Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is the energy of your being which sits at the base of your spine, in the root chakra. It wakes up when you start meditating, visualizing or doing other spiritual activities.

Right before this energy is activated, people usually dream of serpents or goddesses which are the signs of this energy.Seven chakras

Some people don’t dream about such symbols but they see them in their everyday lives; for example, they come across the pictures of serpents.

When activated, kundalini energy starts going up your chakras till it reaches the crown chakra and when it goes through the crown chakra the person becomes enlightened.

This energy can either be awakened unnaturally by gurus and meditation experts or it naturally awakens when the person develops spiritually. When the awakening of this energy is rushed it can cause serious problems (I mention those in the dangers of kundalini energy section down below).

Before You Decide To Awaken Kundalini Energy…

If you’re emotionally weak and you still have fear inside you, it can be really dangerous to awaken this energy. So if this is the case, you should strengthen your nervous system and gain better understanding of your self before awakening your kundalini energy.

It’s advisable that if you decide to awaken this energy, you should do so together with a spiritual leader or a meditation expert. Such people know the dangers of this energy and they know how to control it. They will pace your development and advise if you need to slow down or progress quicker.

Why People Choose To Awaken Kundalini Energy

It’s said that the awakening of this energy is the only way to become enlightened and experience bliss. When this energy goes through your crown chakra, you become aware of your connection with the entire universe and therefore understand the truth. You attain the divine wisdom and your consciousness expands infinitely.

When the kundalini energy is released into the universe, you completely understand yourself and your purpose. You become filled with joy, limitless knowledge and unconditional love of the whole universe.

The Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening

It’s easy to feel kundalini energy because it’s a forceful and concentrated energy that quickly moves through chakras. People usually feel the burning sensation in the part of the body where the energy resides.

There are other signs indicating that this energy has awakened in you, such as visions of non-physical beings, serpents and gods.

You also have a strange feeling in your muscles and you may experience involuntary body movements when this energy is active in you.

A quite usual symptom of kundalini awakening is an extreme feeling of plenty of energy (when you feel very active). You can also feel headaches or pressures in your head (usually on the temples, the back or top of the head).

Your emotions might quickly change throughout the day and you may react to people and circumstances in a more extreme manner than usual. It’s also usual to experience higher levels of awareness so you’ll sometimes feel blissful and sometimes you may see unusual visions.

You may experience different kinds of psychic activities such as extrasensory awareness, OBE (Out of Body Experience), memories of your past lives and seeing auras.

You also feel energy rushes throughout your entire body and sometimes in one part of the body only. Some energy rushes are quick and forceful, some make you feel dizzy (energy rushes in your head) or frightened.

Sometimes you can feel as though something crawls on you or some part of your body becomes itchy. You may start feeling very hot or cold not depending on your environment.

When the kundalini energy awakens, you may start changing your sleeping or eating patterns. You may sleep longer or shorter and during different times. Your eating habits might completely change; for example, you might stop eating meat.

The Dangers of Kundalini Energy

If you quicken the awakening of this energy and you’re not ready, you may experience very negative consequences. Some people become mentally ill because they cannot handle too much spiritual development and expanding awareness. If you’re not spiritually developed, you’ll get scared of the changes that happen in your mind.

For example, you might start seeing entities that are not physical. This would scare most of the people, however spiritually advanced people wouldn’t find such entities scary. So if you would find such entities scary, it indicates that you’re not ready to awaken this energy.

Here’s What Happens When Kundalini Energy Is Awakened Too Early:

Kundalini energy keeps moving very fast through your chakras trying to escape through your crown chakra. You experience strong pain in different parts of your body, you feel burning in some parts of your body, you hear sounds and see visions of different entities being with you.

Some people lose control over their conscious minds. This happens to people who haven’t experienced much spiritual development.

Your fears manifest into some scary beings which you have to fight with love and faith for them to disappear. This happens if you’re on a low vibration (vibration of fear, anger, hatred and so on). This all happens in your mind, of course, but you see them as real and physical.

Finally, when kundalini energy reaches your crown chakra, your consciousness goes out of your body. No, you don’t die, you just involuntarily astral project. Because of your OBE (Out of Body Experience), you’re able to see your physical body, go through walls and do many other things that non-physical entities do. However it’s very unlikely that you would engage in such activities because you would be too scared and you’ll want to go back to your body.

