Changes in Blogging Direction and FAQ about Me

I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years now.

5 years and 5 months to be more precise.

My blog grew and developed reflecting my own personal development. It’s my most precious child of creativity, and with years passing by I’m ever more grateful for it.

My posts always reflect my own state of mind and how I’m evolving. They inevitably show where my current interests and activities lie. They clearly show my weaknesses too, for those who have an eye to see.

Freedom is most important for me; it’s more important than love, fulfillment or humility. That’s because when I’m free I naturally have all those attributes. The misuse of freedom, however, is where life sometimes trips me.

Because I’m free to do what I please with my life, sometimes I lack direction and scatter my energies. That reflects in my writing too – many posts are born out of impulse and don’t relate to each other. I need a funnel to my energy and I know it. Thus, this post.

From now on my posts will be more theme-oriented.

Current themes of my life are two – self-mastery and clarity. I will write a lot about these topics and sub-topics in the months to come, like:

  • Ending procrastination
  • How to stop scattering energy
  • Minimalism
  • Balance
  • How to raise life quality
  • Simplicity
  • Sacredness of time

Clarity will also be about food, especially from the ayurveda perspective. That’s because I find that when I eat pure and healthy food, my mind is peaceful and clear.

I will, from now on, have a posting calendar which will keep my energies focused on these two broad themes, instead of writing on any subject I get an idea about. I’m planning to release a new post every Thursday and Sunday.

Why I no longer write spiritual blog posts

I get many readers asking to write about chakras, meditation and other spiritual topics, or to answer their questions about these subjects. The reason I write almost no such posts anymore despite the fact that my past spiritual posts attract huge reader numbers even to this day, is because my focus became broader to include my previously neglected aspects of Self.

I no longer see spirituality as separate from my mind and body. I no longer see the physical world as separate from the spiritual one. Mental, physical and spiritual worlds are harmoniously blending in. By mastering myself and finding clarity I’m developing as a whole being, and not only improving a part of me.

I no longer, therefore, can write purely spiritual topics, as then I would be separating spirituality from the whole. I’m not telling others to follow the same road, though. It was extremely useful for me in the past to fully focus on the spiritual aspect of my life, because it was lacking.

Now, after all the spiritual work, I feel that I managed to saturate my life with spirituality. My current task, therefore, is to keep all three aspects – mind, body and soul – in balance, instead of separating and growing some particular one.

I’m not abandoning spirituality, therefore, but I found a new stage of it, the single root of all three aspects of being. All my future posts, therefore, will be spiritual, but in a different way than before.

Why I don’t write about relationships

This is again a very common question that I find in my inbox. I don’t write about relationship advice because my focus is not there.

I never focused on developing relationships with others; I only focus on developing relationship with my own self, and many posts at least touch on that. Relationship with yourself is what really matters, and if you have a good relationship with your Self, you will have good relationships with others too.

My current goals and plans

Due to many readers’ requests to have my physical books, I’m now focusing on getting this materialized. I would like to find a good publisher for releasing my physical books, and for that to happen I need to work a lot.

Firstly, I just recently became a member of Toastmasters International to improve my public speaking skills, which is quite important for book marketing as seen by modern publishers.

I’m also working on getting my articles published on high-traffic blogs and magazines, as this, too, will greatly help to get my books published. So far my posts appeared on Elephant Journal, IntentBlog, PickTheBrain, DumbLittleMan, CollectiveEvolution and Tiny Buddha.

Lastly, I’m planning to get some kind of certification or two, because this, too, will lift my credibility in the eyes of publishers and help me to get the book deal. That might be Life Coach certification or CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist). I will learn a lot from taking such courses, so it’s not only for the sake of getting published.

As you see, it will be a long process, but I’m sticking with it.

London or India?

Some readers asked me if I decided to stay in London, or would I be flying back to India soon. I’m feeling very good in London now, and I think I will stay here for some time. Plans always change, but it seems that I wish to stay in London for at least a few years.

I’ll be surely visiting India and other places, but now I like the stability of staying in the same place, waking up in the same bed and having routine. I very much lacked this in India; for a few years I stayed in hotels, traveled to different parts of India and other Asian countries, and always witnessed a landscape changing. It’s good to strike a balance between these two extreme lifestyles, and stability is what I really need now.

Some website changes

In harmony with my theme for future blog posts – self-mastery and clarity – there will be some changes taking place in the layout of my blog. I plan to test having no right sidebar, and see how this goes. I may also simplify the header and footer, leaving only the essentials.

