Review – Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever

Earthing Book Review

The moment I discovered Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! on Amazon, I wanted to read it.

I felt that it contained information that could hugely benefit humanity. This proved to be true.

In this post I summarized most important research findings about the Earth that authors shared in the book. But let’s firstly start with getting to know one of the authors of Earthing.

Clint Ober, the co-author of the book, was a self-made man who still felt empty inside. He embarked on a journey to discover fulfillment, and the knowledge of earthing started to gradually come into his life, until he realized that that was his purpose in life – to research earthing and make it known to humanity.

Study by study, trial by trial, he came to the conclusion that earthing was the most powerful anti-inflammatory medicine in the world. And because there are many illnesses caused by inflammation, neutralizing inflammation saves a person from getting ill.

Here are some of the conditions the author mentions that are caused by inflammation:

  • Allergies
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes types 1 & 2
  • Common intestinal disorders
  • Psoriasis

The moment you connect with the Earth, your entire psychology starts changing. You start getting the inflow of healing negative ions, and your inflammations start subsiding. Free radicals in your body are neutralized, preventing their attempts to destroy your cells.

Grounding yourself to the Earth by walking barefoot or having a metal rod connected to you in some way, also neutralizes damaging electromagnetic fields. EMFs are all around us if we live in big cities. They prevent the communication of cells in our bodies, and thus we can’t properly heal and feel scattered. Here’s what the author has to say about EMFs:

Throughout history, life on the planet has attuned our biology to this subtle field [Earth’s electromagnetic field]. By comparison, home-wiring systems in the United States use a 60 cycle per second alternating current (AC), and, in other parts of the world, a 50 cycle per second current is common. Unless at very low frequency (less than 40 cycles per second) and/or low power, alternating current is foreign to our biology.

Earthing totally neutralizes the damaging influence of EMFs.

In general, when you connect to the Earth, it balances your body and mind. If your muscles are tense, for example, the Earth will release the tension. If you’re lazy, the Earth will energize you. If you’re stressed, the Earth will make you feel at peace. Our bodies instantly get into the rhythm of the healing earth vibration as soon as we connect to it.

In the book there’s a shocking graph included which shows a correlation between booming diabetes cases that go hand in hand with the production of increasingly synthetic shoes. The author claims that other inflammation-based diseases show a similar correlation. Synthetic shoes prevent us from being grounded, and thus we get no benefits from walking on the Earth wearing them.

In the past we used to walk in leather shoes, which allowed us to feel Earth’s energies. But now shoes are made from cheap, non-conductive materials. Thankfully, due to the release of Earthing, some companies started manufacturing conductive sandals and flip-flops, such as Juil, whose shoes I just got and they’re absolutely beautiful.

Another important discovery was made about oxygen levels during grounding. People naturally breathed in more air, thus oxygenating their bodies more than usual, which is a very good thing as it heals the body and prevents diseases which thrive in oxygen-lacking environments such as cancer.

Researchers interestingly noticed that whenever the person stopped being grounded, the respiration rate became slightly higher and the blood oxygenation became erratic, which showed researchers that the human body didn’t like to be unplugged from the Earth.

What’s even more interesting is the discovery that if a person is “plugged in” during the entire night, the body retains much more minerals and electrolytes in blood than sleeping ungrounded.

The authors of Earthing are sometimes asked if hugging trees grounds you. That happens only if the tree is wet, or if you touch the sap inside the tree. Otherwise, it’s better to touch a leaf of a plant that’s living, instead of dry, to get yourself grounded. The leaf, according to authors, is more alive than an external dry surface of the tree.

It was also discovered that it’s necessary to ground yourself regularly. Inflammation almost always comes back when people stop being grounded. The longer you continue being grounded, however, the more healing can take place.

Authors discovered that earthing influences the consistency of the blood – it makes it thinner. They claim that thick blood is inflamed blood, which predisposes you to red blood cell aggregation and abnormal clotting. This burdens the heart. Authors even provided picture evidence of “before grounding” and “after grounding” images of blood, showing how it unclots when the person gets grounded.

Earthing reduces inflammation, stabilizes electrical system of the body, calms the nervous system and even helps to control glucose. In the book authors also share one study results of how children’s behavior got altered when they started being grounded at night. They became calmer, the instances of crying became fewer, and they fell asleep more quickly, among other benefits.

Further research is needed, but it seems that earthing helps with fertility, as some women who couldn’t get pregnant did so after being grounded regularly. Sometimes earthing also causes dreams to become more intense, almost psychedelic-like.

Authors tried hard to discover if ancient cultures were aware of the benefits of the Earth. He found that some tribes (in Afghanistan and Africa, for example) understood the healing power of the Mother Earth. Although tribes like Hadzabe in Tansania have access to shoes (they were donated by Christian missionaries), they prefer to walk barefoot, as they always did. They stay on the Earth continuously, and their dwellings are perfectly conductible as they’re made from natural materials.

