The Temples of Fallen Angels

Temples of Fallen Angels e-booklet

In less than a week I’ll be releasing an e-booklet The Temples of Fallen Angels: how and why religious houses have been misused and how this knowledge can liberate you. It’s about why external spirituality deteriorated to a high degree, and how that manifests in the world today. Knowing this information, you’ll be able to… Read More

What You Should Know About This Woman

Annie Besant

It’s strange that though there are, and were, many women who, through their intelligence and excellent example of living change the world for the better, it’s usually the men that are remembered. It think this is so because most women are never concerned about immortalizing their names (like by putting their names on institutions), but their full… Read More

They Flock to Hear the Dead Word, But Don’t Listen to the Living One

People flock to listen to the dead word

Do you think if Jesus or Buddha were alive today in flesh and bone, all people would flock to worship them? Oh no, my friend, that wouldn’t be the case. Some people would think they ‘lost it’. Some would think they are anti-christs, and thus the really disillusioned ones would try to take their lives thinking… Read More

A Prophet Has No Honor in His Native Town

A prophet has no honor in his native town

In The Aquarian Gospel we read that Jesus said: A prophet has no honor in his native town, among his kin. There’s another similar saying that’s something about family members seeking out an outside doctor, though there’s a doctor in the family. My music teacher was one of the best music teachers in the state,… Read More

How People Lose Energy Without Knowing It

Channeling energy through eyes

Since I’m white-skinned, I get lots of attention in India. One of the reasons I chose to live in a particular city of South India, is because people pay less attention to me there. People in that city are busy with work and they have much more entertainment to engage in, which keeps them away from idleness, gossip… Read More

How to Make Every Child a Creative Genius

Akiane Kramarik Age 16 Painting

This post is dedicated to my mother, who gave me the freedom to choose the life that pleases me most. I’ll be forever grateful to her for respecting my decisions. It’s also dedicated to Foreli Kramarik, the mother of a child prodigy Akiane, who made me view the education of children from a different angle. All her… Read More

What Your Preferred Way of Receiving Information Tells About Your Consciousness Level – Video

What your preferred way of receiving information says about your consciousness level

Here’s a video transcription: This is Simona Rich and here I’m speaking about what your preferred way of receiving information says about your consciousness level. Consciousness level can be reflected in the way one prefers to receive information. The more conscious one becomes, the more they choose to be in control of their experience. Those… Read More

How to See Hidden Spiritual Knowledge

How to see hidden knowledge of material things

In The Aquarian Gospel we read these words of Jesus: In order to see what’s hidden, you first need to see what’s in front of you. Some people are confused by this quote; they think it doesn’t make sense as they surely see what’s in front of them. But hardly ever that’s the case, in truth…. Read More

Personal Update About Five Major Events That Happened in Sri Lanka

Mountains near Buddhist monastery

After two months in Sri Lanka, I’m back to India. I missed India as I always do, as I consider it to be my mother country. Five major events happened during my stay in this beautiful island, and I consider my stay there the ‘turning point’. You’ll understand why when you read this post. Here are… Read More

Real Spirituality and a Fake One

People flock to listen to the dead word

Sadhus, gurus, priests, followers of religious cults and similar people can be much less spiritual than shoe-makers and sales assistants. One can read in The Aquarian Gospel Jesus’s rebuke of those displaying spirituality outwardly, like in their dress, for example. He said: Our God must loathe the tinseled show of priests and priestly things. When… Read More

Why I’m Destined For Aloneness and Why It’s a Good Thing

Destined for aloneness

If I ask myself whether I want to have someone close to me who’s constantly there, the honest answer is a firm no. Such a choice feels so natural to me as it’s natural for fish to live in water; I feel sadness and compassion for some who try to squeeze themselves into an unsuitable-for-them-box labelled ‘relationships’, so… Read More

Are You Ready for this Sacrifice to Become The Master of Your Work?

Become the master of your work

I recently wrote about the nine rules to master any subject. In this post I will expand on the rule of sacrifice. You cannot have the cake and eat it too – it’s impossible. Though logically people know that, they still fail to apply the underlying principle to many life’s situations, including work. People think that they… Read More

You Too Are a Creator, But What Kind?

You too are a creator

Although we are not God, so we don’t have the ability to breathe a soul into a thing for it to become a souled being, we can still create beings. Though those beings will have no soul, at least at first. According to The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune (also available for free online), creations can… Read More

9 Rules to Master Any Subject

How to master any subject

To achieve success in any pursuit requires following certain rules. Whether you want to be a top musician, dancer, lawyer, writer, or anything else, these nine rules will surely help you to succeed in your chosen field. 1. Choose your calling It’s very hard and not useful to succeed at something that you don’t love. If you… Read More

Walking on the Razor’s Edge

Walking on the razor's edge

Walking the path of truth is really like walking on the razor’s edge. The road is so narrow that it’s very easy to lose your way. When you walk and you get good at walking it, you may become quite proud about it; this pride goes into your head, and lo, you lose the way…. Read More

How to Learn Quick – Let Go of the Other Shore

How to learn quickest

It’s obvious that you cannot reach another shore if you’re not willing to let go of the old one, yet many people fail to apply the same logic when trying to understand or master a new subject. I will give two examples from my own life to illustrate this way of understanding/learning. Firstly, let me tell you… Read More