How To Use Chi Energy

There are many names for chi energy. Some people call it vital energy, cosmic, God or universal energy. It’s the energy that gives us life because it fuels every single process in our bodies.

If you don’t meditate and aren’t that involved spiritually, it’s likely that you’re not aware of this energy and how it operates inside you. However when you advance spiritually you can feel the movements of this life-giving energy.

How to direct chi energy

When you become aware of the movements of the chi energy in some particular area of your body, you should just focus on that area and then in your mind’s eye imagine the energy going into some other area. The energy will go where you direct it to go.

So you should see this energy focused in the area where you sense it to be, and then see it flowing to another area. You can imagine this process as though a semi-transparent white current is flowing into some area in your body, or you can direct the chi energy into some part of your body without seeing any current. It doesn’t make any difference how you visualize – your intention itself does the trick.

How to use chi energy to push objects

You won’t be able to push objects with chi at once. You’ll need to learn to concentrate your chi energy and direct it into the objects which may take a long time. You can push the objects using chi with your intention.

There shouldn’t be any stray thoughts in your mind except that of your intention to push the object. You should be completely focused on the object and direct your energy to the object until it moves. When it starts moving, direct its movement with your mind.

How to use chi energy to manifest desires

The same energy that pushes objects can be used (and is used) to manifest your desires. However it’s much easier to use chi to manifest desires than to push objects. You simply have to solely focus on your goal and have faith that it will manifest.

You need to expect that this manifestation will materialize and be open to any inspiration or ideas. Once you get inspired to do something, do it at once as this may result in a quicker manifestation of your desire.

How to direct chi energy to another person

Another person can feel your energy when it’s highly focused. To do that, you need to see the energy externally gathering into a ball which becomes more and more intensive until it’s completely dense with white energy.

When you achieve this effect, push this ball with your hands into another person and if the energy is concentrated enough, another person will feel the push.

How to feel your own chi energy

Visualize white energy going from your palms into the area between them and forming the ball. Firstly hold your palms close to each other and see a small energy ball. The more the energy comes from your palms, the bigger and denser chi energy ball becomes.

Soon your hands will naturally spread apart to allow the ball to grow. Now try to close the gap between your hands and if you’ve done this exercise properly, you won’t able to do that because you’ll feel dense energy between your hands pulling them away from each other.

How to boost your chi energy

You strengthen your chi energy by thinking positive thoughts and meditating. You boost this energy by cleansing your seven chakras. To cleanse your chakras you should imagine chi energy visiting each one of them (from the root chakra upwards) and making them glow with their colors as well as spinning them.

You should breathe deeply when you do this exercise and make sure your chakras spin slowly before finishing this task. If you leave your chakras spinning fast, you will feel exhausted because you will distribute your chi energy everywhere you go.

How to make a protective shield against negative energies

Visualize that you are in a ball of white energy which protects you from negative influences. Visualize that this shield only allows the thoughts and energy of love, peace and other positivity to enter it. Then make this ball as large as you feel comfortable.

If you want your own protection, a small energy ball will do the work, however if you want your home to be protected, you should make this ball of energy bigger than your home. This protective shield is usually used by psychics to discourage negative entities or by people who astral project, so that their bodies would be safe while they’re away.

You can also protect yourself this way if you’re surrounded by negative people or you think that someone uses your energy (this is usually the case when you feel drained after talking to someone).

How to heal with chi energy

Your chi energy can be used to heal not only yourself, but others too. Simply visualize a white light coming from your hands into the area that needs to be healed. Feel this energy healing the area and see the area as healed. The other person or you should feel intensive warmth in that area. This is the way reiki healers treat illnesses.

Other uses of chi energy

Universal energy movements

Your life energy doesn’t move the same way all the time. If you don’t consciously direct it, it can move in many different ways. For example, it can go to your hand or your head, but I have never experienced it going to two different places at the same time.

You feel this energy much stronger when you meditate because during meditation you get an abundance of this energy. Sometimes you can feel how fast it goes to one part of your body and this just proves that you get more concentrated universal energy whilst meditating.

I remember when once during meditation this energy went from my stomach into my head in less than a second. That felt like a punch from the inside. I was very surprised and a little bit concerned. Then I found out that this happened because I didn’t know how to control and evenly distribute this energy.

The more you meditate, the more life energy you get and the more strongly you feel it in your body. Sometimes you may get so much energy that you constantly feel the movement of it in your body. That means that you should cut on the meditation time and learn how to distribute this energy. I will explain how to do that later on. Update: instead of cutting on meditation time, it’s better to store the excess energy in sacral chakra.

Usually energy goes from your root chakra into your head or anywhere else that it can go through. Sometimes you may feel the energy going to your heart or throat and not moving from there. That means that that particular chakra is blocked, and you should do chakra cleansing to open this energy channel.

A very interesting thing happens with the energy when you visualize. When you think of something you really want to have, you can feel the energy going into the direction of your vision. That is an amazing feeling and that means that you focused so well that the thing you desire got created in the non-physical world. That thought (which was fueled by the energy) created it and now all you have to do is to expect it in your life.

Have you heard people say that thoughts have pulling power? If you can feel the energy movements, you can actually feel that pulling power of your desire to this reality. That is such a wonderful feeling because you truly understand that everything is energy and we live in an attraction-based universe.

That is where the people that don’t meditate miss out. When they visualize they cannot sense any activity inside them, therefore it’s hard for them to tell if they focused enough for their manifestations to come into the reality.

How to move objects with chi energy video

Chi energy is also used to astral project. When chi energy is very strong and you feel the ripples in your body, you can direct this energy into one part of your body (head or hands) and take it out of your body. This way you can have an OBE (Out of Body Experience).

If you feel that energy movements inside you are too strong, you can learn to evenly distribute this energy. To do that you will have to learn to do some spinal breathing.

Here is the technique you can use for spinal breathing. Imagine that chi energy is going from your root chakra, reaching sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, going through your heart chakra into your throat chakra and into the third eye chakra and going through the crown chakra outside you and coming back into the root chakra.

In other words, imagine this energy going throughout each of your seven chakras and back. You should repeat this spinal breathing exercise until you feel that you are completely relaxed and do not feel any or just slight energy movements inside you.

This way the energy will be distributed more evenly and you will not get too violent energy movements inside you during meditation.

An abundance of chi energy

The more life energy you get, the more active, focused and uplifted you will become. People get chi energy when they sleep because they do not think whilst sleeping and therefore this energy can reach them. However you can only get an abundance of this energy through meditation. You can even feel the pressure in your head you get when this energy is entering you.

You will get no diseases if you get enough of this energy because it cleanses impurities in your body including nervous system.

When this universal energy finds some impurity in your body, you will feel the pressure or some other sensation in that particular area of your body. You can even get movements of that body part. For example, some people start involuntarily moving their arms or heads. That only means that the universal energy is cleansing that area of your body.

This energy cleanses any malfunction in your body. I used to get headaches almost daily but since I started meditating I got maybe only two or three headaches in this whole time. That’s the power of the abundance of chi energy.


Although this energy is life giving, many people are not aware of its presence inside them. However the more you know about this energy and the more of it you get, the more benefits you will notice.

The only way to get an abundance of this energy is through meditation. When you meditate this energy enters your body through your crown chakra and goes throughout your whole body.

Although it takes a short period of time to learn the basic energy direction, it takes years to learn some of the tricks with this energy.

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