Personal Update About Five Major Events That Happened in Sri Lanka

Mountains near Buddhist monastery

After two months in Sri Lanka, I’m back to India. I missed India as I always do, as I consider it to be my mother country. Five major events happened during my stay in this beautiful island, and I consider my stay there the ‘turning point’. You’ll understand why when you read this post. Here are… Read More

Real Spirituality and a Fake One

Real and fake spirituality

Sadhus, gurus, priests, followers of religious cults and similar people can be much less spiritual than shoe-makers and sales assistants. One can read in The Aquarian Gospel Jesus’s rebuke of those displaying spirituality outwardly, like in their dress, for example. He said: Our God must loathe the tinseled show of priests and priestly things. When… Read More

Why I’m Destined For Aloneness and Why It’s a Good Thing

Destined for aloneness

If I ask myself whether I want to have someone close to me who’s constantly there, the honest answer is a firm no. Such a choice feels so natural to me as it’s natural for fish to live in water; I feel sadness and compassion for some who try to squeeze themselves into an unsuitable-for-them-box labelled ‘relationships’, so… Read More

Are You Ready for this Sacrifice to Become The Master of Your Work?

Become the master of your work

I recently wrote about the nine rules to master any subject. In this post I will expand on the rule of sacrifice. You cannot have the cake and eat it too – it’s impossible. Though logically people know that, they still fail to apply the underlying principle to many life’s situations, including work. People think that they… Read More

You Too Are a Creator, But What Kind?

You too are a creator

Although we are not God, so we don’t have the ability to breathe a soul into a thing for it to become a souled being, we can still create beings. Though those beings will have no soul, at least at first. According to The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune (also available for free online), creations can… Read More

9 Rules to Master Any Subject

How to master any subject

To achieve success in any pursuit requires following certain rules. Whether you want to be a top musician, dancer, lawyer, writer, or anything else, these nine rules will surely help you to succeed in your chosen field. 1. Choose your calling It’s very hard and not useful to succeed at something that you don’t love. If you… Read More

Walking on the Razor’s Edge

Walking on the razor's edge

Walking the path of truth is really like walking on the razor’s edge. The road is so narrow that it’s very easy to lose your way. When you walk and you get good at walking it, you may become quite proud about it; this pride goes into your head, and lo, you lose the way…. Read More

How to Learn Quick – Let Go of the Other Shore

How to learn quickest

It’s obvious that you cannot reach another shore if you’re not willing to let go of the old one, yet many people fail to apply the same logic when trying to understand or master a new subject. I will give two examples from my own life to illustrate this way of understanding/learning. Firstly, let me tell you… Read More

Success Strategy That Works: Keep Showing Up

Success strategy that works

One of the earliest, simplest and best pieces of success advice that I took on board was from a youtube video in which successful bloggers were interviewed. (I didn’t bookmark it so I no longer have the URL for it.) One blogger, when asked for a single success tip for new bloggers, told with a knowing smile that… Read More

Faith Keeps You Up, Doubt Makes You Fall

Faith keeps you up, doubt makes you fall

I love the story in The Aquarian Gospel of Matthew walking on water. He was on a boat and the storm came, and he saw in the dark another boat with Jesus on it. Jesus ushered him to walk towards him, and Mathew, full of faith in Jesus, stepped out of the boat and indeed… Read More

How to Always Be in Demand by Doing What You Love

How to be in demand

A few months ago I learnt from a truly gifted music teacher (the reason I had to quit is revealed in this donation post). He taught me the most difficult music style there probably is: carnatic. It was my friend who took me to that music school. At first I thought I would join a guitar… Read More

Two Months Without Any Sugar or Caffeine

No sugar or caffeine

It’s been more than two months without any sugar or caffeine. After a few days of intense struggle with sugar in particular, it seemed afterwards that these addictions never existed in the first place. Only the first few days of struggle were hard, therefore, because the body craved for its usual supply of sugar and to a lesser… Read More

Four Excesses That Enslave Us

Four excesses that enslave us

There are four excesses that people are firmly slaves to. These excesses consume most of time, money and energy. Because these excesses consume the precious resources just listed, we are left without the ability to truly know ourselves, to find our talents, and to understand why we are here on this Earth. Here are the four excesses; I hope you’ll… Read More

The Meaning of The Fool in Tarot

The Fool tarot card

The beauty of the tarot deck is that to different people the same cards tell a different story. Symbols speak to us, and our personal experiences and lessons learnt determine our interpretations. This is my own interpretation of The Fool card, and the tarot itself being the encoding of the Universe, each interpretation is a valuable… Read More

What Butterflies Teach Us About Spiritual Awakening

What butterflies teach us

A butterfly is a fascinating insect because its transformations are so extraordinary. It goes through four major transformations in its life: Egg Larva (caterpillar) Pupa Adult Although I already wrote about the three stages of growth, which can be compared to the butterfly’s growth stages of egg, larva and adult, it’s the pupa stage that… Read More

NEWS: Sex & Celibacy ebook is Released

Sex and Celibacy ebook - Simona Rich

This ebook is for people who are celibates or are interested in celibacy. It covers not only my own experiences and advice, but the advice of well-known and less-known female and male celibates that were occultists, spiritual teachers, writers, inventors, and more. It’s truly a collection of celibacy advice and experiences coming from many sources,… Read More