What You Should Know About Drinking Water

Almost all Londoners, except the well-to-do ones, drink tap water.

London’s water is considered safe to drink.

In fact, it’s been voted as one of the cleanest city tap waters in the world (source).

“One of the cleanest” doesn’t mean clean, and I’m saddened to know it’s the case, as it means other countries’ tap waters are far worse.

Dangers of tap water

By drinking hard tap water (and London’s tap water is definitely hard) people clog their bodies with inorganic minerals. These minerals can’t be utilized by the body and cause body calcification. Hard water calcifies pineal gland also, if fluoride is there.

Think about what happens to metal pipes when hard water always goes through them. It leaves limescale stains that are very hard to remove.

Something similar happens with inorganic minerals that stay in our bodies. They become hard-to-remove sediment.

But we need minerals, some may object. Yes we do, but organic ones.

Inorganic minerals may be absorbed to some extent, but it requires a struggle for our bodies to do so. The rest of them will attach themselves to intestinal walls, veins and brain channels causing mental slowness, poor memory, bone stiffness, weak eye-sight and a whole bunch of more serious diseases like Alzheimer’s and sclerosis.

Read this great source to understand more about why inorganic minerals can’t be used by the body (or when some of them do, it requires extra work for our bodies).

Organic minerals are found in natural foods; inorganic ones are found in tap water and rock salts. Rock salt, therefore, should not be consumed.

It’s best to only use organic sea salt that wasn’t unnaturally processed and is without any other ingredients. I personally use GeoOrganics sea salt that was hand-picked and sun-dried. You can get it here (US) and here (UK).

Additional tap water dangers

No matter how rigid the filtering system, most countries’ public water supplies are hugely contaminated and the filters can’t filter out everything. London’s tap water smells of chlorine and leaves limescale stains on spoons and forks if you don’t immediately wipe it off. Once that happens, it’s really tough to remove these stains.

London’s tap water is gotten from the River Thames, a highly polluted river as you might already know. The only public water supplies that could be considered safe are the ones that would come from natural underground water supplies. In such a case the earth layer would act as a natural filter and a protector of the purity of water.

Fluoride, aluminium and chlorine traces are found in most tap waters. These harmful substances cause early ageing, skin problems, hardening of veins, cancer and other avoidable health disruptions.

South India had such soft water that when I washed my hair with it, it would feel soft and look shiny. I had major struggles with washing hair in the UK, and I ended up boiling tap water and adding lemon juice to it to wash my hair with.

What’s more, washing my hair with London’s tap water made me lose lots of it, and as soon as I started boiling water, skimming off the mineral layer and putting lemon juice, this problem disappeared.

I stopped using tap water for my face and instead wash it with spring or distilled water. A major improvement in my complexion followed a week after.

One time I ran out of my spring water supplies and decided to drink boiled tap water. I skimmed off the mineral layer and took a sip. Straight away I had to spit it out because the taste was awful (metallic) and it smelled like chlorine.

It’s so interesting that Londoners are quite sensitive about this subject, and some even feel insulted when something like this is said about the city water. Yet the evidence of the water that’s unsuitable for drinking left their marks on population. Most people in the UK don’t have good hair or beautiful skin. That’s also because of poor nutrition, but I think water has played a big part in that also.

What can be done – reversing the damage

Our bodies cannot utilize inorganic minerals without much struggle; they’re not predigested for our bodies to assimilate them. Plant minerals, on the other hand, are predigested and thus activated, and we get nourished by them.

What’s more, if our bodies get enough minerals from food, toxic metals would not enter our bodies. They do if we are mineral-deficient. Our bodies use toxic metals and inorganic minerals as substitutes for vital minerals if nothing better is found (this is a paraphrased version of what Dr. Lawrence Wilson wrote).

There is a wonderful way to reverse the damage already done to our bodies, and that’s by using distilled water.

Distilled water is the only pure H20, purer than what’s gotten from the reverse osmosis process. Distilled water will start the process of actively removing chemical residue left in our bodies from drinking tap water and consuming unsuitable foods.

To witness the benefits, you should drink it for at least two weeks, or ideally two months.

Dr. Mercola says that drinking only distilled water over a long period of time can even cause death, but no studies proved it, according to this and this source. You should also read this: 24 Doctors With the Courage to Tell the Truth about Distilled Water.

No matter which side people support, all agree that distilled water is an active absorber and so will remove toxins from the body.

There are people drinking only distilled water. As soon as my water distiller arrives, I too will belong to that list. I guess if you are deficient in minerals and then you drink distilled water, the body would suffer because of the existent deficiency, and not because of drinking pure H20.

