Colors And Their Meanings

 Colors and Their Meanings: Warm Colors


Red is the color of life force, materialism, passion and love.

This color energises you and it can also put you in a romantic mood, depending on the shade of the color and the environment.

Red is also associated with anger, power and war. Ancient Romans used to dress their gods in this color.

It’s better to avoid this color in your bedroom since it can cause sleeping problems because this color is very energising. So red walls are too overwhelming for the bedroom, however you can use red decorations such as cushions or candles.

People who wear red color clothes usually enjoy attention and like to stand out.


Orange is associated with sun, happiness, creativity, success and energy. Orange positively affects your mood and is very suitable for home decoration because it gives warmth to the living space. However, if you are an emotional person, it’s better to avoid this color because it provokes deeper emotions.

People who often wear orange color or live at home that is decorated with orange usually have a better appetite than others. Therefore if you are on a diet or you cannot control yourself when it comes to eating certain food, it’s better to avoid this color. It’s also advisable to avoid this color in bedroom since it encourages eating at night.

This color is also considered the color of courage. It improves your analytical skills and encourages interaction with others. Some companies use this color in their offices to make people more social and to develop their intelligence.


Yellow is associated with happiness and success. It represents freedom and intelligence as well as practicality. It strengthens your immune system and positively affects your nerve system as well as your whole body.

This color, however, is the symbol of lies and jealousy. If used too much, it may cause you to feel irritated.

Colors and Their Meanings: Pink


Pink is the symbol of self respect and sexual nature. It is also associated with aristocracy, luxury and spirituality. Pink interior is likely to enhance your imagination and creativity. Pink color calms down aggressiveness.


This is the color of earth. People who are down-to-earth like it. It is associated with the earthly things such as survival and day-to-day tasks. It also arises materialistic thoughts. It’s the symbol of conservatism and stagnation.

Colors and Their Meanings: Neutral Colors


Gray is a neutral color which serves as a basis for other colors. It is the color of harmony and it represents satisfaction as well as lack of opinion. People who have no real preferences and easily adopt like this color.


White color has the tendency to relax. It is also the color of innocence, purity and spirituality. If used too much, this color may make people less passionate.


Black color represents the unknown, secrecy. Is is associated with elegance, luxury, dark forces and death. Young people who are rebels usually wear this color. It’s advisable to avoid this color if you have the tendency to get depressed.

Colors and Their Meanings: Cool Colors


Green color is neither warm nor cool color. It symbolises youth, spring, growth, calmness and persistence. It is also associated with money, healing and harmony. This color helps people to relax or calm down. It’s very productive to work in a room decorated with green color. It’s also good for your eyes. This color helps you to better take in and analyze new information.

This color also represents lack of experience, jealousy and envy. Because this color is both warm and cool, it denotes stability, harmony and balance. In the past Ancient Greeks used to color the floors of their sacral places in green.


Blue is the symbol of many things including but not limited to sky, sea, religiousness, faith, stability, trust, faithfulness, freedom, safety and spiritual energy. In the past blue color was used for protection against negative spirits as it was thought that this color repels them. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt used to wear this color because they thought that this color protects from evil spirits. Nowadays this color is mainly used in interior décor for relaxation.

It’s good to decorate the bedroom with blue since it helps you to sleep better and it calms down the hunger.

Blue is also the color of intuition. People who open their third eye usually see indigo color.

Blue is the color of confidence therefore many uniforms of police officers throughout the world are blue. This color is often seen in large companies and is also associated with intelligence, stability, formality and conservatism.

Colors and Their Meanings: Purple

(Purple can be both warm and cool color)

Purple color was always associated with the spiritual world and if the person has purple aura color it means that he/she has either spiritual thoughts or is connected to the spiritual world in some way. This color affects your nerve system positively and is a perfect color for healing.

If you wonder what color is best for you, you should choose the nearest color to your aura color. Here’s the link to the aura colors section.

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