Level Out Emotional Swings With Meditation


I used to be very emotional as a teenager. I perceived my emotions to be valid and true. I thought they were inseparable from my being and that they always pointed to something real and meaningful. I allowed my emotions to take me on a crazy ride, becoming totally enslaved by them and losing lots… Read More

NEWS: Reclaim the Inner Goddess (Audio + Video) Course

Reclaim the Inner Goddess Course

I’m going to release “Reclaim the Inner Goddess”, a video and audio empowerment course for women on Sunday (August 24th). The course is divided into two parts. The first part is an hour and 16 minutes’ long MP3 recording about the forgotten power of women and how to call it forth. In this part I deal… Read More

Triune Brain: How to Switch Off Anger, Scarcity Mindset and Fear

Triune Brain Theory

Triune Brain theory can give many answers to people who started to connect the dots about why they get angry or emotional. It certainly connected many dots in my life, and so I must share this brain functioning explanation with you. A neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean was the person who revealed this theory after years of… Read More

Here’s The Quickest Way to Expand Your Consciousness – Look At This Image

Sri Yantra

I was blessed to find a totally natural and harmless way to quickly expand consciousness. It not only makes you more conscious, but it also… induces calmness integrates masculine and feminine aspects of being balances brain hemispheres (very important!) You can gain all these beautiful benefits by simply looking each day at the image below for 5… Read More

Announcement: Blog Vocabulary – Find Out The Meaning of This Blog’s Unclear Words


There may be some new words you come across on this blog you’ve never seen before, or you may not be sure what I mean by mentioning a particular phrase or word. Words are only symbols, and sometimes what one person means by saying something is different to what another person does. To make sure we’re… Read More

Self-Importance Keeps You In Bondage


My second Toastmasters (public speaking club) speech that took place a month or so ago was about mindless consumerism. I compared the people who trampled to death a Walmart store employee (for getting hold of the limited supply of goods) to animals. One man was visibly insulted by such a comparison. How we, powerful and… Read More

2 Types of Oneness – a Freeing One, and a Deadly One

Real and fake oneness

There are two types of oneness I see promoted at this time of our existence. One is a genuine one that comes as a natural response to spiritual evolution, and another is used as a well-thought-out tool to further oppress the humanity. Real oneness Evolved souls come from different backgrounds and different cultures, but they… Read More

Review: Spiritual Compass – The Three Qualities of Life

Spiritual Compass

I love to discover books that get you into  a sort of meditation when you’re reading them. Spiritual Compass: The Three Qualities of Life by Satish Kumar is one of such books. I discovered it thanks to Vandana Shiva, a non-gmo activist who does wonderful service to her mother country India. Reading Satish Kumar’s book Spiritual… Read More

Three Women I Bow To

Arundhati Roy

These three women became known to me at around the same time; I guess I needed to be exposed to them to establish my certain path of growth – away from commercialism and money motivation, and towards humanitarianism. These women are led by the highest morals, and they stand for something much higher than their… Read More

How to Be Secure in Insecurity

Being secure in insecurity

It’s funny how people think that being self-employed is too risky. I think it’s much less risky than being employed by someone else. At least you know yourself so you can estimate where your business is going; If you have a job, however, you don’t have this convenience – you could be made redundant at… Read More

Announcement: Know Yourself and Grow Community


Although more than 35% of this blog’s readers are regulars and some been so for years, it only recently dawned on me to make a more tangible community by creating this page. If you’re a new reader, I’m giving you a warm welcome and I hope you will gain tremendous benefits from this blog’s articles, ebooks, and readers’ kind words! To be… Read More

Trust The Creative Process


When people start consciously creating their reality through thought, word and vision, things start shifting. Events and changes begin taking place faster, and they give a glimpse of manifesting desires. Energy definitely becomes different. You may be in the same place, but you know you’re not the same anymore. You feel your goals very near you, and the… Read More

What You Should Know About Psychopaths Part 2


To read about how to recognize a psychopath and the strategy they all use, read the first post about this topic. Marriage nightmare Dating a psychopath leads to emotional imbalance, lack of trust in yourself and mental confusion. But nothing compares to the horror women go through if, despite the still inner voice of protest, they still… Read More

Review – Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever

Earthing Book Review

The moment I discovered Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! on Amazon, I wanted to read it. I felt that it contained information that could hugely benefit humanity. This proved to be true. In this post I summarized most important research findings about the Earth that authors shared in the book. But let’s firstly start with… Read More

1 In 25 People Have No Conscience – What You Should Know About Psychopaths

What you should know about psychopaths

Sometimes I receive negative comments on my posts or videos. Some comments are made by bitter people whose beliefs are in opposition to mine. Some feel hurt by life and lash out at anyone that comes their way. Although there are better ways to deal with such issues, I understand such reactions. Some commenters, however, are systematically… Read More

What Everybody Ought To Know About Seeking Deeper Knowledge


Video text: I sometimes get emails from people telling me that they wish I would cover more in-depth tips and new advice. These queries always come from people who are stuck in life, for the reasons you should understand at the end of this audio. They complain that they already know the stuff that I… Read More