Do You Still Hold Limiting Beliefs About Money?

If you are not wealthy, it means that you still hold some limiting beliefs about money.

In this article I am going to describe several great ways to test your beliefs about money and to understand what is blocking you from the free flow of money.

The theory I am going to describe will require you to put it into practice and if you honestly do the steps described you will uncover the beliefs that do not allow you to become wealthy.

If some of the steps will seem uncomfortable to you (when you think of them or when you are doing them) it means that you hold strong resistance towards money.

You will then need to question what it is so uncomfortable about that situation, and this way you will be able to uncover a limiting belief.

When you do that, you can watch the video below to learn how to remove such belief:

You can also remove limiting beliefs about money by doing one of the tests below that is least comfortable over and over again, until you feel comfortable in such situation. This way you will leave your old comfort zone of no money and step into a wealthier comfort zone.

Also you may think that some steps are easy to do but when it comes to doing them, you will find them hard. This also shows that you have a limiting belief about money that is so deep inside you that you were not even aware of it. It is great to discover such belief and get rid of it using the steps in the video above.

Ways to check if you hold limiting beliefs about money

Expensive car

Mercedes-BenzYou can firstly do this check whilst visualising, and when you have an opportunity, put it into practice.

Imagine that you are in a busy street and a beautiful luxury car worth more than some houses stop right next to you.

You can see how shiny and new it is, it is black and one window of the car is open so you can see beautiful white leather interior.

How does this make you feel? What your thoughts about this situation are? Try to become aware as soon as some thought comes in and write it down.

If you hold limiting beliefs about money, your thoughts would be along the lines of:

“What’s the point of buying a car which is more expensive then some houses?”

“This person who drives this car is such a show-off.”

“Probably he thinks that everyone will be looking at his car, so I will ignore it.”

“That person could donate money to those that really need it rather than buying cars like that.”

“That is a great car but I will never be able to afford it.”

“It is so out of my range.”

“I would have to work all my life to afford such car.”

“Only extremely rich people can buy such cars and I will never be among them.”

If you don’t hold limiting beliefs about money, you will have thoughts similar to:

“What a beautiful car! I am sure that in the future I will be able to afford it.”

“This is one of my favourite cars!”

“It is so great that people can afford such cars!”

“I am sure that the owner of this car has achieved so much, it is so great to come close to such people and learn from them.”

“I hope that this person has everything that he wants.”

“I am sure that I will have this car in my experience because I am completely allowing it to come into my reality.”

And if you are really in tune with the source, you might also think like:

“I can easily afford this car.” (Does not mean that you can but if you keep affirming this you will in the future.)

“I can feel that this car is coming into my experience. “

“Money comes so easily into my life that this car would be an effortless manifestation only if I intended it.”

Try to visualise such situation and when this happens in your real life, try to become aware of the immediate thoughts that you have when such situation happens, and this will give you a great understanding about what kind of beliefs about money you hold.

The same applies to other situations that I will describe. Try to visualise them and then try to experience them in your real life, then become aware of the thoughts and this way you will uncover any limiting beliefs about money that you might hold.

Wealthy person

Imagine that you are on holiday in some hot country near the seaside. You are taking pictures near a luxury hotel and suddenly you notice that a great looking young guy is walking out of the hotel. You immediately notice his designer sunglasses, shiny black hair and white stylish shirt. He is talking on a mobile and smiling. A black luxury car pulls up in front of him, a driver gets off the car and opens the door for him.

How did this situation make you feel? What thoughts did you have whilst visualising? Write them down and when similar situation happens in your real life try to become conscious of the thoughts that you have. So whenever you see a very wealthy person, try to become aware of what you think about the situation.

Luxury restaurant

Previous tests involved only your observation, but these last two tests will need an action from you.

Walk into the most luxurious restaurant or hotel you can find, and order a drink there. Can you even do that? Do you need to force yourself to do that? Does even a thought of doing that make you feel uncomfortable about this situation or do you become uncomfortable whilst entering the restaurant/hotel?

Your reaction shows the degrees of how strong your limiting beliefs about money are. If even a thought about doing that makes you feel uneasy, then you have strong limiting beliefs about money. And if the whole process is a seamless or exciting experience to you, then you are on your way to wealth.

If you find this task uneasy, then you should keep doing it until it becomes comfortable. This way you will step into a new comfort zone which will involve more money coming into your experience.

Luxury Shop

Go to the most luxurious department store/shop you can find. You don’t have to buy anything, but just see how it makes you feel.

Because I live in London I always go to Harrods. It is one of the most luxurious department stores there are, with guards opening the doors for you and rare designer items.

I remember that the first time I visited Harrods it was an awful experience. I really felt that I don’t belong there, I thought that people also notice that I don’t belong there and I really felt uneasy about looking at handbags worth £1,500. I could not even touch them.

That showed my complete uneasiness about money and no wonder I had no money back then. However things have changed.

Now Harrods is so familiar to me, I feel like at home whilst shopping there. People are always nice to me, I try on many designer labels and I just love spending hours in that shop. It shows that Harrods is now in my comfort zone and that I hold no limiting beliefs associated with wealth. I don’t find it awkward to see people buying shoes for £2,000 and I bless them in my mind for their ability to let the wealth flow effortlessly into their experience.

How would such experience make you feel? Would you recognise yourself in my first example about me in Harrods, or in a second one?

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