Becoming Responsible So That Life Would Entrust You With More

It’s funny that today my friend mentioned something I thought a lot during past days.

It’s about becoming mature for more success.

When I lived in London three years ago, I started to attend public speaking clubs, and my engagement and income grew.

I started getting more coaching clients, and overall, interest in me heightened.

Instead of being okay with it, I felt frightened about this quick change, and retreated as a response. I refused to give interviews, stopped successful workshops, and stopped improving my public speaking skills.

I wasn’t mature enough to handle more success, and I kind of knew that at the back of my mind.

Now, after three years of taking it easy in India and staying low profile, I feel I grew enough to handle more success. I no longer feel frightened when I think about regular workshops or public speaking engagements. In fact, this thought makes me excited.

There are nerves, of course, but I no longer feel frightened about it. I’m still not sure if I’m absolutely ready to always continue with more engagement (workshops, public speaking, coaching), but at the moment this seems fine to me.

Self-esteem and success

My self-esteem increased during this time in India, and now I can be much more authentic with people, yet not always. Speaking in front of groups still makes me nervous and disconnects me from my authentic self, so does speaking to my readers face-to-face.

I guess that’s because I believe they have certain expectations of me, and instead of being my authentic self, I’m still inclined to present a facade that I think they would like to see. It’s very annoying when I do that, and I’m working on it; I hope public speaking workshops will help me remove this incongruence.

The more your self-esteem grows, the easier it is to accept success. Sometimes, however, self-esteem is based on false values, and thus, success achieved through it doesn’t bring happiness, because the artificial base is always felt.

If your self esteem grows organically, it feels like a beautiful warm expansion of Self. Such expansion comes as a result of constant self-improvement, and you blossom like a flower – success comes easily, and it makes you feel content and joyful.

The time factor

Sometimes all you need to mature to success is time. When success comes too fast, it’s very easy to retreat, and sometimes retreat is a good thing. That’s because success can not only make a person, but can break also. You probably witnessed many young celebrities who are ruined – they go into drugs or do self-harm – because they’re just not mature enough to handle success.

Sometimes this maturity comes with age, but it’s quickened by personal development. At the age of 24, when I just started learning public speaking, I was too young to open up to all that the world had to offer. Different people will feel mature for more success at different ages. Some can handle it at the age of 20, some feel ready at 50 or later.

Power and responsibility

The more aspects of your life you become fully in charge of, the more your power increases, and thus the easier it is to achieve success.

That means you should be fully responsible for your body – you should eat healthy food, and get enough exercise. You should be totally responsible for your relationships and make proper decisions about their direction. It means becoming responsible for your inner development, and your career.

The more aspects of your life you’re fully responsible for, the quicker life entrusts you with more goodness.

The ego issue

What I’ve noticed is that people who are not mature enough for success, have too much ego. I was the same too, of course. My thoughts circled about Me, and not about benefiting Others.

I would think, for example, how I was perceived by others (and this thought would make me feel uneasy), instead of thinking how I could improve to the extent that the information I had would come clearly through, and improve the lives of others.

Now I’m at the stage of developing my verbal skills, so that I would be able to clearly express myself, for the benefit of others. I wish I would be a perfect channel (I don’t mean it in a psychic sense) for the inner knowledge to come through.

When the focus shifts from What About Me to What About Others, success comes more easily. There are no real obstacles in the way, because you remove the biggest one of all – your ego.

I’m not saying I transcended my ego fully – that’s not possible in this world unless you lose your mind; however, I’ve noticed that instead of thinking about how I am perceived by others, I think instead along these lines:

Am I a barrier for the information I have, or is my appearance/behavior helping to get the information I have across?

It’s a huge shift, and it raises vibration to a great extent.

Are you ready for success?

Ask yourself – would you really be ready to handle more success?

Think about living your ideal life, and pay attention to how you feel. Do you feel uneasy, or totally relaxed, at peace and joyful? Do you feel nervous, anxious, doubtful, or full of optimism?

These states will show you whether you matured enough for success, or not.

