Three Women I Bow To

These three women became known to me at around the same time; I guess I needed to be exposed to them to establish my certain path of growth – away from commercialism and money motivation, and towards humanitarianism.

These women are led by the highest morals, and they stand for something much higher than their little selves: the well-being of the poor, the well-being of nature, and the freedom of the entire humanity.

Here they are, these modern goddesses, and I’ll be forever grateful to have come across these extremely strong women led by their Inner Selves.

1. Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy

I firstly heard about Arundhati because of her book The God of Small Things, which I will review soon. The first time I came across the book I didn’t buy it as I assumed it’s another self-help book with common knowledge. However, I kept coming across this book over and over again, and that convinced me to get it.

It was actually not a self-help book, but the author’s memories as a child of South India. Her vivid raw descriptions show the real India, largely hidden from the view of the outsiders. She describes different treatment of various castes, rigid rules of families, horrible effects of the ‘Westernization’ of India, strict love rules, and much, much more. This book made me cry and left an indelible impact on me, so I absolutely had to find out who’s the woman who wrote it.

What I found out about her made my mouth almost drop. No, she wasn’t a typical author who would release a similar book after book as ‘sequels’ to her enormously successful first book to make the most money possible. Instead, as she realized she now had a platform to speak from, she used her fame to bring the world’s attention to the untold suffering of the millions of India.

She started writing books about how governments were gradually annihilating the innocent forest people, the tribals, to allow corporations to get their hands on the precious natural resources in forests; she talked about how corporations privatized sacred rivers of India to turn them into undrinkable toxic waters; she explained how corporations removed the poor from their lands and placed them in slums.

Arundhati faces numerous court cases for speaking the truth, and she was even jailed once. When I’m in India again, I sincerely wish to meet her. Here’s her video of her Norman Mailer prize acceptance speech which she was able to (as always) turn from herself and into the grave issues of India:

2. Alice Walker

Alice Walker

Alice Walker is a woman who was abused because of her skin color. She experienced the times when black people had almost no rights in the US. From her early years she kept encouraging her natives to rise up and stop putting up with the horrible treatment.

You would think that a person having gone through so much abuse would become bitter and hateful, but that’s totally the opposite of what happened to Alice Walker. She’s a being of pure love, and her words always soothe and bring peace. Listening to her is a relief as she manages to transmit the energy of peace and love through her voice.

She talks a lot about the Earth being alive and how people ignorantly mistreat the Mother that nourishes us. She talks about the human nature, psychopathic people who have no higher emotions, the importance of emotions which make us human. She talks about the oneness of all things as well as her deep spiritual connection to her ancient African roots.

Alice Walker is a poet. She travels the word especially visiting places where people need support, like war zones. She supports oppressed people emotionally and with words. She also adopted an orphanage as she thought it unfair to pick only one child and leave others without mothers.

I especially resonated with her talk about all mothers needing to open their minds and hearts, and not restrict their love only to their children. Alice can’t comprehend how people love their kids and are unemotional about children dying from starvation in another part of the globe. She says if there’s a war, famine, or abuse of the Earth in any part of the world, it’s the abuse in our own home, as we’re all one.

Here’s Alice Walker’s interview video. I’m sure watching it will fill you with peace and warmth. She’s really the Mother of All, a true Goddess.

3. Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva is a physicist that became relentless Earth activist. She wanted to study biology, but she couldn’t cut the frogs as she thought it to be absolutely inhuman; so she got a degree in physics instead.

Vandana focuses on the issues that affect the Mother Earth, especially GMOs and pesticides. Thanks to her I found out many frightening aspects of GMOs I was ignorant about. Like the fact that Monsanto can sue farmers if they refuse to keep growing their monocrops, that farmers have to keep buying GMO seeds year after year because they’re sold “terminator” seeds, the seeds that cannot reproduce. The fact that Monsanto wants to patent all the seeds in the world so that they would be the only supplier of the God’s gift.

