2 Types of Oneness – a Freeing One, and a Deadly One

Real and fake onenessThere are two types of oneness I see promoted at this time of our existence. One is a genuine one that comes as a natural response to spiritual evolution, and another is used as a well-thought-out tool to further oppress the humanity.

Real oneness

Evolved souls come from different backgrounds and different cultures, but they all have the same message – the message of love, oneness and compassion. They’re not identical in any way – these people are very different, yet the message they have is the same. That’s because they became the perfect tools for the One Divine to manifest through.

Such souls can inhabit the bodies of an African, Canadian, Chinese, a tribal person living in a jungle and so on, but they’re not identified with their bodies. They use their bodies as a tool to express the Divine. Although they may be male or female, they transcended these differences as well as others (like their nationality) not in flesh, but in mind. They feel connected to absolutely everything.

From this way of being they naturally talk about inter-connectedness of the Universe and the oneness of all seemingly separated and different manifestations of nature.

Fake oneness

The oneness that’s fake comes from the cunning plans of governments and ruling families to further rob the humanity of their rights and freedoms. Through such plans they want to establish central power to totally wipe out the diversity, creativity and spontaneity. One-currency, one-banking system, altered-seed monopolies work towards this sinister plan.

People are being encouraged to leave their roots in villages to work in soul-less big cities were they know no one and cannot rely on anyone. Most of such people are not highly evolved, so they wither in new lands like plants whose roots were cut off, because they can’t yet see the One Creator in all different manifestations of humanity.

Neighbors of such new places don’t know each other and don’t even say “hi” to each other. No longer can a person in such a place feel connected to other individuals as they’re all from different countries and backgrounds (and the spiritual sight is not there to see the sameness of what’s within people). So she cannot rely on her fellow beings for protection. When she’s threatened in any way, she now has to rely on the central power – the police.

Most people are not ready to transcend their nationalities, so when they’re thrown in a multicultural mix, their barriers go way up and they desperately seek out the company of their own. They start following their cultural rules more rigidly than ever, as they feel threatened that in such a multicultural setting they may lose something very precious to them that defines who they are (their conditioning). In such places cultures clash, and people become aggressive and the heart totally shuts down.

The governments pushing multiculturalism failed miserably, but only in our view; to them I guess it was the plan from the very beginning to ignite more wars and hatred.

The same thing that they’re doing to humans – wiping out ancient cultures to create a hybrid mono-culture, they’re doing to plants also. Hybridized mono-crops are cropping up all over the place with genes of fish or insects thanks to the genetic engineering, whilst the sacred Earth’s biodiversity is being killed, together with life-producing bees (70% are extinct due to GMOs and cruel treatment of commercial honey-producing bees).

An average person who’s uprooted from his culture feels weak and lonely. That’s exactly what was intended, because then this person will rely on the centralized power for his protection, feeding and money supply. So his freedoms become non-existent, because if any of these three “legs” of support are taken away, the average person is destroyed. He’ll switch to the fear mode and will get enslaved even further, if even one such leg is taken away.

Already the person is half-destroyed when he’s denied spirituality (witch burning, temple destruction, and the wiping out of paganism accomplished this), so spirituality-deprived cultures are very unstable anyway. Most people are not ready to find spirituality inside, so they must depend on these external religions. And if these religions are deeply flawed (Christianity, for example, or the wrong interpretation of Vedas by males to disempower females) or non existent, the person is already broken, and thus is easily controlled.

So now when the person is already broken, it’s easy for governments and elite-families to appoint themselves as parents, or, should I say, “saviors” of these broken children. And such a parent is not a caring or loving one. It’s a psychopathic one, that talks nice things, does opposite things to the ones talked about, and operates with a secret evil plan in mind.

Please understand that I don’t advocate staying in your country if you dislike it. I always felt the need to escape, and I’m very glad that I did leave my country. But some people are lured into other countries because a desire is installed in them from external sources for more power or money that can be gotten in other countries. Such people led by false desires leave their countries and become easy prey for the self-appointed parents – governments and elite families that operate such people as pawns.

One can live in the same country all life and be unattached to the culture and ways of life. Like the ancient seers of India who never traveled outside of India but managed to transcend their culture through meditation and spoke in a voice of absolute clarity and unity that’s valid today as much as it was ages ago.

