The Law of Increase

The law of increase explains that whatever you are grateful for, you are sure to receive more of it.

This is because you are sending your gratitude to the universe, and as a response, it sends back more things you are grateful about.

It is the natural reaction of the universe to manifest more things you are thankful for.

Gratitude is an action you take and the manifestation of more things you are grateful for is the natural reaction. This never changes. It is as certain as the law of gravity.

It is very beneficial to have a gratitude journal. I had mine for a long time, and every day I feel so happy and excited to list all the things I am grateful for. I usually list around 15 things I am grateful for, but you may list less than that, or even more if you like!

When you feel grateful you raise your vibration. This makes you a vibrational match for what you are grateful for. I have noticed that I receive more of what I am thanking for instantly or after a short while. However, I am not sure if it is the same with other people.

This law not only explains the gratitude, but also how the whole universe works. Everything is always expanding, growing and multiplying. Our desires grow, we advance in our education and knowledge. As soon as you get a thought, you are sure to get more and more related thoughts.

If we would not advance and grow we would stagnate and then death would settle. We naturally know this and constantly move forward.

But what if you want something you do not yet have? Then you should thank for things that you have at the moment that you appreciate. For example, if you do not like where you live, at least be grateful that you have a house or a place to sleep. This will bring you better surroundings.

Also, if you visualise well and can convince your mind that you already have your desire, you can also thank for that vision of what you want. However, you should feel as though you already have what you wish. That will quicken the manifestation of your desire.

There is evidence of the law of increase everywhere. In nature flowers and trees grow and blossom and seeds spring into life; Human desires always get bigger; We get more and more knowledge; Technology advances every minute.

Although the law of increase works naturally, you can also use it consciously. To use this law consciously requires gratitude. Gratitude triggers response from the universe to manifest more things you are grateful about.

The law of increase will benefit you greatly and it can be applied instantly to your advantage.

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