What Everybody Ought To Know About Seeking Deeper Knowledge

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I sometimes get emails from people telling me that they wish I would cover more in-depth tips and new advice. These queries always come from people who are stuck in life, for the reasons you should understand at the end of this audio.

They complain that they already know the stuff that I cover, and they know that I know more, so why I’m not sharing deeper knowledge with them?

And that’s because such people don’t even have the foundation upon which to build the house, and they’re demanding windows and flower pots.

With these extra things house won’t be built. It needs strong foundation first, then walls, then roof, then doors, then windows, then internal flooring, then wall paint, and so on.

Such people who demand this deeper knowledge will always be suck in poverty and misery because they fail to learn a basic lesson – that for a house to be built properly, proper foundation must be set. And this proper foundation is the simple knowledge of success and abundance that’s in almost every blog post that I write, and certainly in every product that I create.

But no, people choose to not use the materials to build their foundations and they set their sights upon windows, flower pots, paint and other extras. That’s why they’re stuck.

They say “Yes, I know how the house should be built, I have all the materials for that already. Now give me the windows and the flower pots!”

And I say to such people “No. firstly build a strong house from the materials that you have, and you’ll surely get those extras as soon as the house is built.”

The building of the house is the experience you must go through to become the person that can notice and use the extras, and so to further beautify the house.

So another reason such people wouldn’t be able to use such extras even though they might be aware of them is because by failing to apply basic advice they fail to evolve into beings that could apply the extra advice.

So yes, they might get this deeper knowledge. So what? They can’t use it as long as foundations are not there. If there’s no house, what will you do with beautiful windows and expensive flower pots?

For people who already have a firm foundation, they easily find extras in my posts, ebooks and podcasts. Those who have no foundation at all however, can’t usually see those extras.

Start building the foundation. Start building the walls. Then build the roof. You can do so by using the information that you already have, that’s in the lips of many self improvement bloggers and inspirational authors.

Don’t skip the simple things to get to the advanced level, as you’ll fail. Stop searching for more information and start applying the things you already know. Then deeper knowledge will come into your life as soon as you’re ready for it.


  1. Knowledge is never enough.without action.
    When you are stuck, I find that by taking one small step each day makes a huge difference.

    Great article – I really enjoyed reading it

  2. Rick Carter says:

    Well said Simona, thank you! I recently chose two texts to focus most of my attention on for the foreseeable future. Having been a life long seeker I had plenty to choose from. I realized one day that ALL of the books I had said essentially the same thing and the time had come stop with the surface knowledge and begin going deeper. So, now I have a simple practice of prayer, meditation, and affirmations, combined with reading from one of my two texts. One immediate benefit has been RELIEF. Before, I was in such a mad search to find the ONE book or program that would fix me and the world. Now, I can relax into becoming, knowing I have eternity to answer all of my questions.

    • Lovely, so nice to hear that, Rick, and I wish more people would come to such understanding! Exactly, all self improvement/spirituality books say the same thing, just in different ways. There is no One program or book to make one succeed; it’s the application of the basic knowledge that does it.

  3. Thanks Simona – I, like many, have a problem with constantly reading new material, but never applying it. I’m always looking for the next new thing to learn – some people call this being a “self-help junkie.”

    Recently I have started to set aside time each week where I take what I already have learned and find ways to apply it in my life and built it into a habit. I know so much of it by heart already just having read it from so many different sources – but I have to take it to the next level by applying it and living it in my life – or as you say, building the foundation, and then building the house.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Lovely, it’s great you realize this addiction and try to start applying what you already know, Ashley! All the best in your foundation building!

  4. Ram Charan Das says:

    Thank you Simona for arranging this discussion and lots of them as you usually do. They are eye openers for the curious.

    So then as you say there are lots of different ideas about the foundation to seeking deeper knowledge and self help books have different ideas on the subject. So do you mean to say that we pick up ideas that we think can be the foundation of our seeking deeper knowledge and get on with it to establish the foundation and only when the foundation is strong try to
    build another layer on this one going deep into seeking higher knowledge?

    The question may sound stupid but I need clarification for my thoughts so apologies if it sounds stupid.

    • It’s not stupid at all; it’s an intelligent question, Ram. Pick the advice that’s simple and resonates with you. You start feeling which advice resonates with you when you’re in touch with your Self through solitude and meditation.

  5. sanjok karki says:

    thank you a lot for this post.what i come to know from this post is that we need to build strong within our self to become strong.as you mention example relating that to build a house we need to follow step by step process so that we can build strong house.

  6. Great one Simona, after a long time people needs this to realize that nothing comes for being easy and waiting. You are guiding everyone that comes to your house with a lot of passion and love (A lot of them). They fail to realize that your house foundation is where their is (Solid Core) foundation. This is the place to enhance the foundation stronger via GOD grace. I am also building a solid foundation in your house Simona. It is where it all begin.

  7. I know exactly what you mean in your advice to Sheena, attention span! I’m currently weaning myself from television and movies and reading more, once I find a few great self help books I’m going to reread them until I start doing the lessons naturally. I have many artistic skills but lack focus in just one area because I keep getting pulled into different directions. My question is how do I make sure I stay focused on my artistic and by extension my career goals, I’m ok at staying focused for a few days, but then I get pulled into people’s problems and demands and when I get back to what I’m working on, I kind of “forget” what I was working on….I don’t want to be mean by shutting certain people out, but I do feel like I need to surround myself with like minded artists. I know that you like a lot of solitude and I feel like most of my life I’ve been kind of an outsider and solitary. I want to challenge myself by talking and communing with people, where does this stem from?

