Past Event: How to Dissolve Inner Blocks and Align Yourself with Unlimited Creativity & Abundance

Dear self-improvement seeker,

Do you know that you can get into a total flow of life, experiencing ever-flowing abundance and unlimited creativity?

Yet blockages acquired throughout life—through experiences, habits and ignorance—obscure that inner clarity and guidance.

These blockages make people suffer from muddy thinking, experience doubt and fear, and encounter failure when trying to change their lives, no matter how badly they want it.

The world seems cold and cruel. It’s lonely when there’s no internal communication, when you’re not in touch with your inner self.

As soon as you remove blockages from your inner clarity mirror, you know your life’s purpose. Good things start flowing your way. You experience unlimited creativity. You then get aligned with abundance, and you can live your life the way you want.

This 2-hour workshop will show you how to remove blockages from your inner clarity mirror.

This will let you see things the way they really are and take right actions to increase abundance, open up to creativity and experience harmony.

In the workshop, we will also do a psychological test that will reveal what each individual needs to address for the clarity to powerfully come forth.

From this state of total clarity, right actions will naturally flow, leading you to real fulfillment, great achievements and inner harmony.

There are only 30 seats available for this workshop. Don’t miss out – book your place now:

★ Book your ticket here ★

Ticket price – £35.

Refund policy: you can get a 50% refund if you cancel 10 days before the event, 25% if you cancel 9-5 days before the event, and no refund if you cancel 4 or less days before the event.

After the purchase is complete, you will receive an email with an exact event location (it’s 3 minutes from the South Kensington tube) and a map.

If you have any questions, contact me, and I will get back to your shortly (within 1-2 days).

About Organiser

Simona RichMy name is Simona Rich, and I’m a self-improvement blogger. I’m from Lithuania, but my home and heart is in South India.

I came to London to share what I know about creativity, finding life’s purpose and living life on my own terms.

Five years ago I was stuck in a draining job and a toxic relationship. One day, whilst walking to the bookshop after work, a thought came into my head: “Is this all life can offer me?”

It changed everything. It started a chain reaction, and little by little I managed to totally transform my life.

Now I live 3 minutes from the ocean, have a popular blog, travel whenever and wherever I want, and I’m in a harmonious and loving relationship.

I’m ever-grateful for my life, and it’s my duty to share my life’s knowledge with those who are struggling.

The more people I can bring into harmony with abundance, unlimited creativity and life’s purpose, the more overall human consciousness will rise, making it a little bit easier to succeed for all.

See you at the event – book your ticket here.

Ticket price – £35.

Love and blessings,

Simona Rich

Videos about London Workshop:


Psychological Test

Book your ticket here.


Can I pay at the door?

No. You can only get the address of the workshop when you pay online. Also, it’s better to book soon, because closer to the event the price will rise to £42.

I don’t have a paypal account, is there any other way to pay?

You don’t have to have a paypal account to check out with paypal. Simply click on the orange “Check out with Paypal” button when you’re ordering, and on the next screen click on the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link. This will allow you to enter your card details.

Is it okay to arrive late?

Yes, but make sure to quietly get to your seat, so that not to distract others.

Will attendees be actively involved?

At first I’ll talk about many blocks preventing you from accessing inner creativity and unlimited abundance. You will need to sometimes indicate that you understood what I talked about by raising your hand; you will also need to make notes, as some of the information will be unknown to you, and you will likely to forget it if you don’t make notes.

You will have an opportunity to share your experiences about the subjects I will ask about, but only if you would like to do so. There will be chances to interact with your fellow attendees too, during the first part of the workshop.

Once the blocks are mentioned, we will do a deep psychological test to discover your personality type and pinpoint the blocks you hold. You will need to be actively involved during this part, by listening and indicating if you understand my descriptions. Your task will be to intuitively select the type that’s you, and to allow your blocks to become known to you.

I will help you do that, so it will be easier than you think.

The last 15-or-so minutes of the workshop will be dedicated to any questions attendees have, and to hold an informal discussion about any points mentioned in the workshop.

Will I be able to release blocks during the workshop?

You will be able to identify your blocks during workshop, but since many of the blockages are deeply rooted, they will need to be released over time, so it would not be possible to release your blockages at once.

In this workshop I will take you through these deep-rooted blocks and will give you ways to eliminate them. If you follow the advice given, your blockages will surely dissolve. Some of them will take some time to dissolve, some of them will vanish quickly.

Do members need to bring anything?

A pen and a notebook. Good mood.

Who should come?

Those who can’t access their inner guidance; people struggling to get to the place of inner clarity; those who are not in the flow of abundance and creativity, yet wish to be.

Who shouldn’t come?

Those who are skeptics of the things spiritual – I have no time explaining these things to them, and it would be a time waste for those connected to spirituality to listen to such explanations.

Why should I come to your event?

It’s up to you, if you wish to come or not. However, I can certainly help you get in touch with your inner clarity and guidance, and from this connection life must change for the better.

How long will the Meetup be?

It will last for 2 hours.

Are the still any seats left?

Yes! Book your seat now.


  1. Dear Simona,

    Wish you best of luck for a super successful workshop.

    love. have a great day.

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