I will test all of this and if readers’ response is positive, I will keep the blog very minimal. If the response is not good (like higher bounce rates), I will change it back to how it was.

More questions?

If you have more questions about my writing, blog and life, you can leave a comment below or send a private message and I’ll answer it. I hope the changes you will see in the blog posts, layout and my style will appeal to you. If not, your feedback is always appreciated!

Showing photos to kids near South Indian temple

Showing some photos to kids near South Indian temple


  1. Dear Simona

    I have been reading your blogs and used appreciate your inner drive to blend tradition with current topics of relevance for emotional agility.
    When you think and act you come across thoughts and do feel bad when you find no coherence.

    Follow your self-style of flow and continue to appeal.

    Young generation need someone like you to help them to come up in life

    with best wishes

    Dr Sukumar Raju

  2. I would really like that you keep the old videos public as they were very helpful to me. I don’t see any reason to remove them or have them private on youtube..

    • Lilly, some of them contained images that were copyrighted. It was a mistake of mine done a long time ago, but that goes against my current values so I had to remove them, unfortunately. I’ll remake the old videos to contain only my-made work, so I hope that would be okay.

  3. No matter what you write, it has always been helpfull to me. You initiated my spiritual growth and personal developement. I do not even know where I would be today if I haven’t fell upon your website by chance.

    Thank you Simona
    Greetings from Montreal

  4. Really enjoy your site and happy to see how it has helped many.

    I find that many today, put religion first and give thanks to a god that no one has heard from in over 2 thousand years, instead of believing in themselves.
    When good things happen, they give thanks to God and when things don’t go their way, they blame the devil. Seems that no one wants to take responsibility of their life.
    I tell people that
    1. Always be honest to themselves because only them, know the truth.
    2. Always do your best in whatever you do. Why bother doing something if you are not going to give 100%. For example, when I go to the gym, I see people chatting, flirting and I really don’t understand why someone would go to a gym and not workout.
    Same goes to when people are in school and don’t pay attention to the teachers. Why waste your time, if you are not going to pay attention to the teachers?

    Also, why would someone buy cigarettes when it is clearly written on the packets that smoking can give you cancer? They ignore the warnings and then when they are sick and dying, they pray to a God that no one has heard from in over 2 thousand years.

    Look around the world, people are killing each other because of religion and having no faith in themselves.

    Great to see that your work has brought positive changes to others.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Dear Simona,
    Thank you for your post, it’s very inspiring. Your life is very inspiring for me and I would be grateful if you explain your new routine ( what you do when you wake up, how you spend your day,…) of course if you don’t mind it.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. I am writing from Kisumu – a town in the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya , East Africa. I stumbles into you website as i was searching of “living a spiritual life”. I have been reading your blogs for the last one year or so and i find them very helpful. Since then i have created a folder where i safe all you postings. My life has change: i feel more at ease, with specific goals and i am more confident that i am sooner living my dream life. Some time i feel i would want to buy your products but i do not have a credit card. Publishing a book is a good idea, i will be able to purchase from our bookstores. Thanks and God bless you richly.

  7. Simona,

    It takes courage to admit where you need to improve, especially if you’re a blogger on self-improvement. Thank you for being true to yourself and for opening up to us (your readers). I’m able to identify with your situation. Your post inspired me to find a direction for my blog, and did some late night organization about the content that I’ll be posting. And, most importantly, it helped me actually START posting. Posted my first blog last night. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Hi Simona!

    This is wonderful news! I’m thankful for your older blogs that has taught me many valuable things. I’m pretty excited for your new direction in your blogging; a more focused, more spiritually embed that is going to be very rewarding for all. I wish much success, fulfillment and happiness for you! :)

  9. Dear Simona,
    Thank you for so much of good advice! Reading all your posts is so beneficial and inspiring to me. I always look forward to your new posts and admire your fluency in English.
    It is great what you do for people, thank you!

  10. Hi Simona,
    Thank you for sharing. It is awesome and significant changes you have opted for.
    I truly support your view to have balance in body, mind and spirituality in all actions.
    In India we have many spiritual organisations. However people here needed awareness on inner power/ inner game of life. Tools to improve life’s skills are very much needed. Vast section of people in rural India are now aware about the great work all of you have undertaken. Inspired by your posts I created SS Skills, social enterprise to provide information about life skill training in India.

    With regards and LOVE.

    • Wow that’s so wonderful to know, let me know more about your company, it sounds interesting. Yes, in India many people give their power away so it’s great if you can show them how to find power within, Abhijit.

