Life is Fair to All – Each Gets What They Need for Evolving

Recently I wrote a facebook update about me witnessing on a metro a drunk man telling to all passengers that government keeps raising taxes so all is left to do is drink.

One lady in her comment expressed her sadness and a wish to help people like that.

I learnt over and over again that every time I try to help a person like this, neither that person, nor I benefit. It’s a total waste of time to do this – I learnt this the hard way – and I no longer give out my guidance to those that look in need of it.

Why some people can’t be helped

Compassion is awakening in the Western world, and thus people naturally gravitate towards those who look hurt or unlucky. But tell me from your own experience, what happens when you, for example, get into a relationship with a person burdened by many problems?

Usually you end up hurt or fail to help your partner. At first, you kind of see yourself as a hero who would take that person out of their miserable existence, but that almost never happens.

You cannot help those who don’t want to be helped. It’s a strange thing for sure, but some people really enjoy wallowing in their misery. It’s only when the “unlucky” person decides he had enough of it, that he can become open to external help or help himself. Surely not before that.

What about starving children in Africa, you might ask. First, you should know that souls incarnating in those bodies chose perfect environments to further their evolution. It’s not a coincidence that someone is born in a wealthy and loving family, whilst some get abandoned and then get adopted by cruel people. They incarnated in such circumstances for a reason, and they will surely get to better circumstances in this life or the ones to come, when poverty, dependence, or some other lesson, is learnt.

Know also that sometimes wise souls choose to incarnate in wretched bodies or wretched surroundings to teach those around them a lesson. Such incarnated being is a blessing indeed, because she causes change in those who otherwise would not wake up in their lifetimes.

For people who don’t acknowledge anything but matter, and who are really stuck in life, it takes much self examination and faith to awaken their souls from deep slumber, and start rising in life.

Many people are indeed creatures of environments, because it’s the path of least resistance. It’s not being in the flow of life, please don’t confuse this with that, but it’s being passive in your self expression, and thus life takes you wherever the stars on your chart point you to.

Why sometimes many problems come at the same time

People who don’t give up in trying to achieve higher life, soon start having more energy for that. That’s because they awaken the life within, which was dormant because of soul-killing activities they used to engage in. Answers start coming quicker, miracles seem to happen and they get into the flow of life.

If many obstacles come your way, know that firstly these lessons need to be learnt before you can move on to greater things. Life is trying to help you, since it knows your wish to succeed. Therefore, life tries to give you as many things to overcome as there are on your path, so that you would get to success quicker.

However, many people don’t see obstacles as help, because they can’t rise above their current circumstances to see the reason hurdles are there.

Every difficulty we experience, therefore, must be seen as a lesson. The quicker we learn the lesson, the quicker difficulties of that kind would leave us alone.

The more earthly lessons we learn, the finer lessons we get, which can be as hard. Those who overcome poverty and rise to great abundance, for example, can be faced with the emptiness of their life, which would encourage them to take up teachings about the soul.

The hard-to-learn money problem

The biggest stumbling block for Westerners at this time is money. Vast majority of people are true slaves for this printed paper and metal coins. Money should be mastered in this world, I’m afraid; there’s no other way round this issue. If you give up on it, the lesson won’t disappear from your life. It will patiently and surely wait for you at the next corner favorable for its expression.

In a London financial gathering I recently attended to meet old friends, there was a guy who was new to the group. He was obviously struggling in life, and a very wealthy and successful businessman tried to explain to him the workings of the Universe and the Law of Attraction.

Instead of listening meekly and being grateful for the teachings received, he crossed his arms on chest and told that LOA was nonsense and that he had his own strategy to succeed. His strategy didn’t work so far because he was just “unlucky”.

Such a guy is not yet ready to move on in life and to become abundant. He’s blocking outside help, because he’s not yet ready to help himself. He will be stuck in his unpleasant circumstances as long as it’s necessary for him to be finally awakened to the reality of his problem.

Perceive money problem as a lesson you must learn to master your life and be in control of your destiny. See it as a game; when you win it, it will forever leave you in peace and open the doors for better things to come. When you learn how to make money and how to control your expenses, you will never have this hurdle in your path again.

Start reading financial books. Understand money – it has a philosophy. Then, and only then, money will become an ever-ready-to-help friend, and not a powerful enemy it was before.

There are more problems, of course, facing Westerners at this time. Whatever they are, they all need to be perceived as lessons which try to get your attention so that you would learn them quickly and move on to something better.


There are absolutely no mistakes in this Universe, although we sometimes perceive life’s lessons as mistakes. Life is the ultimate perfection and life is really Go(o)d.

People don’t suffer because they’re unlucky. They suffer because they fail to learn the lessons that they must learn in order to evolve and move on.

God is fair to the extreme, it makes no mistakes and gives to every incarnated soul experiences it must go through in order to blossom.