    • If you feel like you should connect with like-minded people, then it means you should. The influence of like-minded people can indeed help you to focus your energies on one goal, especially if people you tend to be with do the same. However, never forget that you should make decisions from your core and not the suggestions of others, Marvin.

      • Oh thank you for this advice, I find your columns very insightful and each day I learn something new :-)

  8. Shaolin Kung Fu Masters have a saying that illustrates this subject of the people always searching for “advanced stuff” in their affairs beautifully. It goes something like “ I’m not afraid of ten thousand punches you have learned and practiced once, but I defiantly afraid of only one punch you have learned and practiced ten thousand times”. I’d also like to suggest to these people to watch the 2010 version of the movie Karate Kit featured by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. It really causes some thinking!

    Thanks for expanding on the subject Simona, Keep up the good work.

  9. Ram Charan Das says:

    Thank you Simona for being an example and also helping others. However I think that there is something called karma that each and every human being has. This means the happiness and misery he or she is to attain in this life is determined and therefore we find that we are born in a particular family, in a particular country, in a particular culture and have certain characteristics. People think they can change their karma by working hard. But karma is difficult to change unless you change yourself. You find many materially successful people who are miserable. When we change ourselves and our perception on life in conformity to scriptures which basically preach that we are all one family on earth including the animals and environment and we should take care of each other with thinking of our own happiness, distress, gain or loss, success or failure. So the main goal of life is to change oneself and when one changes oneself then karma also changes. What do you think, Simona?

    • Ram, we cannot change karma, but we can stop producing new one, and we can neutralize old karma. We stop producing new karma when we take actions without attachment and sacrifice the fruits to the Universe whatever fruits are; we neutralize old karma by volunteering our time and efforts for some good cause. That’s how I think about karma, and I think it’s in harmony with scriptures.

      • Ram Charan Das says:

        Thank you, Simona for the clarification. If you are in London then I would like to meet
        you. Is that possible?

  10. BARINDA DESIRE says:

    thanks a lots to the unmeasurable positive influence on the people living on the earth may God bless you due to the mission your fulfilling .people seek realize their dreams through shortcuts and it is not always so.

  11. Alejandro says:

    Maybe the deep stuff IS the foundation and not the windows and flower pots…

  12. Hi Simona,

    Yes it’s true, I find the more I read certain articles the more I get out of it, and the more “pots” and “flowers” I find. Not all articles speak to me, but if they interest me I tend to come back to them often, and even summarise them in my journal that I can come back to again & again. If they don’t interest me as much, I find that I remember that they are there, then come back to them when a particular thing in my life arises; often I am able to extract great information from it. Often we do not see the things that are there until we are ready for them, so I like to keep your audios handy as I progress.

    Thank you

    • Lovely, Anna, and very true. That’s why it’s always useful to keep re-reading books, as the more you evolve, the more information you can find in the same pages.

    • I guess we complain when we are “stuck” because when we are stuck we do not feel good about ourselves. When we are moving toward sometime we desire, I find that there is really nothing to complain about. It just doesn’t matter.

  13. Hi Simona,

    Great podcast and a very important message. Loving your work!

    Best Regards,


  14. Vanessa says:

    Hello Simona and thanks for all the wonderful advice that you share on your blog. You really do a great job, and you may sometimes have that feeling that people don’t thank you enough, especially when they keep asking for more and more and more.

    It’s just a personal point of view of course but this attitude in people may have to do with our times when people are so self-centered. In Europe people are so concerned with what they want to have that they forget the most important : being themselves, setting free from the traps of egoism. Some don’t achieve this in a whole lifetime, so it’s great to see that you for an example have succeded, and apparently you have become a reference to many people, that’s great for you and for the people who evolve spiritually thanks to you. There are indeed inspiration authors, and other self improvement bloggers like you, however what slows down people’s spiritual evolution is basically within themselves, it’s their ego.

    One thing I read in several websites and books is that the key to success is unconditional love and unconditional generosity, which means loving people for who they are and not to get anything from them, giving them what will really please them and not what you think is right for them, and acting without an ounce of personal interest. These are indeed ideas that your blog explains again and again and these are real challenges. Hushing our heads, thoughts and deep rooted fears to hear our hearts and feel the treasure that’s inside is so complicated. But you are here to show thats it’s possible and Id’ like to thank you for that once again.

  15. hi Simona,
    i think the first basic is love.It can b applied to every field.the graph is not always a straight rising line.praying and soul searching really helps.

  16. This is profound. The phrase i know that already is the biggest obstacle to improvement. If you are not living or practicing what you know then you haven’t really learned it. It’s my biggest obstacle at the moment because i keep on searching for new information without really applying what i have gathered so i can’t build anything of lasting value. And it sucks. The thing is i cant stick to practicing a thing if i feel like im not getting fast result. What to do?

    • You need to work on increasing your attention span, Sheena. Avoid fast entertainment and do slow yoga as well as Trataka (pls google it).

      • Spot on! Ive never heard of trataka before but after i google it, it sounds exciting. Concentration is just what i need. I used to stare at flames of candles before when i was a child while my grandma prays the rosary and her long novenas. I think that this will greatly help me in increasing my attention span. Thank you, thank you.

  17. This is so true, Simona! As soon as I aquired some knowledge about building a house, the next step was to start building it and now there’s progress. I could have continued dreaming about knowing more but I’m rather taking one step at a time. It’s a natural process and it brings so much joy when one engages in it!

  18. B P SINHA says:

    what knowledge you have that everybody has but the expression from your inner heart and convincing the people ideas are with you only. I am stuck in one place . Wife expired in jan 13 and now I don’t feel like working anymore hence wants to resign from the organization. Is it ok .I have everything in my life. No more desire left.


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