  11. First of all,I would really like to take a moment to thank you for all the spiritual writting you have done,they just came up in my life at the right time when I needed them most.Its like you were a GOD sent angel in my life.As you taking a turn in your writting,my life as well has taken a turn and I learned a lot about self love.Now I can’t wait for your future writting with open and free mind spirit and body.
    Thank you again,Simona,may GOD bless you and your readers!

    • Thank you for your warm message, Sam! I’m happy to hear you’re progressing and that you think the posts I’m going to write would be relevant in your journey.

  12. Hi Simona,
    Thank you for all the work you put in on your writing. I may not always say anything but in the past few years that I have been reading your blog. I can say it was written in the way that is flows naturally when reading it. I also believe that change is a good thing, as long as it is positive and is to better yourself. I look forward to see or read what the future unfolds. Good luck on this new chapter of the journey of self.

  13. Dimetries Leroy Smith says:

    Hi Simona Rich I look forward to the new post and changes. Love and light

  14. Hi, Simona :)

    I am so excited and happy for you. You helped me a long time ago and I am still thankful. As you know you always amaze me. I know you can do anything you want. /hug

  15. Hello Simona Rich! Your name just says it all… you are rich in insight & abundant in maturity. I recently stumbled across your blog & youtube channel, and I answered your questionnaire for newbies, and was astonished to see some of my suggestions implemented so fast… you even used the same words I’ve written to you… and additionally, expounded so far on what I’ve been thinking in this post that I’m certain that we are traveling on the same wavelength…. I definitely am spiritual, and used to be involved in Kundalini yoga which introduced me to the chakras and spirituality peace… but eventually I grew from that to incorporate it in my life as a whole, not only a part… not unlike you. I support you wholeheartedly on your new mission. You have clarified my life as it is right now… the search for self mastery and clarity. I am very grateful and fortunate to cross paths with you. Now from Kundalini, I practice Bikram yoga, which helps focus and train the mind for growth, mastery & precision. I agree with your decision to stay in London for now, and to grow roots. Even not knowing you well, I feel it is the right decision for you at the moment. I would love it if your blog could incorporate some NLP. Not sure your views on it, but I find it’s a great tool for self mastery & clarity.
    Warm regards from the States!

    • Thank you for your hearty message, Anna! Yes, I used NLP in the past and I think the strategies of NLP are extremely effective. I feel, too, that London is the right place for me to be, because I feel happy here, and that’s the best indicator of whether the choice is right or not. I hope you’ll continue growing in a harmonious way as it seems you’re doing just that.

  16. Woww… İt is really astonishing your decision and breathtaking, ı will read once again to get more insight.. Thanks sharing Simona….

  17. Hi Simona.
    I like your idea and action for this change you are about to embark on. I think that having a good relationship with change and the unknown is what can really bring quality in ones life. And, from what I can tell, you have that good relationship with it. Im glad to read your posts and look forward to your new ones. Thank you :)

  18. Hi Simona, thanks for the updates. I personally would love to ready your thoughts and tips on online marketing for people who write content that is meant to uplift and inspire. I believe that it is important to support each other and create some kind of system to help independent writers and bloggers reach a wider audience.

    Thank you,

    • Nenad, wider audience can be reached if you try to give all you have in terms of value; it’s always good to collaborate too, but it’s important to form blogging relationships with people you really trust and know that their intentions are for the good of all.

  19. Simona

    I prayed for obvious signs to guide me i had several then read your passage. what you wrote especially feeling scattered resonates with me . I know that i too have freedom as my number one priority. Yet. I am still looking for a way to have a livelihood which generates income ….so that i have financial freedom and career of my creation
    I look forward to reading your future blogs

    Sending love and light

  20. Your new goals are very inspiring for me! I want to see where and how I might welcome similar goals into my life.

    I love that photo above! The children are so relaxed and authentic! They are so close to you, which is needed to see the photos but I see how relaxed they are while standing so close. I imagine that that moment felt very good to all there.


    • Penny, in India people have no sense of personal space like we do in the West, so they’re very close because of that:)) But yes, the atmosphere was magical near that temple, and memories as such will always make me feel good and alive.

  21. I look forward to the posts on Ayurvedic food, I found it a confusing path. And I’ll miss the posts on spirituality, I ever enjoyed the light from your path. Blessings and commendations on your re-centering as a whole, may you find and share ascension with us… I’ve been and will remain one of your readers. :)

    • Thank you for your warm message, M. Catlett. I love Ayurveda and will share my knowledge with you all. I will write about spirituality, but it will encompass mind and body too. Have a great day!

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