The Law of Sacrifice

The law of sacrifice teaches that for you to get something new you will always have to give something away.

This law applies to absolutely every aspect of your life. It is better to willingly give first to receive what you wish than to lose something you did not expect.

I know it can be tricky to get your head around this law so I will give you several examples as to how it works.

Let’s say you start a new relationship with someone. You now have something extra in your life – a partner.

The law of sacrifice always works so you have to lose something because you gained something new. Therefore you lose the status of being single.

No matter what new you gain or what you lose, these things always have negative and positive sides. By being single you had more freedom, you could do whatever you liked without having to compromise. However, you felt lonely and wanted love.

By being in a relationship you feel loved and you are with someone, but you miss times when you did not have to compromise with anyone and were completely free.

Another example could be about wealth. If you know the law of sacrifice, you may consciously decide to give something away for you to receive wealth. That would be the best option because you will consciously choose what to give away.

So you may give your time, effort, passion and value creation for you to receive wealth in return.

If you want to become wealthy and try to take shortcuts to receive it, even if you become wealthy, you will suffer consequences. Because you disobeyed the law of sacrifice and you received something without proper pay for it, it means that you accumulated debt for the universe.

Debts always have to be repaid, it cannot happen any other way. So after some time you will repay such debt by understanding that wealth was not something you really wanted, it did not fulfil you or you may lose wealth because you did not put proper foundation for it.

You may also spoil yourself because of such wealth. In general, if you try to make money without putting any effort, your wealth will be temporary and you will be much more unhappy than you have ever been.

People mostly disobey the law of sacrifice because media confuses them about the workings of universal laws. What is shown on TV is far from truth, or half of the truth. For example, if they show that the person suddenly became very rich they fail to mention years spent working to get to such stage.

Or when a person won a lottery they fail to mention what happened to him/her after that.

Such so called news confuse people and make them believe that money can be acquired only by luck. This makes them depressed and they start complaining how unfair life is.

More obvious examples of the law of sacrifice would be paying for something you want to get. If you want to buy a new car, you pay money to receive it. In other words, you sacrifice money to get a new car.

When you want to have better health, you may sacrifice time, money and effort to receive it. Time can include visualisation about you being healthy, reading about how to become healthy or talking to some expert about it.

Money will be required to buy healthy food or food supplements. You will put effort into exercise and willpower to become healthy.

The law of sacrifice clearly explains why people are stuck in their current conditions although they would love to be healthier, wealthier and more successful. This happens because they unconsciously know that they would not be willing to sacrifice what they currently have for them to receive something new.

That is why all the anger, depression and blaming in the world is so pointless. It does not help anyone, it just reinforces the fact that most people are not ready to sacrifice what it takes for them to change their lives.

They would rather blame someone for their misfortunes than decide to accept the fact that it will require time and effort to change.

As soon as you accept that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life, you will become free and your willpower will strengthen. You will realise that you are completely responsible for your experiences and that you have the power to change every aspect of your life.

When such understanding comes, you will find enough strength to take necessary actions and spend required time for you to achieve your goals.

The law of sacrifice is very empowering and eye-opening. Yes, it is quite obvious, but it is easily ignored. Sometimes obvious should be stated many times for a major change to take place.

Because of so many negative influences in peoples lives (TV, advertising, limiting beliefs, accepted standards in society) sometimes it is possible to start believing that everything is out of our control and our lives are based on luck. Fortunately, this is not the case.


The law of sacrifice is a universal law therefore it always works. To obey this law means to be aware that in order to receive something new one must give something away.

If you consciously choose to give something away before getting something new, you will avoid owing to the universe therefore your newly acquired possession will stay with you for a long time.

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