Monsanto managed to patent certain seeds like cotton, corn, soy, and the worst thing is, that they did it illegally, and nobody talks about it. They didn’t create the seeds; they merely injected a gene into them and they were able to get patents for them. If a singer would try to patent a well-known song by changing a few lines, would he succeed? Of course not, that would be called plagiarism! Yet Monsanto was allowed to get patents for the seeds that God created.

Vandana Shiva enlightened me with the fact that pesticides used to be war chemicals. They were used for making bombs and other ways to kill people. When wars finished, companies producing these killing chemicals thought long and hard about how they could make more money from the chemicals. And thus the fertilizer industry was born.

Human-killing companies were transformed into weed-killing companies. By the way, Indian farmers whose GMO crops fail (a usual thing) and promised riches never materialize, eventually commit suicides by drinking their Monsanto-supplied pesticides.

This woman knows what she’s talking about. She’s extremely intelligent, sharp-minded, and deeply spiritual. She’s a true spiritual warrior. Here’s her speech about the horrors of GMOs:


All I could say, I aspire to become as strong, as intelligent, and as pure-spirited as these women. They’re powerful, but their power is not the ego power we see in competitive politics and offices, but the real, Soul, power. I bow to them and I thank God these lights of the world exist to show the path to many.


  1. Hi Simona,
    In addition to these great women, find Medha Patkar and Irom Sharmila as well. They stood upto powerful forces too.

  2. Shivendra says:

    Hi Simona,

    Thank you for this enlightening and eye-opening article! Even though I live in India, I was not aware of the work of those two women!! Your article has not only helped me appreciate the work done by these great women, but also inspired me to gain understanding of all these issues.


  3. Hi Simona,
    You are always inspiring me, Its been a long time since I am reading your posts but first time writing on your blog. I always find the honesty and true Inspiration in each Post and this Post Inspired me and made me to admire you more and more. Thanks for posting such great things which help people like me.
    Keep posting.
    En lightsme

  4. Wow SImona, I knew that in agriculture there’s patented seeds, but didn’t know it caused such as devastating situation in the world, especially in India.
    From where i am, Indonesia we have the same problem as well.
    How should we start to stand our ground?
    please let me know if there’s any organization that can help.

    • Yes,, the organization started by Vandana Shiva. Please donate to that organisation if you can. Vandana advises to start saving seeds. Also be active locally, be always in the know of what Monsanto is up to, especially in your country. To not to miss such news, for example, you can set Google Alerts service to notify you of “Monsanto” and “Indonesia” in one phrase without the quotes.

  5. Lora Ciocan says:

    This is actually what people want to hear: not what you have been through, not how much did you cried or lost but how did you healed and let go, and mostly, what did you take out of your experience with the new you?
    Great post, Simona !

  6. sanjok karki says:

    Awesome reading this post.thankyou simona Rich

  7. Thank you for this excellent inspirational article.

  8. Nobody says anything, and we do not protest against monsanto. They will continue
    until humanity is destroy. I am sure they would not eat what they give the rest of
    the world because they know exactly what they are eating. As if they were going to be the only inhabitants of earth. Full of money, but probably with nothing to eat.
    It is very frustrating, but thank God there are people like this wonderful Lady and you
    Simona that help to open the eyes of many people.

    • Without Vandana Shiva we would no longer have different varieties of basmati rice. She put a stop to it. We can put a stop to evil companies as such, if enough people wake up.

  9. Thank you very inspiring. I always feel like I need to do something and make a difference but so many things stop the progress. I hope to be able to break out of these minor life issues n make the difference. But these women do it regardless of life’s many responsibilities and family and community views, they are truly powerful.

    • Thank you, Neela. Don’t let small things stop your progress. Focus on the progress and small things will take care of themselves – don’t get lost in them.

  10. That is very frightening about the GMOs I hope it can be changed. These women are very strong and brave I admire them as well.

  11. Thank you for sharing Simona. 2/3 of these women’s’ causes are relatively new to me so I appreciate learning more. I sm always inspired by, and love to hear stories of how a person who has had an abusive/hard life does not succumb to that pain but instead turns it around to spread love instead.

  12. Reading about strong powerful women is encouraging.

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