Dealing With Negative People

Dealing with negative people can significantly harm your well-being.

This is because when you talk to such people their negative energy is directed right at you.

If you are emotionally weak, it will be easy for such negativity to drain you.

However, there are some actions you can take to prevent yourself from being affected negatively.

Ways to protect yourself from negative people

In situations where you have to deal with negative people you should not look at their eyes because eye contact is the most intensive contact you can receive. By receiving such contact you exchange most of your energy with theirs.

In general, try to look at them as little as possible. This will give you a huge advantage because they will not feel in control of the situation. Therefore negative people will not overpower you.

When dealing with negative people you should avoid getting involved in arguments.

Arguments are real energy drainers which can get you into the negative state of mind for a long time.

It is much better to try to prevent an argument from happening rather than to fight back and suffer the consequences. By stopping a soon-to-be argument you show that you are not going to lower your general state of mind for the convenience of another person.

Of course, if you see that a person is becoming negative, it is better not do deal with such person in the first place. Especially if you are still emotionally weak, this is the best option.

However, if you absolutely must deal with such person, do not take what he says personally. Try to understand that something happened to him in the past and now he sees everything as a threat. Such person most likely affects others in a negative way too, so you should not think that his anger is directed solely at you.

Why some people are negative?

There are many reasons why people become negative but there is one main reason why that happens. When people experience something negative in their childhood, they may carry this bitterness for the rest of their lives.

This is not because they want to have the negativity inside them, but it is because they do not know that they can get rid of it. They have identified with this bitterness to such a degree that they started to think that they are their negativity.

Another reason why some people are negative is because they are born this way, however they can change their behaviour at any point they wish. Such people are called pessimists and they fall into the voluntary strugglers’ crowd. They just seem to be negative most of the time. When others see a great day, they always point out something that is wrong with it. They find something bad in every situation.

Helping negative people

You may want to help negative people to become positive. But dealing with negative people to help them is a low yield activity.

Firstly, this will drain you to such an extent that you may become negative yourself.

Secondly, you are responsible only for yourself and should not try to change the destiny of another person. We are all here to learn from our own mistakes.

You should try to focus on your life and make the best of it, rather than be concerned about the future of others. This is not selfish, although you might think so.

By making your life a success you will show others how to do that. Instead of you having to teach them, they will be thought by looking at your example. This way you will help many more people than you would by personally trying to change one negative person.


You can protect yourself from the consequences of dealing with negative people by avoiding direct eye contact and preventing the start of arguments. This way you will avoid falling into the negative state of mind.

You should not try to change pessimistic people because you will suffer negative consequences, such as becoming negative yourself.

This advice will put you on the right track to dealing with negative people. By following this advice you will be able to stay in a great mood even whilst having a conversation with an extremely negative person.

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