Distilled water draws out the minerals that the body cannot use, but it cannot draw out minerals that are used by cells, because organic minerals are immediately used by cells.

If you’re afraid that distilled water will extract useful minerals from your system, the second best option is to drink spring water. Spring water is better than mineral water, and I would avoid buying still water from shopping centers.

Try to find bottled spring water with lowest dry residue when heated at 180 degrees Celsius (this information is sometimes indicated on the label). You can also check if water is soft by boiling it and checking for mineral residue near the water level on pot walls. If you don’t see any, that’s good quality spring water.

Organic fruits and vegetable juices are natural sources of distilled water. Rain water is distilled too, but is dangerous to drink because when it’s coming down it collects pollutants from air.

You can get water distiller here (US) and here (UK). The only drinkable bottled distilled water I managed to find and use in the UK is this one.

How to protect yourself from tap water damage

Get a good shower filter to catch some of those clogging inorganic minerals getting on your skin and hair. When the skin stops from being clogged with inorganic minerals, blackheads, acne and other skin imbalances may disappear. Hair will be softer and look shinier.

My friend gifted me a Rainshow’r Crystal Ball but it left my skin slightly dry; she uses it though and it suits her, so different people react to it differently. This bath ball can be attached to hang above the shower cap for chlorine removal, or it can be put in the bathtub to soak up more chemicals. My friend takes it with her whenever she travels to avoid heavily chlorinated water in some countries.

If you can, at least wash your face with spring water (good) or distilled water (better). As distilled water is very hard to get in the UK (unless you have a water distiller), you might have to stick with spring water.

Distilled water for drinking can be ordered from Amazon. I tried Bobby’s health shop distilled water. It arrived fast and, well, it’s distilled water:)

How to soften tap water

Bring the water to the boil and let it sit for 5 minutes or longer. Inorganic substances will rise to the top and form a film. Remove the film with spoon (as much of it as you can), and then add some lemon juice (a teaspoon for a big pot as a very general guideline) or apple cider vinegar. When using this water, don’t use the one at the bottom, as it may too contain some sediment.

Final water advice

To help the body expel calcification and consequently old-age causing inorganic materials, exercise for at least 10 minutes a day.

This will allow inorganic minerals to be dislodged from joints, cartilage and veins to be safely expelled through sweat or urine. You should move all your body parts for the body limescale to be dislodged.

To check how much calcified your body is, simply make some rotating movements, like rotate your head and listen if you hear any cracking sound. This sound shows that there are mineral deposits on neck cartilage. The same or similar movements should be performed on waist, leg and arm joints, fingers and toes, shoulders – all the body parts.

When you work on expelling inorganic minerals obtained from drinking tap water, make sure you don’t get them replaced by the ones from processed food. Anti-caking agents found in breads and cookies will quickly calcify your body. Hydrogenated oils and canned food will do the same. All the food additions you can’t even properly pronounce are very likely to calcify the body too.

Yoga postures can speed up decalcification process as the variety of movements involve all body parts. I used this amazing book on yoga throughout years to keep my body flexible and free from calcification.

Detox won’t happen overnight. It took us years to line our bodies with these inorganic substances, so after 5 days you may not see happening much. Be patient.

If you have something to share about tap/spring/distilled water, leave the comment below!


  1. Hi Simona,
    I have become a regular reader of your posts since I stumbled on your blog a week ago. And I am pretty amazed about the way you clarify things. Your posts are truely inspiring . I am 24 year old and have started loosing my hair. I feel it is genetic. But I still want to atleast slow it down . Can you please please indicate some healthy foods , yoga and measures which I can take to help grow my hair healthier and strong so that atleast I dont go bald early .
    I am already practising the finger nail rubbing exercise which i found in a yogic blog. It would be really useful if u post something on the hairloss topic.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Simona, what do you recommend to remove the energetic memory imprint in distilled water? And do water distillers exist that do this? Also how do you recommend detoxing from Prozac? Decalcifying my pineal gland is quite important to me.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us Simona.

    I saw on tv people asking a health specialist about what is good water to drink, his answer: drink water that is alive, flowing, springwater. Do not drink water that isn’t moving, from watersources that stopped flowing, because that is dead water. And please think about your body, your nerve systems are working with electricity, dead water does not conduct electricity, water from osmosis machines does also not conduct electricity, and is very dangerous.

    I myself am using an water ioniser with built in water filter. But i do not know what kind of filter will be sufficient or not for filtering out fluoride. A friend of me is using a waterosmosis machine and has got problems with the legs now, this made me think of what the specialist told on tv. We measured both my water and here water with a PH-stick(you can buy them in the pharmacy), my water was showing as 9.0 ph on the colorstick, his water was showing 5.0 acidic! We also measured tap water, was showing 7.0 ph on the colorstick.

