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A Change Won’t Happen Until You Really Want It To Happen

A Change Won't Happen Until You Really Want It To Happen

I loved S. R. Parchment’s words in his “Steps to Self-Mastery” book that a change cannot take place if your prayers are selfish and there’s no humility in your words. I’m largely paraphrasing his thought, but the gist is there. Many people say they want a change, but they’re not willing to pay even a… Read More

Why Mental Housekeeping Is Absolutely Necessary

Mental Housekeeping

In my rented house in London there was a beautiful conservatory (a glass house attached to the garden). When it was summer I would spend all my time there, since it was closest to nature. My bedroom was pretty much unused since I even slept in the conservatory most nights. Yet even with the lack of… Read More

Endless Information Consumption and How To End It

Endless Information Consumption

There’s a very destructive habit in today’s society that’s destroying many. That’s the habit of constantly consuming information. Internet caused this habit to spread widely because you can get new information, free of charge, at any time. Simply because it’s available doesn’t mean we should consume it. Just because we have many sweets in a cupboard, doesn’t mean… Read More

Review: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

The God of Small Things Arundhati Roy

I saw The God of Small Things book on many bookshops’ shelves for a few years now. I wrongly assumed judging by its title that it’s a spiritual self-help book. It’s actually a novel which is really more like a memoir – the author Arundhati Roy even acknowledged that in some interviews. It’s a novel about how she grew… Read More

What Happened to Me After Posting Articles on Psychopaths


The first time I posted an article on psychopaths, I got a very disturbing dream. Some presence in my dream (that felt like pure evil force) was trying to kill me by strangling me. I jumped out of bed in the middle of the night, and the strange thing was, that I still felt intense pressure… Read More

Eliminate This One Thing to Quickly Find Your Purpose in Life

Eliminate this one thing to find your destiny

I absolutely love seeing people who are completely aligned with their life’s purpose. You can easily tell such people, from their energy and the light in their eyes. They are relentless, producing lots of valuable information in the form of words spoken, books written or through other artistic/research/science work. What separates such people from the ‘normal’ people… Read More

Announcement: Changing Posting Schedule, Travel Plans and 30 Days Challenge


Currently I’m very busy researching/reading different ancient texts – religious and sociological. I stopped questioning why I suddenly become interested in certain subjects a long time ago, since eventually they all tie up and finally make sense. I’m also currently studying Ayurveda (ancient Indian health system) semi-formally, which may serve as a basis for my… Read More

Reclaim the Inner Goddess Course Is Released!

Reclaim the Inner Goddess Course

Reclaim the Inner Goddess course is divided into two parts. The first part is an hour and 16 minutes’ long MP3 recording about the forgotten power of women and how to call it forth. In this part I deal with these topics: What an old South Indian sacred book finally made me realize about women domestication How this book gave me… Read More

Level Out Emotional Swings With Meditation

Level out emotional swings with meditation

I used to be very emotional as a teenager. I perceived my emotions to be valid and true. I thought they were inseparable from my being and that they always pointed to something real and meaningful. I allowed my emotions to take me on a crazy ride, becoming totally enslaved by them and losing lots… Read More

NEWS: Reclaim the Inner Goddess (Audio + Video) Course

Reclaim the Inner Goddess Course

I’m going to release “Reclaim the Inner Goddess”, a video and audio empowerment course for women on Sunday (August 24th). The course is divided into two parts. The first part is an hour and 16 minutes’ long MP3 recording about the forgotten power of women and how to call it forth. In this part I deal… Read More

Triune Brain: How to Switch Off Anger, Scarcity Mindset and Fear

Triune Brain Theory

Triune Brain theory can give many answers to people who started to connect the dots about why they get angry or emotional. It certainly connected many dots in my life, and so I must share this brain functioning explanation with you. A neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean was the person who revealed this theory after years of… Read More

Here’s The Quickest Way to Expand Your Consciousness – Look At This Image

Sri Yantra

I was blessed to find a totally natural and harmless way to quickly expand consciousness. It not only makes you more conscious, but it also… induces calmness integrates masculine and feminine aspects of being balances brain hemispheres (very important!) You can gain all these beautiful benefits by simply looking each day at the image below for 5… Read More

Announcement: Blog Vocabulary – Find Out The Meaning of This Blog’s Unclear Words


There may be some new words you come across on this blog you’ve never seen before, or you may not be sure what I mean by mentioning a particular phrase or word. Words are only symbols, and sometimes what one person means by saying something is different to what another person does. To make sure we’re… Read More

Self-Importance Keeps You In Bondage

Self importance is bondage

My second Toastmasters (public speaking club) speech that took place a month or so ago was about mindless consumerism. I compared the people who trampled to death a Walmart store employee (for getting hold of the limited supply of goods) to animals. One man was visibly insulted by such a comparison. How we, powerful and… Read More

2 Types of Oneness – a Freeing One, and a Deadly One

Real and fake oneness

There are two types of oneness I see promoted at this time of our existence. One is a genuine one that comes as a natural response to spiritual evolution, and another is used as a well-thought-out tool to further oppress the humanity. Real oneness Evolved souls come from different backgrounds and different cultures, but they… Read More