Buddha’s Meditation: Original Meditation Through Which Buddha Gained Enlightenment

Buddha's Meditation by Simona Rich

It’s unwise to continuously jump from one spiritual technique to the next because no real progress can be made this way. This can be compared to a thirsty person searching for water. Instead of focusing on digging one hole until water is reached, a person digs a shallow hole each time he spots a suitable place…. Read More

5 Dangers On The Spiritual Path


Video transcript: This is Simona Rich and here I’m talking about the five dangers on the spiritual path. I cannot help but notice especially in the Western world that people keep falling for the same spirituality traps. So I decided to make a video to bring these dangers into your consciousness, so that you’d become… Read More

Two Rules of Giving

Giving is not enough

Most people know that giving serves to remove the ego, gets us more in harmony with universal laws and makes our hearts rejoice. Yet giving can sometimes produce negative effects too, if we’re not careful about its two rules. Let me clearly describe these two rules, so that your giving produces only good results and helps… Read More

Be Aware of Deep Unconscious Bonds – My Story

Unconscious bonds

Around two years ago I got convinced by my mother to go back to the United Kingdom (where she moved some time ago) to visit her during New Year. Although I wanted to stay in India during this celebration, I knew that my mother wanted to see me since we didn’t see each other for two… Read More

Is Moving Abroad An Escape?

Moving abroad

Some people, hearing about my constant travels abroad, incorrectly view this as a means to escape. Escape from what? I already sorted out the problems that faced me in Lithuania and UK which enabled me to experience new countries. Yes, moving abroad can be an escape if you leave unsolved problems in your country and move… Read More

Update: What I Learnt During Two Months In Spain

Mountains in Spain

I’m back in England, having spent 2 months in Spain. I will stay in England for a few weeks, and then heading to the East again – I feel that’s where I should be. The two months I spent in Spain were spiritually, mentally and psychically enriching as well as challenging. I worked a lot outside… Read More

How To Evolve Every Day


Video transcript: The problem with me trying to express my opinions is that people view them from their own limited lens, or even worse, project their own fears and limitations onto my words. So they’re actually fighting with themselves when they do that, leaving me totally out of the picture. Yet of course they’re totally… Read More

News – I Won’t Be Able To Post New Articles For Some Time


Shortly I’m going to a small village 3 hours away from Madrid. I may not be able to access internet for a week or maybe longer. You’ll still get some scheduled facebook updates, but there will be no new posts during this period.

The Mistake of Seeing Oneself as Superior

Seeing Oneself As Superior

I lived in three countries: Lithuania (my country of origin), England, and India. Although the inhabitants of these countries are very different, they have one thing in common for sure – the feeling that they’re superior to others. In Lithuania foreign people are almost always viewed as having less intelligence. There are even TV program-themes and… Read More

How Our Shared Consciousness Is Being Messed With And What To Do About It

Common consciousness

I cannot believe some people still think that watching TV does no harm to them. A person must be very unaware and insensitive (energy-wise) not to feel how the perception gets altered by movies, news and advertisements. Although we all have individual consciousness, our individual consciousness is not a closed bubble. We are plugged into… Read More

A Classic Way to Wield Power Over Masses and Why You Should Know It

A classic way to wield power over masses

Leaders, no matter whether we’re talking about politicians, marketers, business owners or other influencers, will always be most popular and most liked if they support and claim the effectiveness of easy solutions. Such solutions usually don’t work, but that doesn’t make any difference in the popularity of the leaders that propagate them. That’s because most… Read More

Why Modern Relationships Don’t Work

Why modern relationships do not work

I usually keep my opinion about relationships to myself, but I get so many requests to write about relationships, that I decided to reveal my thoughts. Modern relationships don’t work. You see the evidence of that in divorce rates, the number of messed-up families and children who grow up needy or mentally imbalanced due to… Read More

Mixing of Races and Immigration Issues – My Take

Mixing of races

Since I’m in Spain now, I cannot ignore the fact that there’s some tension between the Spanish and the immigrants from Africa. Africans illegally cross the Morocco border to get into Spain, and since Spain doesn’t have inter-country agreements with some African countries, they cannot deport immigrants. So Africans stay in Spain illegally, and usually they don’t… Read More

Do You Know Your Core Values? Here’s Why You Should

Your core values

What do you stand for? What do you value most in life? Do you have answers to these two questions? If not, here’s what may happen. “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything” is a well-known saying. Your values are your life basis. They protect you from engaging in things that go against… Read More

News: Sign Up For The Forum


Finally the forum is set up! It’s called “Discussion” and you can access it here: http://simonarich.com/discussion. There’s a top menu link to it too, called “Discussion”. It’s a good idea to firstly introduce yourself to other forum users. You can do so by replying to this thread (once you’re registered). Once you register and post your… Read More

How To Find Your Perfect Match Without Trying

How to find the right match

In the modern world people go so artificially about relationships. It’s so clumsy and leads only to emptiness and disappointments. In London I did some workshops and went to public speaking events. I enjoyed wearing high heels occasionally (for a change:)), elegant clothes and beautiful make up. It’s a sort of celebration for me. That… Read More