Maturity also means understanding that sacrifices will need to be made for more success. That may mean taking time to study your subject deeper, investing money into your education or a new venture, or cutting some bonds with people.

It may mean taking on bigger responsibilities, which you would never do if you weren’t mature enough. It may mean taking your work much more seriously, and with more respect.


The more mature you become, the more you’re willing to take the responsibilities that success brings along. When you really say inside “Okay, now I know I’m ready, and I’m very much waiting for success to come, with all the responsibilities that come with it”, then life gives you more success.

If you’re not yet ready for success (it frightens you or makes you uncomfortable to think that you’re extremely successful, or you feel uneasy around successful people), then don’t despair. Retreat, and work on yourself.

Improve your character, deepen knowledge of your subject, improve your understanding of others – do whatever you feel you need to do for more growth to take place.

When the time becomes ripe, you will know it, and you will no longer be an obstacle to your success.


  1. Thank you Simona, your article and openness to share your feelings and your openness and modesty to take feedback and write reply to them, your attitude is inspiring me too….

  2. Hi Simona,

    You have the wisdom, insights and authenticity to present yourself as a spiritually inspired speaker.
    Fear of public speaking can also result from being rejected as a child. In my case the violence I endured in my childhood left me with anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. It is not easy for me to overcome this.

    Something else that you could do, which would probably be easier for you, is create a course on Udemy, for instance Practical Spiritual Development. (
    To give you an impression, some interesting courses are:
    Bliss Every Day by Deborah Fairfull
    The Neuroscience of Reframing by Anette Prehn
    The Science of Happiness by Stella Grizont

    The course that you can create will be a valuable enrichment.

    Bless you, Robbert

    • I think it’s natural for everyone to be scared of public speaking, even experienced public speakers feel nervous when they come on stage, Robbert. I’ve never heard of that website before, so thank you for this resource, I may look into it.

  3. Maybe you’ll do more public speaking in the astral planes too Simona. Your voice… I haven’t watched your latest video, yet I recently dreamed of you speaking to me in the sunshine outside a shoe store(shoes prepare our soles for more rugged terrain). I was so surprised to hear and feel the resonant harmonics in your voice. You seemed very casual, yet I was aw-struck; grateful and scared of such beauty. I didn’t pay attention to what you said though 😀

    Anyway, different people have different responsibilities and roles to develop before they can improve their astral awareness. For example, after a week of vegetarianism and no lucid dreams, I felt guilty to let myself eat a recently killed deer, yet to my surprise I lucid dreamed within a few hours after consuming the venison.

    Perhaps the part of us that controls our heartbeats is guarding us from more astral awareness until we develop more self-honesty. However Simona, when considering your articles “Soul Attachment: How Many Souls Live in Your Body?” and “Selling One’s Soul to the Devil,” I wonder of my own situation, because by far my greatest astral projections have been achieved surprisingly on several occasions just a few hours after I committed acts, thoughts and emotions that are so often said to be spiritually detrimental(I’m talking actions worse than eating meat).

    Who knows what one has to do to improve their astral awareness? How does their astral neighborhood affect their abilities? Are we all sold souls, and can that be a good thing?

    Maybe evil spirits temporarily activate my astral awareness at counter-intuitive times in order to diminish and derange my motivations to astral project. Perhaps my attraction to you is being used as a bridge for those spirits; as if they want to mislead you too; to burden you with possibilities of how breaking your rules might be beneficial from time to time <3 …Or maybe my Higher Self is far weirder than I supposed; like the old saying "the truth is stranger than fiction."

    I've worked on connecting with my Higher Self, like your "Your Higher Self" article describes. However, my interactions with my Higher Self have taught me to remember your "Seeking Approval of Others Equals The Failure To Find Life's Purpose" article; because seeking approval of my Higher Self seems to push them away.

    Of course Simona, my favorite of your perspectives is your "Psychic Debt Report."

    • Thank you, Todd, for your interesting comment, as always. Yes, I’m actually learning public speaking to be able to sound as casual as I am, and to fully reveal my Self. That’s tough, sometimes, because my ego kicks in when the situation becomes stressful (like speaking in front of many people). Todd, it’s strange what you said about committing “sins” and then being astrally aware. For me, the greatest lucidity came when I was the purest.