What To Do If Kundalini Energy Awakens Too Fast/Rises Too Quickly

There are a couple of things that will redistribute the energy in your body and stop or slow down the awakening of kundalini. These are:

Do some grounding activities.– Simply do the things that most people do: watch TV, go for a walk, read a book, talk to other people, play a game with others, eat something heavy (avoid eating too much raw food because it’s a spiritual food), sing – – you name it.

Remain calm. Stay calm so that you wouldn’t experience any mental disturbances. Know that what you see and what you experience is a natural process of spiritual development. If you see visions, know that they’re in your head and not in this reality. They cannot hurt you, they’re mental.

Get advice from experienced people. –Nothing replaces the guidance of a person with a first-hand experience. If you cannot find such people or they’re unavailable in your area, at least talk to them on the phone or read a book (the very least you can do).

Delay/stop your spiritual development. –Depending whether you want to continue the awakening of this energy or not, you can either stop your spiritual development or delay it. That means you should stop meditating or reading psychic material, you should stop asking psychic/spiritual questions (what you ask is always answered) and you should delay/discontinue other spiritual activities.

Do spinal breathing. Deeply breathe in and out whilst holding your breath after you breathe in. This helps you feel your body and stay connected to the reality. Do this a couple of minutes a day until you no longer feel the forceful energy inside your body.

My kundalini energy story

I was meditating for around two months when I got into the readings of psychic phenomena. I always wanted to find out if what psychics tell really exists . So after reading one article about the spirit guides I started meditating and kept asking to see my spirit guide.

After 10 minutes of continuous asking, a black and white picture appeared in front of me. I saw a 37-40 year old man. He moved in the picture, so it was more like a black and white movie.

I straight away knew that he was my spirit guide. It was a very strange experience, I tell you. You just know that this entity is your guide. It’s like when you see your mother and you know that she’s your mother, that’s how I felt as soon as I saw him. He felt so close to me, like I knew him all the time.

So I was very excited and happy that I actually do have a spirit guide. After that I have also done some automatic writing to find out his name. I basically let him write through me about him. His name was Simon. Wow!

I could really feel him expressing himself through me. The writing wasn’t mine, and I drawn some circles on the paper and then I researched that this is usual when you communicate with non-physical entities.

Although I thought that would be scary, it wasn’t scary at all. In fact, it was exciting and I felt blissful. Although I was at home only with my cat, I felt like I’m surrounded with loving friends. Update: I don’t encourage you to start automatic writing as I haven’t researched it fully and some people claim that it’s one of the easiest ways for negative entities to posses a person attempting such a practice. 

Everything changed when I went to sleep. I suddenly started feeling increasing pressure on my temples, then I heard all kinds of sounds in my head. After two hours I managed to fall asleep only to be awakened by a sudden involuntary shaking of my body. It was the strongest shaking I’ve ever experienced. I thought “Okay, no need to panic, this is just in my mind”.

I slept maybe for 3 hours that night. In the morning I straight away researched what has happened to me. It was then that I found out that I was experiencing kundalini energy awakening and that this happened because I was progressing too fast in my spiritual development.

So I found out that to stop it I’ll need to do some spinal breathing (which I’m doing every day since then) and do some grounding activities, like eating heavy food or going for a walk.

I did everything that was instructed and now I don’t feel kundalini energy in me any more. So it means that I have redistributed my energy equally throughout my body. Phew!

After this experience I had no scary experiences. There was only one strange dream that I got after a couple of days of seeing my spirit guide.

I was resting after meditation and I had a lucid dream. I was questioning my higher self about souls and if they think and what they do between the spaces of thoughts. These were strange questions to ask as they were entirely not what I would ask.

I saw a dark figure of a lady standing in the doorway. She was completely dark but I could see that she had long hair. The background was very blurry, mixed colors of white, orange and gray.

When I asked these questions someone said: “That’s the right question!”

And I jumped out of bed completely awake. I was sitting for a while just wondering what that supposed to mean.

Since then nothing of that nature happened to me.


Kundalini energy awakening is a natural process which usually starts when you start engaging in spiritual activities. If it’s not rushed, you can only slightly feel this powerful energy and you can easily tolerate the changes that you go through.

However, if you rush the awakening of this energy, it can cause serious problems which are likely to scare you and even make you mentally ill. Therefore you should only awaken this energy when you’re spiritually strong and you feel that you’re ready to experience the expansion of your awareness.

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