Let Beauty and Magnetism Unfold from Within

Let beauty and magnetism unfold from within

In my favorite beach village of South India there are many so called “beach boys”. Since I’ve been visiting this place for around six years, I know them all. They are young guys working in hotels and restaurants. Some are only after women and dream of marrying Western women as they see them as their… Read More

How to Break Out of the Matrix

Break out of the matrix

You must never forget that your soul is free. Currently you are identified with this body, and that’s why you experience all the sorrows. You have no problems – it’s the body that has them. The body lives in time; you are timeless. The mind avoids the present moment, and because of that fear arises…. Read More

A Snake in a Man’s Stomach – A Parable on Human Condition

On Human Condition

A great Sufi saint Rumi told one parable which is very important to understand as it provides great inspiration to stick to the path of pure spirituality. This can be sometimes hard to do because the ego is very successful in making us believe that some distractions from the path are okay. Let me tell you… Read More

Personal Update on Current Challenges and What I’ve Learnt on my Spiritual Journey

What I’ve Learnt on my Spiritual Journey

In this post I’ve decided to share the things that I’ve learnt on my current spiritual journey, what I’m going through at the moment, and the most difficult challenges that I’m currently facing. What I’ve learnt There’s one thing to read and therefore intellectually know that every pleasure ends with pain, and a totally different thing… Read More

11 Reasons Why My Spiritual Progress Is Fast

spiritual awakening

I get many emails from readers expressing their amazement at how quickly my spiritual unfoldment is happening. Yesterday, whilst I was meditating, I got an impulse to write about the reasons why this is the case. Thus I wrote this post in one sitting. I hope it will shed some light on what might be slowing down your… Read More

333 Eye-Opening Quotes on Self-Realization

Eye-opening quotes on self-realization

Nisargadatta Maharaj was a self-realized man who lived in Mumbai, India. Unlike the usual gurus one sees on TV and reads about in newspapers, he didn’t strive to create any spiritual organization or acquire followers. After the realization he continued to live his usual life, with the only difference that now he perceived the meaning… Read More

How to Handle These Two Spiritual Dangers

spiritual awakening

It would be a lie to say that when you progress towards the Light, all is well and good. The matter is ruled by the antichrist, called “the prince of this world” in the Bible. As long as we are material beings, we fall under its dominion. Antichrist is not a person, though it was personalized… Read More

Here’s Why Over-obsessing about Healthy Food Is Harmful

Over-obsessing about healthy food

Many of my readers want to find out about my take on food, so in this post I describe the most important points of my current food philosophy. The danger of attachment to certain food Many awakening Westerners are into healthy food. I was definitely one of them in the past, and since I traveled… Read More

The Reality Beyond Human Experience

The reality beyond human experience

Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and ACIM all describe how to go beyond the human experience and what waits there. It’s unbelievable just how similar all these three accounts are; in fact, I’d go as far as to say that there are no contradictions between them whatsoever. These three sources point to the truth beyond… Read More

The True Identity of World Saviors and Genuine Gurus

Krishna, world savior

Saviors in the form of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and human gurus come when one is ripe to know the truth. Saviors are always present; however, not many pay attention to them because most humans aren’t ripe to hear their message. When you are ready for truth, the most perfect manifestation of a savior will knock on your… Read More

Do You Have the Displeased Face Disease?

The Displeased Face Disease

Since I’ve been living in India for around six years now, I can see through the eyes of a local Indian how a typical Westerner looks like. And what I keep noticing is one attitude in Westerners that is extremely unattractive. This attitude acts like a slow poison for all who come in touch with it…. Read More

Katha Upanishad Summary – What Happens to the Soul After Death

Nachiketas and the god of death

Out of all Upanishads (Indian sacred writings), Katha Upanishad is one of my favorite ones. I resonate with its expositions and I like the literary way of presenting the exposed truths, which reminds me of Bhagavad Gita in this sense. In general, in Indian sacred literature it’s very usual to present universal truths in the framework of… Read More

Who Is Jesus Christ? (About the true identity of Jesus and how His image was altered to suit the patriarchal agenda)

Jesus Christ the Savior

Many people don’t feel resonance with the personality of Jesus the Christ for two reasons. Reason number one – because Jesus’ image was altered to make it less appealing to the masses. That’s totally in harmony with the antichristic agenda that successfully reversed people’s values. Human inherent divinity took a back seat, whereas worshiping worldly power, fame, money… Read More

Two Dangers of Following Spiritual Practices

spiritual awakening

Due to the practices such as eating only vegetarian food, yoga and meditation, many people experience their nerves getting finer. This makes them more sensitive to noise, pollution, disturbing sights, and the like. I see that people especially suffer from disturbing noises, like the music that’s designed to keep one’s consciousness low (in the root… Read More

Personal Update about my Changing Consciousness

Eye-opening quotes on self-realization

Change in me is happening so rapidly that there’s no way I could ever put all that I’m going through in writing. But I’ll mention the most important experiences in this post, so that you know my current state of being. Some of the things that I’m going through cannot be well translated in words,… Read More

What’s Your Background Feeling?

What's your background feeling?

In the past, when my mind would get quiet, I was faced with uneasiness within. It felt like some calamity was about to happen, something terrible. This feeling would never leave me; it was always there, at the back of my mind. I was too frightened to find out its cause, as I assumed that this… Read More

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