21 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Awakening symptomsI was pleasantly surprised to have read about kundalini awakening symptoms in a book written by Sri Swami Sivananda called “Kundalini Yoga”.

The reason I was surprised was because he explained kundalini awakening symptoms so accurately that I couldn’t have said it better!

So for the benefit of all, in this post I described the symptoms found in the book “Kundalini Yoga”.

Here they are – kundalini awakening symptoms:

1. You know that kundalini has awakened in your body when, during meditation, you experience something other-worldly. That could be divine visions, smells you never smelled before, a blissful taste or hearing sounds you never heard before.

2. When you feel sensations in your root chakra or when your body hairs are involuntarily raised, this again shows that your kundalini energy has been awakened.

3.  When you want to do yogic body locks naturally, even though you never did them before, this is one of the kundalini awakening symptoms. Such involuntary body locks could be sucking out the air of your stomach, raising the air up the root chakra or resting the chin on the chest.

4. The breath stops without any effort in people whose kundalini shakti is awake.

5. When you feel currents of energy rising up in your body and they feel pleasant, know this is due to the kundalini energy.

6. When you experience bliss and the mantra “om” (or “aum”) chant comes naturally to you, these are the kundalini awakening symptoms.

7. When you get blank mind (without any thoughts), this is again caused by the awakened kundalini shakti.

8. When, during meditation, your eyes naturally focus in the third eye chakra, that’s a kundalini awakening sign.

9. When you feel vibrations of energy in different parts of your body and you get involuntary jerks that feel like electricity shocks, know that kundalini is awake in you.

10. When, during meditation, your body loses importance until you don’t feel it at all, this is caused by kundalini energy.

11. One of the kundalini awakening symptoms is not being able to open eyes after meditation, according to the author (this, however, I’ve never experienced, although at times I was unwilling to open my eyes because it’s so pleasant to meditate).

12. When electric currents flow up and down in your body, it’s the sign of an awakened kundalini energy.

13. If you get inspiration and insight as a result of meditation, this happens due to the active kundalini shakti in your body.

14. When the nature shows you her secrets and your doubts disappear, it’s a sign of awakened kundalini.

15. When you understand the meaning of spiritual texts that’s a sure symptom of awakened kundalini.

16. When you feel as though your body is light like air and you possess inexhaustible energy, that’s because of the kundalini that’s active.

17. A sure symptom of awakened kundalini is your ability to remain calm when catastrophic/negative conditions present themselves.

18. When you experience divine bliss, the bliss that can’t be explained in words, this is due to the kundalini that’s awake in you.

19. When you get the power of public speaking, that’s because the kundalini shakti has risen up your chakras.

20. When you perform yogic postures naturally, without the least pain and without getting tired, that’s because the kundalini is awakened.

21. When you start composing beautiful poems without any effort (as though it’s coming not from you), this is one of the kundalini awakening symptoms.

I’ve mentioned all the kundalini awakening symptoms I’ve found in the book. You can read the whole book online, on the Divine Life Society’s website.

There are more kundalini awakening symptoms, such as dreaming of or seeing snakes. To read about more symptoms that I personally experienced, check out my post about kundalini energy.

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  1. Durga Prasad says:

    Simple Explanation. you can read Shri Swami Shivanandji KUNDALINI YOGA: minerva.ufpel.edu.br/~campani/Kundalini.pdf

    Thank You

  2. Hi Simona, I’ve also read Swami Sivananda’s book on kundalini, but gave it away so thanks for the recap. Nicely summed up.

  3. I see snakes very often in my dreams,,, does that mean anything?

  4. Brahmanandam says:

    Dear Divine Soul,
    Very usefulf for the spiritual seekers for better understanding. Wishing every human being on the mother planet earth be blessed by this Divine experience.
    With Regards,

  5. I have experienced several of these while meditating.
    *The ability to remain calm when catastrophic/negative conditions present themselves.
    *When I feel sensations in my root chakra or/and when my body hairs are involuntarily raised (this also happens to me when I am not meditating),
    *Involuntary body locks- sucking out the air of your stomach,raising the air up the root chakra or resting the chin on the chest have occurred
    *I’ve felt vibrations of energy in different parts of my body and I have felt involuntary jerks that feel like electricity shocks
    *While walking or hiking in nature,she has shown me her secrets and my doubts disappear. I suddenly just feel as though everything is as one,in peace.
    *While reading spiritual texts, it just clicks.
    *Electric currents flow up and down in my body almost every time I meditate.
    *I have DEFINITELY experienced this-divine bliss. My whole body/mind/spirit are in line. There is a feeling of lightness that flows inside and out of me that becomes one. THIS ONE is very apparent! It is SO freeing,endless and easy I sound out the mantra OM in long silent meditation(s)- 30-90 minute . This flows in and out during the meditation at random times at different volumes,speeds and tones in my voice and EVERYTHING is clear. (OM Mantra)
    *I have, in long sessions of meditation, when in total silence-it has become almost impossible not to open my eyes
    *I have had periods of times where my breathing stops and I don’t even know it,while meditating. Like time time doesn’t exist/stands still. This is amazing!

    Thanks for posting this article.

  6. Hi Simona
    hope u r doing grt i have read this book and the symptoms mentioned by you here I have experienced each and every one of them but still I think that I am not yet ready
    Hope that I will find nd understand everything more in depth still learning nd hoping
    Take care
    Your friend

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