Three Rules to Grow Happy and Gain Energy Through Work

Three Rules of Work

Most people feel tired and dissipated at the end of the workday. This doesn’t have to be so. Work can actually fill you with energy and make you feel happy, as well as truly fulfilled. For this to happen it’s important to follow three rules. All three must be followed, if you want your work… Read More

Why You Absolutely Must Develop Your Talent

Why you must develop your talent

We all are ‘tenants’ in this world. We didn’t create our selves, nor did we create this world. We own our existence to That from which all came forth. I like to call It many names, though some names unfortunately have strong negative religious associations. Although we are also tiny parts of That which created us, we… Read More

Universal Love or Human Love – You Can Only Have One

Universal love or human love

By universal love I mean unconditional, unlimited love; by human love I mean selfish and limited love. These two oppose each other, so nobody can claim that they have universal love for all when they’re fully invested in one or two people. It’s not bad to have human love. It’s better to love this way… Read More

How to See Yourself As You Really Are

How to see yourself as you really are

You should not only see others as they are, but you should also see yourself as you are. In this post, therefore, I’m going to describe how you can see yourself in a true light. The vast majority of people have a wrong self-image. Either the self-image is worse than it actually is, or it’s… Read More

An Easy Way to Read People

An easy way to read people

Although the character and likely destiny of each human being is written on the palm, not everyone takes time to properly learn this art (here’s the best book to learn it). Luckily, there’s an even easier way to know the character and likely destiny of people. This method takes seconds to implement, and it allows you… Read More

11 Lessons I Learnt After Spending 15 Minutes with a 17-year-old Boy


Recently I was thinking of taking up Bharatanatyam (Classical South Indian dance) classes again, if some good teachers were around my current area. A few days ago I visited one lady who conducts classes in her house. The class had just finished when I came, so she asked me if I could come to watch… Read More

What You Should Know About Work

What you should know about work

Although these days some kinds of work are scoffed at and are considered as somehow ‘lower’, the society wouldn’t be able to function well without them. Many shun occupations such as cleaning, yet without cleaning bacteria would spread, pests would flourish, and diseases would start. Cleaning, therefore, is a very important job, and should be respected. In the… Read More

How The Universe Provides

How the Universe provides

I love praying, but my prayer is more like talking to God and being grateful for my being, rather than asking for something. However, sometimes I want to receive a sign that the Universe hears me, which assures me that my connection to the Divine is strong. That might show the lack of full trust in… Read More

Let Life Entertain You

Orissa temple and dancers

When you’re open to all that life can offer, have no expectations of any sort, and are very aware of Universal nudges, amazing things start happening in your life. First, you get totally in the flow of life, and since you have no resistance, you let life quickly teach you the lessons you need to learn,… Read More

Why it’s Dangerous to Own Many Things

Why it's dangerous to own many things

It’s easy in this materialistic world to acquire lots of stuff. Simple life is less usual than a complicated one. Because of the media indoctrination we have the habit of spending money we earn to acquire stuff, rather than to deepen knowledge or perfect some skill. Such latter qualities we aren’t likely to lose and they… Read More

For Women: How to Uncover Your Real Power and Achieve True Independence MP3 is Released!

MP3 Audio for Women

What we’re told about the empowerment and liberation of women is false. Women are told lies so that they would never uncover their true power and become truly independent. What we’re being sold about sex equality in jobs and female sexual freedom are just ways to further enslave women and block them from finding their true power, and… Read More

For Women: How to Uncover Your Real Power and Achieve True Independence

MP3 Audio for Women

What we’re told about female empowerment and liberation is false. Women are told lies so that they would never uncover their true power and become truly independent. What we’re being sold to about sex equality in jobs and women sexual freedom are just ways to further enslave women and block them from finding their true… Read More

Biological vs. Spiritual Ties

Biological vs. spiritual ties

Biological ties and spiritual ties are not the same. By ‘biological tie’ I mean the tie that’s related to the human body. People who are biologically tied to you are mostly your blood relatives. Biological ties may or may not be caused by a spiritual tie. A soul might incarnate into a specific family due to… Read More

Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Maturity

Emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity

I recently got to know about the Peace Pilgrim – an American lady who walked for peace for many years without any money whatsoever. She relied only on the goodwill of people and the Universe, and she was never in a dangerous situation, or without a place to stay. She mentioned in one of her… Read More

The Reason Why You Should Burn Passions

Burn your passions

If you’re a woman, imagine walking down the road and you see in front of you the most attractive guy. If you’re a man, imagine the woman of your dreams walking towards you. An average person’s thoughts following such an encounter would likely to be something along the lines of: “Wow, so handsome/what a beauty”, followed by a… Read More

This Treatment of Things and People Creates Misery

This treatment of things and people creates misery

One of many dangers of consumption-based culture is that people start being treated as things. Like a new iphone that’s replaced by a new model just for the reason that there’s a newer model, so people are being thought of as easily replaceable. With the increasing habit of disposing of still usable items to get the ones with… Read More