Announcement: Mission Statement and Vision

This blog aims to inspire, inform and empower people to improve themselves and consequently their whole lives. expresses values and traits I hold dear: Independence Happiness Helping others to succeed/be happy/healthy/abundant Authenticity Simplicity and clarity Truth (honesty)

Why Some People Almost Always Make Wrong Choices In Life

Once I posted on facebook a picture of me in India. One of the comments that followed was from a woman who remarked how thin I was. She stated that she was very good at following diets and that I should only tell her what to do and she would. That’s a problem. It’s a […]

Review: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

People domesticated in similar way as pets. When a dog “misbehaves”, most people discourage it in some way from behaving the same way again. When a child misbehaves, we let the child know we don’t approve. That’s how we condition children to subscribe to our view of the world, and cause them to be domesticated. […]

If You Want to Live in Bliss At All Times, Do This.

I’m amazed at how easily people choose to expose themselves to intense experiences which prevent them from feeling higher nuances of life. How easily people absorb violence from movies and how quickly their attention gets glued to arguments and accidents. When these rough and intense experiences happen, my eyes are turned away from them. It’s […]

30 Days No Eating Out Challenge Results And Next Challenge

30 days no eating out challenge that I announced in the changing direction post wasn’t as challenging as I thought; however, I did break this agreement two times for the reasons I’m explaining further down. I must say that first few days were tough. Several days after deciding on this challenge I visited one of my favorite […]

4 Common Traps of Humanity Is Released!

The cover of this MP3 recording might look nice and sweet. Yet the information it contains is a must-know for all who want to be freed from the common existence and enter a new level of life. It’s the most important audio I’ve created so far - probably 98% of humanity are victims of the 4 traps I talk about in […]

Review: Undue Influence by Patrick O’Reilly and Phyllis Rosen

Undue Influence: Cons, Scams and Mind Control is a 157-page book dedicated to explaining all kinds of tricks humanity has been experiencing throughout ages. If I counted right, it describes 17 scams people suffer from. Most of these tricks are played when people are out of balance for some reason, be it loneliness, the death of […]

A Story of a Ladybug

In the past someone told me that ladybugs bring luck to Leos. Whether it’s true or not, since that day, my attention naturally grabs ladybugs around. Today I took a break from writing to go to the garden of my home to breathe in fresh air and stay in more natural surroundings. My attention caught […]

Announcement: “4 Common Traps of Humanity” Audio Will Be Released this Sunday

It’s the the most important audio I’ve created so far - probably 98% of humanity are victims of the 4 traps I talk about in the audio. 4 traps of humanity keep people poor, stuck and miserable. These traps are hard to spot, because society takes them for granted as the traps have been with us for thousands of years.

How to Integrate Your Inner Child and Why That’s Important

Inner child is not a meaningless early psychology term. A vast majority of people have inner children. I’m not saying all people have, but definitely most, probably 98%. People who had completely healthy childhoods have no inner children because they emotionally matured at appropriate times, and thus there were no mental and emotional fixations making […]

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