Enhance Your Psychic Ability: The Sixth Sense

How Intuitive Are You?

Enhance Your Psychic Ability test: The Sixth Sense

Let’s test your intuition. Take a piece of paper and a pen. With these tools you will note your answers to the three questions.

Now relax – take a few deep breaths, start becoming aware of your body. Tell your mind to let your body make the decisions in this test. Feel the answer with your heart, don’t let the thinking process be involved here.

Choose the first answer that you feel is right and don’t think about it. Just feel the answer instead of thinking about it. Closed eyes will help you to feel the right answer.

Let’s start. Question number one:

What am I holding in my hand?

Is it…

A safety pin, a key or an earring?

Note your answer and let’s move on.

Question number two:

What number did I write in my notebook, which is now covered with the bookmark?

Is it number 22, 4 or 100?

And the last question is…

In the above picture you see a part of my laptop front cover. What picture did I stick to the middle part of the front cover?

Was that the picture of the word “OM”?

Was that the picture of an ancient Chinese dragon?

Was that the picture of a Buddha?

Let’s hope you used only your intuition without your mind involved in this exercise. I hope you Felt the answers rather than Thought about the most logical/likely answer.

Now it’s time to check your answers.

The answer to the first question can be found here.

The answer to the second question, here.

The answer to the third question, here.

Enhance Your Psychic Ability: The Sixth Sense ebook

In my ebook about intuition there are 20 questions like this; some questions are very easy, some – difficult. This comprehensive test will correctly assess how intuitive you are.

In the ebook I will also show you how to tune in to the right answer and how to do a particular relaxation technique to feel which answer is the correct one.

My intuition ebook is different from other books about this subject because it not only gives effective tips and advice about how to access intution, but it also provides crucial steps preparing your mind and body to perceive intuition correctly.

Unfortunatelly these steps are missed by many authors writing about intuition, and that’s why some people feel intuition but it only leads to wrong choices. This could also happen for another reason, which is again addressed in my intuition ebook.

The “Enhance Your Psychic Ability: The Sixth Sense” ebook contains unique and effective advice such as:

  • How to use Indian Sacred Therapies to Increase your Intuition
  • How to let intuition make you creative
  • How to access intuition when you have an illness (it requires a different strategy)
  • Intuition and signs
  • The five hindrances to clarity
  • How to access the mental state from which Intuition comes Naturally
  • An easy technique to Significantly increase your Intuition
  • Intuition and dreams
  • A powerful manifesting technique which involves using your intuition
  • Freezing the Image exercise
  • Intuition and colors
  • Third eye and intuition
  • How to transcend the world of illusion and see the reality
  • And many more

What’s more, this ebook not only contains effective advice to increase your intuition, but it also has many games and exciting things to do to enhance your sixth sense. You won’t find any of these activities in other books about intuition.

The ebook “Enhance Your Psychic Ability: The Sixth Sense” contains 138 pages and is released in a PDF format. After the order you will get an email with a link to download your ebook.


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You can order the “Enhance Your Psychic Ability: The Sixth Sense” ebook by clicking the Buy Now image below:

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