    I love the read books of mystics, and I read in several books that mystics where moving with there disciples to the mountains only for drinking fresh spring water.

    My conclusion till now is that a waterioniser with built in waterfilter is the best way to go, since its helping making a kind of springwater(high PH & conductivity). I was taught at college in chemistry lessons that pure h20 does not conduct water, so I agreed with the specialist on tv on this subject, but what about the toxins, he didn’t tell anything about that? In my eyes the best solution is a water ionisator with built in filter, since osmosis (or distilled is almost same) water will be 100% clean(for example metals, toxins and fluoride), but lacking minerals, conductivity, PH level. A water ionisator will make the PH and conductivity rise, most water ionisators have also a water filter, I do not know if they are sufficient for removing all toxins and fluoride, but at least it is the most complete solution in my eyes.

    This is all about the physical side of water, there is also an mental side to it. You can read dr. Emoto’s researches about that. Before drinking a glass of water, or eating food, say I love you to it, water is alife! The moluces will change. And do not forget to say it also to yourself, since human body consists of 70% water.

    • Wow, thank you so much for such important information. Let’s all keep searching, it’s not a one person’s job, but findings of people very much interested in health.

  4. Bless you

    I got a water distiller very similar to the one that you listed for the US about 4 months ago. It is much easier to buy distilled water at the grocery store here in the US, but I am concerned about the plastic leaching into the distilled water if they get hot during transport or from sitting in direct sunlight in a storefront.

    The water comes out hot from my distiller into a glass container (and the one that you listed — which is quite similar if not the same). However, where it comes out, it contacts plastic. I have not scientifically studied this but I am inferring from a conversation with a scientist from my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, who explained that water bottles leach bad things from the plastic when they get hot from sitting in a car too long. Accordingly, if you search, there are glass inserts for that plastic piece so that the hot water coming out does not contact plastic. I would also store the distilled water in glass bottles (look for cylindrical 1 liter bottles that stand a little over a foot tall).

    Gratitude Love and Grace

    • Benjamin, I was also thinking about that when I bought distilled water in the plastic bottle. I couldn’t find the ones sold in glass bottles, that would be ideal of course. Another great tip about glass inserts – I didn’t know they were available, that’s a perfect solution!

      • Simona, I haven’t found distilled water sold in glass containers either, that is why I think it best to distill your own into a glass jug that holds about a gallon (there are distiller kits that come with this wide cylindrical glass container for right around $200 USD). Can you expand on rock salt? I thought pink Himalayan salt was good for you. Thanks.

        • Thanks for more tips, Benjamin. I thought so too, because many good things are said about it. Yet pink Himalayan salt is still rock salt, which is non-living, so it can’t be effectively used by the body and may end up as sediment.

  5. Speaking as somebody living off-grid in my own woodland,I’d have to find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Simona.Even among specialists in the water treatment industry,I would imagine there being divergent views and no overall consensus on this topic.If ANYONE is guilty of quasi-science(or,should that be crazy science),it certainly ISN”T Simona!

  6. Extra advice I forgot to add to my post: if you can’t afford to get a water distiller or distilled water, move about as much as you can! If every day you move all the muscles and joints (yoga especially helps with that), you will avoid most of the inorganic mineral damage.

    Another way to check if spring water is okay to drink is to boil it, pour it into a dark cup and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. Then hold the cup under bright light to check if there’s any film of minerals. If it’s clear, the water is soft and good for drinking.

  7. Elizaveta Dymond says:

    Hi Simona! Great article! We live in Fl, USA, and the water smells like chlorine as well. For injection we filter it, but not for shower. I wanted to add to your point that the water in any city has already dangerous enough for intake just because of being so polluted with bad energy. The molecular structure changes while it’s passing through millions of pipes and collecting all the vibes around itself. Water has memory, and we should fill it with good positive vibration before using. There was a research on how good, positive thoughts, words, emotions affect it, and, on the other hand, how destructive for molecules and the message inside them is negative energy, chaotic music, bad thoughts.
    So I always try to say a prayer and ask the water to fill with love and light, and then use it for drinking, cooking, sometimes pure it over myself from the bucket.

    • Yes, Elizaveta, I know about this study also, and I’m sure some of the readers do. It’s amazing and fascinating. Thank you for your useful tip!

  8. I was thinking, the other day, of my need to get a better water filter… and then you write this. Important topic! All too often, as we become more health-conscious, we revert to water without regard to its cleanliness.

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