They sleep on thin natural sheets which again doesn’t prevent Earth’s energy from nurturing them. The Hadzabe tribe asks their children not to go to metal buildings, because they believe such structures to be unhealthy partly because they’re not connected to the Earth.

The authors of Earthing stress that in order for you to feel the benefits of earthing, you must stay grounded at least for 30 minutes. Although the connection between you and the Earth is instant, the transfer of the Earth’s healing energy is very slow. 30 minutes only allow the energy to reach your abdomen. Also, it’s effective to ground a particular body part which is aching/is inflamed.

I love the fact that Clint Ober, the co-author, wasn’t afraid to speak up about the flawed modern understanding of electrical framework of a human being (electrophysiology and biofeedback). He stresses that body is a very intelligent electrobiochemical system that’s very complex. The Earth serves to stabilize the body mechanism through maintaining the body’s normal functioning of its self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms.


I enjoyed reading this thick book (my edition is 320 pages long), though I skipped some parts with people’s testimonials to focus more on the theory. Surely some people would find it interesting to read all the testimonials of earthing too, which are many in the book.

Overall, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! is a book worth reading for people who want to understand countless benefits of being directly connected to the Mother Earth.


  1. Vedavyas says:

    Thank you Simona for sharing such a valuable information. I remember having read that walking bare foot is also helpful in accupressure which stimulates the nervrous system and revigorates thy body. Morning walk on green lawn is also good for ones eyes. It is truly said that being closer to nature and down to earth both in pride and body is always helpful for a healthy life style.
    After seeing your interests in wide variety of subjects, I have a suggestion for you to glance through on Graphotherapy and its usefulness in personality development. I can share some more information if interested.

    • Hi Vedavyas,

      thank you for sharing these two useful pieces of advice; in the Earthing book authors do mention the benefit to the eyes that they traced from an ancient culture.

      Sure, it would be interested to get the summary; you can send it to simonarich1(at)

    • jeremy bellamy says:

      I haven’t heard of the book, but will check it out. Do you think barefoot running would do same thing?

      • No, I don’t think so, Jeremy. I think you shouldn’t lift your feet from the Earth to get most benefits. However, as Vedavyas mentioned, this may stimulate acupressure points, which is great.

        • jeremy bellamy says:

          Maybe like a qigong standing meditation, I’ll stop guessing and just read the book. Thank you for your reply I always enjoy reading your post.

  2. Hi Simona I had this thought….does it make sense?
    Idk if I believe in God or gods and what not, but I do believe that the human mind has the power to create such brings into existence. After all were we not build from atoms and star dust and big bang debri? That’s raw energy right there that doesn’t just go away it is stored in our great imagination. If we are all connected then it stands to reason that we can summon lightning and be animals etc because all these things are in our day to day experience, it lives within our minds. I think of it as mini universes within our minds that are just as real as what we perceive in the “real world”. I wonder if science will be able to quantify and perhaps find someway to explain what the substance of imagination actually is. Steven Hawking be damned, there is an after life and God(s) because we have made them exist through our thoughts and stories. Like it or not these things aren’t going anywhere, the challenge is to harmoniously integrate these figments of imagination (which like I said is another form of substance) and not be at war with each other over them. All of our religions and stories and stuff have similar tropes and lessons I kid you not. You can learn to accept this or not I guess that’s up to the person.

    • Wonderful, Marvin, let me just add that people should stop wasting themselves to finally gather their awareness (withdraw their investments to people and things) and pass to another world consciously.

  3. hello Simona,
    i live in NYC and i have been intuitively feeling the need to connect with the earth increasingly over the past few years. Sometimes i can go WEEKS without putting my barefoot on the actual EARTH!!!
    I have not read (or even heard of) this book, until reading your post!
    Thank you again for raising my consciousness and confirming my intuition!! Sending you love and light!! : )

  4. arish sahani says:

    Great discovery Animal don’t use shoes ,have no doctors and no hospitals ,

  5. Here’s a clue relating gravitational fields to electromagnetic fields; comparing the decay of different fields’ strengths the further one measures those fields’ outward radius(r):

    “…gravity goes down as 1/r^2(radius of field squared)……The magnetic field from a wire carrying a current goes down as only 1/r. That’s much less rapid decay; 1/r is much less rapid than 1/r^2……This(aurora borealis; lightning; wireless currents) goes down as one over the square-root of ‘r’…'” –Dr. Donald Scott

    It seems gravity and electromagnetism represent a harmonic-series of the same force. Credits to the ThunderboltsProject youtube channel.

  6. malarvizhi says:

    Dear Simona,
    Iam literally groping for words to describe the good work you are doing.
    God bless you.During your next visit to india,please make a trip to the Andaman Islands.I would be more than happy to host you.