One can also, however, live in the same country all life and never wake up, and be totally controlled by the society and the people high in power.

Good developments out of fake oneness

The fake oneness interestingly (and probably unexpected to the elite, but who knows) did some good to the world. Internet made knowledge unlimited and available to all. There were many awakenings that happened in people who slaved for soul-sucking jobs in dead cities, like myself. Strong spiritual communities are being formed in big cities, and ecovillages promoting totally natural living with non-zero waste policies are emerging in almost every country.

Even these awakenings are being attempted to get in control of, by trying to recruit people into followings and thus be in charge of how those individuals develop. Keep your eyes open and don’t allow your truth to be overpowered by the truth of some guru/organization/movement.


Oneness doesn’t mean lack of diversity like we’re pushed to believe by being exposed to GMO monocrops, monopolies, the same brands in every country, central banking and similar organizations and institutions. Oneness thrives in biodiversity. All these absolutely unique beings be it plants, humans, bugs or animals come from the same creative source that’s absolute love and intelligence. The master-architect of the Universe assures that no single blade of grass is the same.

Mono-cultures, mono-ways of doings things are certainly mechanically made; they’re not creative and they don’t come from God. I don’t even think they come from humans; such ways of life have a mechanical/inhuman/cold feel, like there’s no soul. You can feel this emptiness in huge supermarkets, offices and modern cities.

Do not be misled that Mono-anything is Oneness. Mono-cultures and biodiversity are as different as night and day.


  1. Hi Dear Simona
    I really love your notes ! You are really open minded ! I want to khow why you have never written about vegetarianism???

    • Because that’s to do with food, it’s a bit unrelated to the main theme. However if I have something important to say that’s hard to find on blogs on vegetarianism, I may write such a post.

  2. Monsanto would love it if there no more bees,or wild flowers,wild places.x

  3. Interesting argument. This is the first post of yours and I am excited to read more. I think it is true that cities are very soul sucking. I find that it is funny, in a dark humor way, that you can live in a huge city and yet feel so lonely and unconnected. Everyone appears out for themselves in many cities, especially in cities like New York City or Los Angeles.

    Thanks for an interesting perspective.

  4. Some years ago i was wandering in the city and came across and old second hand book store. As i was perusing the shelves I came across a book with no author. I felt drawn to read it and I did buy it and what it explained was the ancient earth and the original and many spiritual beings that were on earth in the very early days of existence. It went on and discussed the pure energies originally here and then the dark energies infiltrating our world and using control and power over individuals. I felt that there was truth in this and that today’s world seems to confirm it. Strangely I had the feeling to let go of this book once I had finished and then returned it back to the shop for free. Some time later I thought to go back and re read it but it was gone ( on to someone else that needed the information ).
    I still do not know who wrote this, but believe it was information for me at the time. All the best

  5. sanjok karki says:

    Thank you simona rich for the wonderful post what we get to learn everyday.every green grass are different likewise every-human beings are different from each other because we have different taste. we don’t value our own culture when we are in our own country .we are focus about anything else rather than getting to do something which help in getting luxurious life. we people are totally lost in thinking about earning more and more money in foreign lands so because of that we marched to foreign land and after a year we come to realize everything about our own country when we become lonely in foreign land..That’s why we come to realize importance of our own country when we are far from our country..

  6. Hi Simona!!! Very enlightening, I’m very curious if you can provide us with some tips on what makes a great guru, mentor, someone to learn from and what makes a terrible one. I’ve been seeing various posts of yours that mention this and am wondering if you have your eye on a few?

    • Marvin, just check how you feel within about any teacher or guru. You can follow certain teachings that resonate with you, and you can refuse to accept those that don’t.

  7. Abhimanyu says:

    Dear…. It seems there are two types of oneness as shown by our divided nature of dualistic mind… Oneness can be only one whether we travel inwardly or outwardly, knowingly or unknowingly at its outcome…. It’s rare phenomena and there is always a dance going on…. Celebrate life…love

  8. One’s cosmology affects their attitude; people can tolerate more atrocities when they think they’re in a universe created by a limited big bang or a jealous warlike God, who later lets Himself be crucified(atrocity) as an example of what enlightened humans ought to go through.

    Netflix provides documentaries on atrocities involving central banking system intentions, the dangers of the food industry, and possibilities of psychedelics like ayahuasca being occasionally useful.

