Rooted in Self or Totally Lost? Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell

There are two states of being that people tend to confuse. These are finding yourself, and losing yourself. Most people who think they found themselves actually got further from who they really are. They surrendered their power to a cause, philosophy or religion that’s external, and thus disempowering and damaging in the long run. They feel […]

What You Should Know About Drinking Water

Almost all Londoners, except the well-to-do ones, drink tap water. London’s water is considered safe to drink. In fact, it’s been voted as one of the cleanest city tap waters in the world (source). “One of the cleanest” doesn’t mean clean, and I’m saddened to know it’s the case, as it means other countries’ tap waters […]

My Not-So-Successful 36-Hour Fast

I recently started reading interesting works of often misunderstood Edmund Shaftesbury (real name Webster Edgerly), a health and success teacher of the past. Many of his teachings resonated with me, especially about the benefits of distilled water and always keeping posture straight for cosmic energy to always supply you abundantly. There was a fast he […]

People Who Need Help Most and How to Get It

Although people who complain about their lives a lot and display their emotional outbursts look like they’re in need of most help, there’s another category that’s more in need of support. Complaining people and those who show their negative emotions, already took the step of showing that they need help, and so are more open […]

How to Correctly Visualize Your Goal for it to Surely Materialize

How to correctly visualize your goal for it to surely materialize Although in the past it took more time and effort for me to bring a goal into manifestation, now it’s becoming much easier. A beautiful vision quickly presents itself on my mental screen, and I know that soon enough it will become my reality […]

What to Do When Everything Seems to Go Wrong

Read the transcript of the video “What to Do When Everything Seems to Go Wrong” here: When the world seems to crumble around you, stop and ask yourself: “Is the catastrophe really as big as my mind makes it to be? Is my mind exaggerating it by predicting doom and gloom, when nothing of that […]

Gayatri Mantra Chant Evening for Clarity, Wisdom and Protection

When: 3rd of May (Saturday), 6.15 – 8.15 PM (2hours) Where: Tara Room, Jamyang Buddhist Centre, 43 Renfrew Road, London SE11 4NA (click here for map)   Nearest tubes: Kennington (7 mins) and London Bridge (9mins)   Cost: £20 if you order here, £25 at the door   About the Gayatri Mantra Chant evening In a beautiful Buddhist […]

Identifying Traits and Blocks that Prevent You from Becoming Successful – Personal Evaluation

Some people go about their lives for years not understanding why they’re stuck. Self-image held in their minds is false, so they have a flawed framework to work with. Any action taken out of such flawed understanding about self proves to be the wrong one. To a knowledgeable outsider it might be obvious that only a […]

Manifestation Test – How Likely is Your Goal to Manifest?

These days I’ve been working on creating a 10-page, 21-questions’ manifestation test. Test results will determine whether your goal is very likely to manifest, may manifest, or won’t manifest. Test questions not only serve to determine whether your goal will manifest, but they are teachings in themselves, helping you to get more into the alignment […]

My Vibration Raising Playlist

Many of you already know that music can highly affect your vibration. Some music, like most pop songs, lowers your vibration, whilst some, like the playlist I’m sharing with you, can significantly raise your vibration. Most vibration-raising songs are much cheaper than books, and they raise vibration quicker. Books raise vibration when your system digests […]

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