  7. sanjok karki says:

    Thankyou for your great post…
    anyway earthing helps in connecting with our body and mind.

  8. Thanks Simona for the very informative topic, Earthing. I can still recall during my childhood we usually walked barefoot at home and in our farm. Until now my father seldom use shoes or slippers no wonder he’s 76 and still strong as if in his 40’s. This topic open-up awareness to us modern man be grounded on Earth not just the pride but the body itself to balance the electrical charge of our body. Excellent topic my heartfelt gratitude to you. :)

  9. Thank you for your great post …
    Well its really true and helpful way to heal your self and relax due to releasing of the negative energy .
    There is a position in Muslims prayers to do earthing in effective way they call it As-sajda (the prostration) and there is a Surah in holy Qur’an (words of god) called As-sajda and what is means its really helpful and they do a lot of earthing daily because the god ordered to pray 5 times at least .
    See this image its As-sajda :

    Thank you again for all your great work wish the best for you.

  10. Arvashini Sing says:

    Hey Simona

    Thank you for this, it is totally awesome, it sounds very scientific. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and would be keen to know more about value of following the insights of this book.


    • I’m glad you came across this, Arvashini, as it can truly help you. For illnesses it’s also recommended to sleep grounded for much faster healing. There are grounding mattresses and blankets to buy, you can check on amazon.

  11. I love to connected with earth… And thank you very much Simona emphasize the important of this subject… Yesterday my mood was low, I definatelly wanna be in nature and went to puplic park near the sea… I walked and sit later in see side and wath how tides changed after sunset….and ı stayed there until 22:30, when ı moved ı felt alot energised… And had a long walk in see side… And ı like the idea to have connector shoes, slippers… İt will be great… Thank you so much…

  12. This is so validating to everything I do. I do this intuitiively and teach my clients, but so happy to hear about the research!

  13. Joana Rocha says:

    Hi Simona,
    thank you for your great articles.
    Concerning this specifically, does the author suggest more exercises to be grounded?
    What’s your opinion about meditation and the process of Earthing? I’m not sure that meditation is a kind of grounding, I think it is the opposite.

    • I know there are specific grounding meditations and balancing lower chakras may ground you, but I don’t think that any meditation does this.

  14. Ngobesing Suh Romanus says:

    Thanks for your review. Its a great gift to anyone who reads it. I believe e erything you say. Mother earth produced everything that we live on. It produces life. Hence its wise to believe that it perfect life to. I really love your post. May God bless you for this free, generous gift!

  15. Such a useful and insightful, and definitely beautiful review! Thanks Simona.
    Earthing has always been my personal constant mental reminder which I keep reminding myself at all times. Not very long time ago, I had felt the differences in my mood, energy level and my spiritual power..when I am sitting in an office surrounded by computers, n all that too much lighting system above my head, and when I am sitting in a garden (alone or crowded with humans) or even when I am walking barefoot in an area where there are minimal electrical machines. I am more at peace and happy when I am in someway connected to nature…but the energy is somewhat diminished or completely absent when I am caught up in modern office or buildings..
    The author’s finding rings truth in every word of his.
    One more thing Simona, my healing of anyone else, or even myself and my conscious visualizations have become more fluid and active, since the time I added “grounding to mother earth” to my daily chores. I drew major benefit from this practice. As a healer, I recommend this one to everyone. Far beyond than salt remedies, deep breathing, yoga or anything else, “grounding” is one immensely powerful technique. I totally love it!
    Well, Simona, I always wonder, how efficiently and miraculously you find such amazing books to read. It’s like God keeps paving your way and sending in hot new topics to write upon. 😉 haven’t you noticed it? like synchronicities abound around u! :) bless you sweetheart! :*

  16. Thanks for this book review Simona. I watched a great documentary a couple of weeks ago on this subject called ‘Grounded’. I now walk barefoot three times a day when walking my dog in the local nature reserve and have found that my overall sense of connection and mental wellbeing has been considerably improved. When you think about it, it makes complete sense that the earth would have healing properties – we are indeed given everything we need to thrive and yet man thinks that he is smarter, overcomplicating our lives with ever-more technology which severs our connection to spirit. Thank you for sharing this and I hope many more people will start to benefit from earthing/grounding. xxx

    • “…we are indeed given everything we need to thrive and yet man thinks that he is smarter, overcomplicating our lives with ever-more technology which severs our connection to spirit.” – I love this, so true! Yes, Emma, man thinks he knows better. We got totally disconnected from Earth; most people never touch it directly. When I started reading in my garden lying down directly on Earth, my pain from left knee (that would come irregularly) disappeared.

  17. When I put my feet in the sand I swear I can feel a magnetic pull in my heels. I know the Earth is cleansing up my system. I love it.

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