    Why does a semi-popular media provider like Netflix not mind making the above available, while on the other hand Netflix does not provide any electric universe documentaries that provide evidence against big bang and big freeze(universe destined to limited end)?

    There are no documentaries that attack electric universe theories either, because attacking the evidence exposes the evidence.

  9. Hi Simona – I had to make a comment because although I love reading your articles and seeing the world through your eyes – I am feeling defensive about your Christianity comment. It is my opinion that the flaws in any religion have more to do with the human interpretation than the actual religion. I am in no position to make any judgements on anyone’s religion as I am ever learning, ever seeking and ever growing… if we truly want to work towards peace and acceptance in this world we all have to learn to accept everybody for who they are – race,culture,ethnicity and religion…

    • Yes, Tina, I mentioned Christianity because Vatican deleted some texts of the Bible and altered others; that’s why it’s flawed. It’s not the origins, but the human input that’s faulty. Yes, religion can be surely accepted, but if it’s accepted in its altered form, it could be disempowering. Thank you for your non-insulting defense of Christianity – some Christians would write an aggressive and hate-filled message.

      • I agree with everything Simona says. Even some church religions are not God made, you can see, sense and feel that. Simona is spot-on on the Fake Oneness. Cunning plans of Government taking away our freedom and Oness, Spirit of Ubuntu. Neighbours who are strangers, who do not greet each other and therefore cannot help each other. The soul-sucking jobs, cold empty supermarkets and offices.

        Government has planned it all. 666 is on the way.

  10. Thanks so much for this well-written and passionate article Simona. I agree with you about the important of oneness. This sense of compassion is what holds the universe together and I believe that if every person on this planet truly understood this concept of oneness then there would be peace. It’s very hard to watch what is going on in the world at the moment, where people are ignorant to the fact that when they hurt others, not only do they hurt everyone else in the world but they also hurt themselves. I pray that more people will begin to seek the truth. Namaste.

    • Surely then there would be peace, Emma. Let’s hope more people would come to this realization, and fast. Thank you for your beautiful and loving message.

  11. Simona, Thank you so much for your loving and enlightening work and blogs! Your words resonate with me and encourage me daily. Even in this blog where you speak about the emptiness of leaving your culture for the “soul-less” big cities – though you are speaking on a much larger scale – I can relate to so much of that just coming from a small city/community and moving to the “big city” to find work.

    I experience the daily struggles of myself and so many around me that are no doubt just trying to retain some portion of their culture/selves in an environment that encourages clone-like and soul-less behavior. I’m an Empath (I have always felt others’ feelings as they were my own), so picking up on the emotions and pain of those around me makes it difficult to stay on my own spiritual path at times. And even though I know it is my own defensiveness that makes me feel “stuck”, it’s a daily struggle. Your explanation of how and why this happens helps me to stay on track and reminds me that, regardless of our cultural, physical or other differences, we are truly “one”. Thank you Simona and continued Blessings to you.

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment, Cher. Yes, I wrote for a large audience, but I know many are going exactly through this so many will resonate with the message. I’m an empath too, and I didn’t know it for a long time. I thought I just started feeling out of nowhere in some strange way just because of being with someone, until I got it. So I know exactly what you’re going through, and I heartily wish to find more and more ways to recharge yourself and to be in solitude, if this would be your wish.

      • Patricia says:

        Hi Simona
        Being an empath is not easy as I always feel the pain others and cannot turn my back on them always helping or wanting to everything I can to help. I try sometimes to distance myself but cannot. This is very heavy on me. I there a way for me to learn where to draw the line so I can focus on oneness.

        • Yes, Patricia. As an empath you need much more time alone to recharge. Meditate and generally be focused within rather than outside. That’s when you can start becoming aware whenever too much outside energy is trying to penetrate your aura. Then you can retreat, which I recommend, so that you’d never lose your sense of self, which is empowerment itself. You can stay alone and still feel connected to all; you don’t need to physically always be with others to affirm this oneness.

  12. Great post. Once a person really becomes aware of “fake oneness” I don’t think one can ever be the same, no matter how hard they may try to ignore it. Thanks for bringing this subject into the light.

    • Exactly, Zen. You can never be the same. You’re changed forever, in a good way! Your eyes are opened, and there’s no way to close them.

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