to a high vibration. I completely agree with that, and saw this law working in the lives of many people, as well as my own.

Another, a very obvious hook to me (now), is the attitude of some Indian rickshaw drivers (Indian taxi). They are so rude and rough in their ways, that almost every Westerner feels disapproval or even anger. And once they react this way, guess what happens? They get hooked, and their vibration becomes a bit more similar to the rickshaw drivers’.

Painful hooks that I experienced in the UK were some English people’s attitudes towards foreigners. They would look at them as at unequals, and would sometimes make sarcastic remarks that they thought foreigners were too stupid to grasp. Many foreign people get hooked, and thus drag their vibration to the level of those throwing the hooks.

Some low vibration hook throwers are energy vampires. They love when you react to their negativities, and absorb the energy you react with. They really enjoy such an interaction and can quickly drain your energy, if you get hooked.

So now, when I’m more aware of these subtle and not so subtle hooks, I respond, instead of reacting to negative situations. This doesn’t make me a slave of the hook throwers, but I become immune to their attempts to drag me down to their own level.

The ability to respond keeps me in charge of my destiny, and fully empowered.

Sometimes I need a lot of self talk not to negatively react to a situation. For example, I have to affirm that the person is on a very low awareness level and thus doesn’t know how to act any better than this; or that the person is hypnotized by the culture and thus manifests the reaction of the culture, and not his own.

Sometimes it’s hard, therefore, not to react, but through efforts a more intelligent response will follow for sure.

Do you notice these kinds of hooks, or do you automatically react to every unpleasantness that people create in your life? Reflect on this question, and share your experiences in the comments, if you wish.

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Simona Rich (444 Posts)

I live in tropical South India, ride scooter, meditate, do yoga and help people create fulfilling and unique lives. Read my story to find out how I changed my life.


  1. I totally understand the situation. I feel the same way with in-laws. I am readind a book now called finding God’s love by ethan walker , it explains ego and why people do these things. I find that if i let go of my ego what others think of me no longer matter…. although put to words is easy, actually practicing it is hard. Evil will always try to hook you in. The best way i find to getting through it is compassion with a bite! Have compassion for those that send negitivity. Best of luck

  2. Prateek Rijhwani says:

    Hi Simona Ji!
    I just read this post + every comments.
    This is the real test of reality, it’s just the reflection. We must built up strong foundation of spiritual attitude.
    How we effortlessly we exercise our attitude irrespective of caste, religion, culture, nationality etc is what actually defines our core existence.


  3. Hi Simona,

    Thank you for sharing this. I initially wanted to comment on your “about me” section. Thank you for your reminder on how not to be hooked on to other’s negativity. After reading your about me section, it is nice to know that “rich dad poor dad” has helped you. The first phase of change in my life occured when I was introduced to concepts from that book too. I started learning about passive income, and how you can earn money to be self sufficient while not doing anything. It also happened that I was working my second job at 18 during that period, and I realised how everyone walks like zombies to their offices in the morning in the city. I live in Singapore. I started to question whether one could possibly do this for the rest of their lives. Is life really about working and dying? Surely not…I started to explore more about how to derive passive income for oneself. (which is how I got started in currency trading – which is what my website is about). I started to volunteer on organic farms as well (through the WWOOF programme) and that is the second phase of change in my life, where I started to realise money disconnects us from nature. It is a joy to pluck fruits fresh from the trees, but buying it in the supermarket removes that joy. Same as buying meat in the supermarket. If we buy it in the supermarket, we do not feel compassion for the animal that is killed, but if you live in the countryside, you will feel it.

    I wish you the very best in your spiritual journey Simona. May your dreams be visualised into reality.

  4. Praveen Chauhan says:

    Hi Simona, This is a very good article as I have always been in constant touch with this kind of people but never realized it until i read this article. What i am wondering is how do you manage if this ‘low vibration hook thrower’ are your closest family members? sometimes no matter how positive i try to be but this negative vibrations are brought about by immediate members of your family…how do you try so that you dont take that hook?

  5. dattaram garud says:

    Hi Simona,
    I agree with your thoughts.But sometimes its very difficult to just ignore such hooks.You should react in such situations and here the trouble arises.

  6. A person I know behaves this way. Despite being a very good person , he often tries to annoy others on purpose and when the person in front of him reacts angrily , he immensely enjoys it . It’s a strange mechanism and sometimes the solution is not easy. When it comes to people you don’t know, it is easy to avoid reacting . He thinks it’s a game but he often risked being attacked because of his manners. Some people simply do not understand it . Maybe their level of consciousness is low and they don’t even think if of the consequences. I’m kinda sorry for them. Honestly , the only solution that I have found effective is to demonstrate to be able to have verbal domain in order to overturn deliberately irritating statements . Once I demonstrate a kind of calmness , I become inaccessible and this type of people lose interest . I do not know. One of my core values ​​is to make others feel good and at ease , and I do not see neither the need nor the benefit of this kind of behaviors. Not to mention that it’s true, if you respond to them, all you do is to lower your vibrational level .

  7. Hi Simona, I also get caught up with low vibrational hooks. People use to cronically annoy me with their unwanted attention towards me. I realise that i am allowing them to ruin my day. These days i try not to put up so much resisitance towards them, try to respect others and the fact that they are different from me. I don’t like so much eye contact especially with strangers so i try to avoid it. I try to keep a positive attitude and negative people out of my personal space .

  8. I really like your experience in all spheres of life. I am very well putting them into practice and I am very optimistic that they would work for me. As I read your articles l am in financial constraints but they have rekindled me. Many thanks. I hope to get more from you.

  9. Thank you Simona for sharing your experiences and instructions, they are all very helpful. :)

    I’m dealing with energy vampires whenever I visit my family. Sometimes it’s difficult being surrounded by their negativity and not to get affected. The moment I step inside their home they start seeking attention with unstoppable monologues until they share every single detail of every burden or story they currently carry inside their minds. It’s very hard to respond to that if there is anything to respond to at all. On a few occasions I actually ran off out of hopelessness. I’m still learning how not to get my energy drained when I’m in their company. I also avoid spending too much time with them.

    • Yes, Karmen, you should spend as little time with them as you can, if they’re like that. Thanks for your comment!

      • And if I have to spend every day with these people at work ??
        How do I keep up my energy ?

        • Maybe it’s time to think about changing your workplace or working for yourself, Peter! That’s the beauty of working for yourself, you can then choose whom to spend your time with (which is very important).

          • Your answer is 100% correct, but it’s hard to change my workspace and my life.
            Been thinking about hooks : I also hook other people … but i don’t know why i do it. ( Maybe to fit in the group more ?)

  10. Thank you for this great post, Simona. It’s just what I needed!

  11. Very well said! I have recognized these same actions/reaction from many people and while I have learned to deal them, My recent focus has been trying to teach my four children to deal with them and not let others change them. Sometimes they seem to get caught up in this negative behavior and it really disappoints me. I encourage them to let go and only respond positively or simply move away, but it is so easy for them to slide down to this other level. I am glad to have found your blog. I have only just started reading your blog and I enjoy your perspective and reading your articles! Maybe your fresh ideas will give me new ways to see the world and teach my children. Thanks!

  12. simona you are the best and your instruction is changing my life and i hope it will be turned best in my life…..i need ur al lupdated post plz…….love you very much…..

  13. D HARI PRASATH says:





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