Finally, here’s another post I wrote that people found very helpful in understanding why they’re stuck and how to change their surroundings: Your Surroundings Reflect Your Vibration.


  1. It’ very nice angle to look at things. But, I cannot not to think like situations: babies killed in wars, earthquakes and similar situations (natural catastrophes). How to explain those situations? Are these souls born only to be killed?

  2. Hello Simona, its great to read your post. Every other day i am changing myself to be pure by your inner light (your post).
    Each time i come here, i learn about life in a different way.

    Thank you for beaming the inner light of life.

    • What a beautiful comment, Logen, thank you!

      • Always welcome Simona, this is how i feel the energy from your post – i am deep thinker and research a lot about life – interested to empower someone who needs my guide along to way -this is my passion

  3. You’re so right. People have to be open to help or support.

    Which is why I don’t understand why people drive themselves crazy trying to help others who are clearly not listening. Helping someone shouldn’t turn into a problem for you. You can’t make someone do something, you just have to accept that they’re not ready.

    I guess that man was just content with drinking. Or he wanted to justfy his habit so it didn’t seem as bad.


  4. Courageous post, thanks for keeping it real.

  5. hi simona just wanted to say thanks to you i love reading your posts. I feeled to share some thoughts of my inner voice, I hope other people will benefit, in profit for me and the whole existence, with creating positivity.

    i wanted to share something, a big mysticus once said: tell me who your friends are, I will tell to you who YOU are. sometimes we dont like the persons around us, well maybe its time to think about your self, saying this to myself now:)

    I say often too myself: if you are facing a problem, accept it, face it, maybe the obsession will drop then:)

    Once another mysticus said: one who is blaming someonelse, will not die before he encounters the same problem in his own life. Well i think this is very nice said, because seeing something or someone as a problem means you have the same potential. Think about yourself being in the position you blamed, i think atleast you will blame yourself too (maybe unconsciously), you can be sure other people will agree with you and blame you too with that.
    ‘Ilness does not exist, there are only ill people.’

    Simona I have a question for you: is your last name really ‘rich’ or did you choose it as a nickname to ‘vibrate’ with money?

    We have a saying: if you say 40 days long “you are mad” to someone , he really will become mad. Atleast you will sure get rich by all these people reading your (sur)name :):)
    Observe the behaviour of people around you, and you can see the influence of their name on them, since they are called that way each day during their whole life!

  6. I need to say something here. I read another article of yours ; ‘Your Surroundings Reflect Your Vibration’. Though I agree to what has been said, isn’t it a bit simplistic to put it the way you did ? I mean I get what you are saying but is everything as simple as that ? I was living in Goa for past one and a half year and I’m from Delhi. I desperately wanted to run away from thnis city and got a job offer from Goa and I grabbed it expecting positive changes. Little did I know the challenges that were waiting for me . It is a beautiful and peaceful place for sure but somehow I felt I paid a heavy price for getting what I wanted . My job was absolutely an act of selling out and forsaking the idea of me I had about myself. My identity was stripped in my own eyes. Now that I’m back I’m still not in a job I’d consider my calling but it pays well and there’s no stress. So , are our vibrations enough for us to get everything in life? I have done different things at different points in life. Hard work for a very long time, disciplined life, positive living etc. but somehow I could only focus on one thing , either my health or studies/career/job. Can’t seem to figure a way to get everything. Grateful for a lot of miracles that happened though. I don’t know how much it will make sense to you when you read this.

  7. Wonderful article Simona. It was interesting that you mentioned the need to master money to be free in life. I’ve had tremendous ups and downs with money, every time I feel I have mastered it, it is taken away from me just as quickly. It truly seems that this incarnation was to teach me this lesson and thus far has been elusive. Thank you for sharing all of your articles and I plan on starting your “30 days to Deep Meditation” very soon.

  8. Bhavin Shah says:

    Hello Simona,

    This is actually path of self realization.

    We all are consciousness which is common in the entire universe. The entire universe is prevailing based on the Super consciousness (god).

    The Super consciousness desires all the souls to realize their true nature. Hence, there are specific conditions created for all the souls by universe (supreme consciousness) so that they can move on that path. Our soul also wants get it connected with the supreme consciousness. If our concentration or focus is shifted from this reality is the real starting point of all the sorrow, unhappiness, frustration, all negative emotions.

    As you have rightly mentioned in the above post, the life is fair to all and each gets what they want for evolving.
    You have really mentioned the phenomenon very nicely taking practical examples.

    Excellent post. Keep it up !!!

