Why You Must Loosen Your Attachment To The Body


Since we depend on food for the survival in this Kali Yuga (dark age), our body identification has never been stronger. This creates big difficulties, since we will need to give up our bodies when death comes. Human beings generally avoid the thought of death. They somehow think they’ll live forever. This is because the… Read More

How Love Manifests Through Different Chakras

Love energy manifesting through different chakras

(Click the image for it to open in a new window enlarged.) Though love energy is capable of expressing itself through all human chakras, most people release it through the lowest three chakras. Few lucky ones experience love energy emanating from the heart chakra, which is the chakra of this world and everyone should ideally… Read More

The Smell of Death and The Fragrance of Life


When I was still a seed un-sprouted in spiritual terms, I nevertheless was sensitive to the people who had nothing to do with God. In such a company I always felt the grip of death. It’s hard to describe this feeling, but I will do my best. When I would be with people who were only into… Read More

What Happens When You Stop Searching

What happens when you stop searching

Going out, making things happen, seeking for ever more knowledge seems like normal things to do in this modern world. However, people are almost never present enough to see the consequences of such actions. All kinds of selfish interactions with the world initiated consciously by you must create misery sooner or later. Negative actions will… Read More

What Are You If Your Memories Are Wiped Out?

What are you without memories?

It happened to me a few times during intensive travels in India that I would wake up without any memories of who I was. Such incidents usually happened in a train sleeping compartment, when I was travelling to another city for many hours. I would wake up without knowing where I was; I didn’t even know… Read More

Book Review – Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness

Holy Hell book

Holy Hell is one of the books that sucks you in right from the start and you want to read it all at once. It’s about an Australian girl Gail (the author ) who started quickly developing spiritually as soon as she arrived to India and unfortunately got into the wrong hands. Her spiritual progress was paused… Read More

Buddha’s Meditation: Original Meditation Through Which Buddha Gained Enlightenment

Buddha's Meditation by Simona Rich

It’s unwise to continuously jump from one spiritual technique to the next because no real progress can be made this way. This can be compared to a thirsty person searching for water. Instead of focusing on digging one hole until water is reached, a person digs a shallow hole each time he spots a suitable place…. Read More

5 Dangers On The Spiritual Path


Video transcript: This is Simona Rich and here I’m talking about the five dangers on the spiritual path. I cannot help but notice especially in the Western world that people keep falling for the same spirituality traps. So I decided to make a video to bring these dangers into your consciousness, so that you’d become… Read More

Two Rules of Giving

Giving is not enough

Most people know that giving serves to remove the ego, gets us more in harmony with universal laws and makes our hearts rejoice. Yet giving can sometimes produce negative effects too, if we’re not careful about its two rules. Let me clearly describe these two rules, so that your giving produces only good results and helps… Read More

Be Aware of Deep Unconscious Bonds – My Story

Unconscious bonds

Around two years ago I got convinced by my mother to go back to the United Kingdom (where she moved some time ago) to visit her during New Year. Although I wanted to stay in India during this celebration, I knew that my mother wanted to see me since we didn’t see each other for two… Read More

Is Moving Abroad An Escape?

Moving abroad

Some people, hearing about my constant travels abroad, incorrectly view this as a means to escape. Escape from what? I already sorted out the problems that faced me in Lithuania and UK which enabled me to experience new countries. Yes, moving abroad can be an escape if you leave unsolved problems in your country and move… Read More

Update: What I Learnt During Two Months In Spain

Mountains in Spain

I’m back in England, having spent 2 months in Spain. I will stay in England for a few weeks, and then heading to the East again – I feel that’s where I should be. The two months I spent in Spain were spiritually, mentally and psychically enriching as well as challenging. I worked a lot outside… Read More

How To Evolve Every Day


Video transcript: The problem with me trying to express my opinions is that people view them from their own limited lens, or even worse, project their own fears and limitations onto my words. So they’re actually fighting with themselves when they do that, leaving me totally out of the picture. Yet of course they’re totally… Read More

News – I Won’t Be Able To Post New Articles For Some Time


Shortly I’m going to a small village 3 hours away from Madrid. I may not be able to access internet for a week or maybe longer. You’ll still get some scheduled facebook updates, but there will be no new posts during this period.

The Mistake of Seeing Oneself as Superior

Seeing Oneself As Superior

I lived in three countries: Lithuania (my country of origin), England, and India. Although the inhabitants of these countries are very different, they have one thing in common for sure – the feeling that they’re superior to others. In Lithuania foreign people are almost always viewed as having less intelligence. There are even TV program-themes and… Read More

How Our Shared Consciousness Is Being Messed With And What To Do About It

Common consciousness

I cannot believe some people still think that watching TV does no harm to them. A person must be very unaware and insensitive (energy-wise) not to feel how the perception gets altered by movies, news and advertisements. Although we all have individual consciousness, our individual consciousness is not a closed bubble. We are plugged into… Read More