      • Simona, your voice in my dream sounded enthusiastic too; like a happy knowing of what’s ahead for you; it made sense to me too. Your presence felt so honest and healthy, yet I was jealous and awed by your improved radiance! At the time, your vocal resonance and emotions felt more important than your words, though your words seemed necessary <3

        Those who often focus their yearning for more lucidity will realize more lucidity, yet such improvements may occur in cycles–including cycles of permanent improvements that new cycles can build onto. Maybe some spirits can use knowledge of seekers' lucid cycles to plan campaigns on those seekers' beliefs.

  4. Dear Simona
    Thank you for sharing your amazing article. I enjoyed reading it.

  5. Lovely exploration of the interplay between ego, maturity, and success – easily one of my favorite articles today. :) The trials we face now indicate the position we move from now, that which we must improve upon to move forward. Only when we confront them, mature through them, will the time come upon us to move up the mountain and be given new trials. I absolutely agree that sometimes a dignified retreat is in order to gather ourselves – we need running distance to build up speed for a high jump.

  6. Hi Simona, being authentic and providing value is something I’ve been thinking about lots recently too. I think that when you find yourself in situations you wouldn’t normally be in, it can sometimes make you act in ways you wouldn’t normally behave — not intentionally, but just because it’s something new. Like finding your true voice with writing — being yourself can sometimes take time when you are faced with new challenges.
    P.S. Hope you’re enjoying being back in London :)

    • That’s very true, Clare, and I feel that the more I write, the more of my Self I reveal. I’m enjoying my time very much, thank you – I’m much more productive here than I was in India.

  7. Hello,
    Do you think that sometimes you just need to push forward past your comfort zone to gain more inner strength? I feel like I am always waiting for the perfect time to become a better version of myself. Someone told me that successful people are comfortable with the uncomfortable. Any feedback would be appreciated. I think you are an amazing person for running this blog.

    • Yes, Logan, sometimes that’s exactly what the person needs. If the person is ready for more success (and if you studied and worked on yourself a lot, you are), then that’s all that’s stopping them.

  8. Beautiful insights!

    It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:
    “You don’t overcome challenges by making them smaller but by making yourself bigger.” —John C. Maxwell

  9. Hi Simona,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and making yourself vulnerable about the places in your life you still need to improve on. I feel like this article couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. I was just considering how the Universe has given me what I have asked and I felt a stressed out while thinking about all the work that I had to get done. After reading your article I feel reassurance that I’m not the only one that has ever felt this way; but more amazingly, I can see that I have been given everything I’ve dreamed for because I am mature to handle it. That’s a pretty amazing feeling. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us and I look forward to the next article in my inbox.


    • I already got a few similar emails about writing this post on time. I love when this happens, and it shows there are many people on the same wave of experience, wonderful! Thanks for your beautiful reply, Daisy!

  10. Thank you Simona for this timely post. I am young, and impatient about success. I asked the universe for this success, and I got a taste of it. I drew back, scared like you were. Thank you for your clear and easy to follow advice. I truly appreciate your thoughtful words of wisdom. :)

  11. Hey Simona

    Great post, I have experiences that in my life. I spoken in front of a lot of people before to recruit people in a business I was promoting, and remember the on easy feeling right bellow my chest. And even though people would tell me that I did a good job doing the presentation, my feelings were I couldn’t wait for it to be over because I was so nervous . Is funny I got away from doing presentations for a while now (6-7 months) I started to do videos and even that is nerve recking.In the past few weeks a desire of public speaking has been growing in me actually today I was looking to attending NLP training in NY city, just because I really want to be influential and do something great to inspire myself and others, and I happened to check my email and came across this post and it really encourage me even more great tips, so thank you Simona I appreciate you. Keep up the great work.

  12. Hi Simona,
    Thank you for sharing a great topic. When we are mature – we see and feel in a different angle – i realize that thru my daily experience with life. It is true that when we were young – our level of understanding is different all together, but after sometime you realize that you could handle issues better than before.
    Keep your inner light beaming –

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