    Bhavin Shah

  9. I read this blog and found it excellent….i felt like you’ve been right besides me through the years…
    Let me start with the first thing you talked about, that some people really cannot be helped, so do not waste your time…it has happened to me. I got married to an alcoholic, because i wanted to help him overcome the addiction. He promised over and over again that if i accept to be his wife, he will change. That was so not true. Needless to say, it affected me to the point that i was so stressed and so much in physical pain. After i finally separated from him, i did not go out almost at all for a year….until one day, i woke up and decided to make a change, but did not know how to make the change.
    Accidentally, i bumped into “the secret”….but that was not all…the i got into the teachings of Dr. Pillai….i started in let’s say…darkness, not knowing, not understanding what i was doing, but i was doing it. I was meditating, reciting mantras and forcing myself to stay positive no matter what. Within about a week, all my physical aches dissapeared….i had no explanation, still was not totally convinced, but kept going, kept doing it. In time i added other things, simplified my life drastically, changed my diet….lost over 45 lbs….so, that was end of 2012….we are not february 2014……i recently wrote a post in my facebook page with all the steps i have taken….i have only one more thing to do….if you want i can forward you that post for you to read….i am almost 51…i am in the best shape as never before, i work at least 16 or more hours per day, i am positive…now, i also practice the no-thinking meditation concept by Osho….from when i started until now, i have made a 360 degrees turn around….every day is a blessing, you never hear me open my mouth to say anything negative….i am no longer stressed, yes i get tired, but then i rest…..what you put out into the Universe, you get back trifold….not saying this because i heard it, I am proof of it. I cleanse my body and soul whenever i feel i need to do it and do not let negative people pollute me. I am also maybe more sensitive than others, as i have had episodes of hugging people who were negative and i immediately became violently sick and drained of energy, so i refrain from hugging just everybody…i do hug sick people and kids…people i need, things i need appear out of nowhere and i get all the assustance i need, as if by magic…i still do not understand everything that is happening to me, but do not question it anymore.
    Thank you for this post.
    Laila of Kaduna

    • What a great comment, Laila. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and how you got in control of your Self and your Life. I’m sure that if you share that post with others too, they would benefit a lot!

      • Hello Simona,
        I did post what happened to me and the steps i took to have a complete turn around, on facebook. Someone who also follows your blog, also contacted me and i sent him a message with things i did.
        I feel that more and more people out there are trying to change things in their lives and share with others the good results. This is wonderful.
        Thank you, Simona. Keep up the good work.

  10. Like the saying “give compassion and aspiration to those without the merits but dont get trap in the happening”. You are a wise person and reading your comments are always very refreshing. Earth and nature are always fair it is only human that cannot be always fair.

  11. Hello Simona,
    Thank you for this post today. I learned a lot:
    – I’m actively working on letting people make their own choice, even though I’m SO sure they are making a mistake. I find myself repeating that it is their choice, their mistake to make.
    – I understand the life lesson concept. I find this easier to be conscious about; who wants to keep repeating the same lesson over and over? Not me. (unless it is about money or letting someone make a wrong choice 😉
    – However, I still haven’t mastered the money thing. I will be following up the links you included for future learning. So a big thank you for that. Definitely need to be working on this going forward.
    I really appreciate the time you take to teach us how to better enlightened ourselves.
    Light and Love.

  12. It a great post Simona. Whatever you have written, the same is my personal experience. After i knew little about Law of Karma , and cause and effect i feel peace with myself, rather than flowing with the agony of suffering of others and the urge to help them out. Truly this is an amazing universe. Everything so neatly designed.
    thank you,

  13. Alexander says:

    This article is so true, just as your article “Your Surroundings Reflect Your Vibration”! It took me many years to realize one austere, but enlightening truth. Despite the popular opinion and despite your own thoughts in times of weakness – LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FAIR. You get what you deserve. Period. That may sound harsh, but its true. On the other hand life will never put your through any ordeal you are not strong enough to endure. At times when everything seems to fall apart the only way is to stiff your upper lip, to analyze your life and to try to learn your lesson as soon as possible to move the next level. Otherwise there’s a risk to get stuck in the misery forever or even fall down into a pit of despair and madness.

    • …life will never put your through any ordeal you are not strong enough to endure. — this is a golden sentence, Alexander. So true! Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  14. Hello Simona,
    I love the way you write.
    You have been an inspiration to me for a while now. I really can’t believe how much I have learned through reading your posts.

  15. Very truthful post, and I have definitely learned this lesson the painful way as well. Unless someone directly ask for help/advice I usually don’t attempt to help anymore cause it just ends in futility.

    But on another note, the business man attempting to explain LOA to that guy was never going to work anyways because anything from LOA that could be explained in one conversation would have been a grotesque over-simplification anyways.

  16. Excellent post Simona, thank you very much.

  17. “However, many people don’t see obstacles as help, because they can’t rise above their current circumstances to see the reason hurdles are there.”

    This is so true. Every “hurdle” brings me closer to who I am supposed to be, and where I am supposed to be. There is no reason to struggle with them.

    The skeptic sees a problem in every opportunity–the optimist sees an opportunity in every problem.

    Excellent post!

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