This Treatment of Things and People Creates Misery

This treatment of things and people creates misery

One of many dangers of consumption-based culture is that people start being treated as things. Like a new iphone that’s replaced by a new model just for the reason that there’s a newer model, so people are being thought of as easily replaceable. With the increasing habit of disposing of still usable items to get the ones with… Read More

How To Let Desires Come To You Effortlessly

Let desires come to you

I recently moved into a huge house in a beautiful green city in Kerala, South India. I prefer small houses, since I’m on my own, but I chose to rent this house because it’s in the jungle, people around are lovely, and the energy of the house felt right. Although foreigners in Kerala struggle quite… Read More

Why I Respect These People Most

Why I Respect These People Most

Recently I shifted to a city in South India, and now I live in a quiet neighborhood pretty much in the jungle. Yet before that I lived by the seaside in a quiet village. Whilst still living in the village, one morning I was leisurely walking along the seashore to reach a temple. I saw walking towards me a… Read More

Why The Masses are Insulted by the Truth – an Audio

Why masses are insulted by the truth

Audio transcript: I get quite a few comments and emails from my readers accusing me of labeling people as spiritual and not spiritual, as spiritually evolved and not evolved. Some people really get insulted by that, and think that I’m judgmental and try to put myself above the others. They interpret this through their own understanding…. Read More

The Nature of This World

The nature of this world

Every good has some bad in it, and every bad has some good in it. No matter what option you choose in life, and that applies to everything, know that it won’t be perfect. It cannot be, for perfection is not the nature of this world. I like the Yin and Yang sign because it illustrates… Read More

My Opinion About Jesus

My opinion about Jesus

Though Jesus’ life is a symbol for the Sun’s journey through the Universe (Jordan Maxwell explains this well), it could be that Jesus as a person lived for sure, and I believe he did. But the account about his life was so altered to fit the agenda of the Roman Church that few people resonate with… Read More

How To Overflow With Love and Why You Should

How to overflow with love energy

Though I’m sharing many personal things with you, my reader, I’m actually a very introverted person in my daily interactions. I’m really not a talkative type who can easily hug and kiss people. It’s not in my nature to show love outwardly, though I have warm feelings within. However, this attitude shifted the more energy… Read More

Be Aware of One Danger in Frequenting Spiritual Places

Be aware of a danger in frequenting spiritual places

I see a very dangerous mistake people make when frequenting spiritual places. This mistake is keeping the mind fully opened, without any skepticism or alertness. People in spiritual places open themselves up to all kinds of influences, and that’s dangerous because spiritual places are also frequented by a predatory kind of people (psychopaths). I see… Read More

When You Should Use the Fire Prayer

Burn your passions

Recently I had to spend some time with a really psychotic lady. I suspected her to have bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. People who spend time with her end up feeling really upset and hurt. Many people, therefore, try to avoid her at all costs. Every single moment of one’s life this lady tries to make miserable. Yet to my pleasant… Read More

Buddha’s Meditation: Original Meditation Through Which Buddha Gained Enlightenment Ebook Is Released!

Buddha's Meditation by Simona Rich

Whether you want to become enlightened or just remove suppressed emotions and other mental impurities causing misery, this meditation will help you with that. Buddha’s meditation helps you to know yourself and this reality; it’s up to you how far you want this wisdom to unfold. In general, practising this meditation will cause your take on life… Read More

Buddha’s Meditation Ebook Will Be Released Tomorrow!

Buddha's Meditation - Simona Rich

It’s unwise to continuously jump from one spiritual technique to the next because no real progress can be made this way. This can be compared to a thirsty person searching for water. Instead of focusing on digging one hole until water is reached, a person digs a shallow hole each time he spots a suitable place…. Read More

Why You Must Loosen Your Attachment To The Body

Loosen your attachment to the body

Since we depend on food for the survival in this Kali Yuga (dark age), our body identification has never been stronger. This creates big difficulties, since we will need to give up our bodies when death comes. Human beings generally avoid the thought of death. They somehow think they’ll live forever. This is because the… Read More

How Love Manifests Through Different Chakras

Love energy manifesting through different chakras

(Click the image for it to open in a new window enlarged.) Though love energy is capable of expressing itself through all human chakras, most people release it through the lowest three chakras. Few lucky ones experience love energy emanating from the heart chakra, which is the chakra of this world and everyone should ideally… Read More

The Smell of Death and The Fragrance of Life


When I was still a seed un-sprouted in spiritual terms, I nevertheless was sensitive to the people who had nothing to do with God. In such a company I always felt the grip of death. It’s hard to describe this feeling, but I will do my best. When I would be with people who were only into… Read More

What Happens When You Stop Searching

What happens when you stop searching

Going out, making things happen, seeking for ever more knowledge seems like normal things to do in this modern world. However, people are almost never present enough to see the consequences of such actions. All kinds of selfish interactions with the world initiated consciously by you must create misery sooner or later. Negative actions will… Read More

What Are You If Your Memories Are Wiped Out?

What are you without memories?

It happened to me a few times during intensive travels in India that I would wake up without any memories of who I was. Such incidents usually happened in a train sleeping compartment, when I was travelling to another city for many hours. I would wake up without knowing where I was; I didn’t even know… Read More