10 Ways to Beat Procrastination

In the last post I addressed 10 causes of procrastination.

Now let’s tackle each cause to wipe out procrastination from your life.

1. If you procrastinate because your self-esteem is low, improve opinion about yourself.

You are as worthy as you believe yourself to be. Others also consider you as worthy as you consider yourself to be.

To melt all insecurities and low self-confidence, the best thing to do is to practice self-love. Louise Hay’s mirror exercise is designed just for that. To practice it, each morning stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes, and say:

“I love you.”

That’s all. Do this every morning for a profound change to take place.

In fact, you can try it now. Go to the mirror and say these words.

You may notice that at first you may feel uncomfortable hearing such a loving phrase coming from your mouth. With time you will start accepting it and internalizing it. More and more love will envelop your being, melting all fears and insecurities.

In addition to this, you can grow your self-esteem if you make peace with personal traits that you can’t change, and work to improve those that you can.

Other things that increase self-esteem is spending time with supportive people, improving your knowledge in some way, exercising and learning some new skill.

2. If you procrastinate because your goals are egoistic, connect with your Authentic Self to discover your true goals and the purpose of your life.

You can make friends with your Self by removing limiting beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of achieving. Connection with self becomes stronger when you work to improve yourself, tell only truth, honor your conscience and respect yourself.

3. If you procrastinate because you place more importance on seemingly urgent things like money shortage, conflicts or troubles, know this.

What you focus on you get more of. Start focusing, therefore, on things you want to see grow and flourish in your life. Make a list of these top priorities (top goals you want to achieve) and dwell on them every day. Energy must come to take action to achieve these goals if you do this.

4. If you procrastinate because you believe you lack tools to succeed, know that you should use whatever tools you currently have.

Do the best job with these tools that you can, and the Universe, seeing your honest work, will soon give you better tools to work with.

When I was just starting out, I had no money to pay someone to set up my blog. So I learnt html code to create a blog myself. I used the tools I had – time (I worked after coming back from job) and desire to succeed.

After some time the blog started generating income, and so I was able to sometimes pay web designers for future work. Now I have a blog maintenance team which takes care of all my blog’s security and updates.

The Universe always gives you better tools to work with after some time, if you care to use the tools you have now to the best of your ability.

5. If you’re not productive because of too many distractions in your life, set your priorities right.

Which actions are taking you closer to your goals, and which ones take you away from them?

List all daily activities and highlight the ones that take you further away from your goals. Dwell on them often, as this awareness will make you think twice before engaging in them again.

That’s the key to finally stop doing them and so have more time to engage in activities that materialize your goals.

6. If you procrastinate because you ignore procrastination consequences, do a reality check.

Close your eyes and see how your life would look like five years from now if you continue doing whatever you’re doing daily now. Really dwell on this vision, and let more energy be spurred in you to change.

Once this motivating energy comes, take action to become more successful. If energy doesn’t come forth, introduce more details in your vision of your life five years from now, until your emotions are strong enough to make you act.

Negative motivation can work wonders, if the goal you hold in your mind is positive, so that you’re running away from bad circumstances into good ones. That’s the strategy I used to get a UK scholarship when I was a below average student in Lithuania. I mention this story in the about me page (which I updated with more personal details, by the way).

7. If your productivity is low because you fear success, uproot limiting beliefs causing this fear.

Find them by observing yourself in conversations and your self-talk. Once you discover these limitations, remove them by reasoning out of them, affirming that they no longer can influence you and replacing them with opposite empowering statements. Disown them by understanding that they were acquired from external environment/other people.

As I mentioned in the previous post, beliefs causing you to fear success can be these:

  • you believe that you’re not good enough/worthy enough
  • you believe that when you become successful people will stop liking you
  • you believe that successful people are shallow and show-offs
  • you believe that successful people are somehow bad
  • you believe that success requires too much hard work

Some also believe that being successful will somehow corrupt them or that after the peak is reached (the peak is never reached!), there could be nothing else to do so life would become pointless.

These are all incorrect and limiting beliefs, except the hard work bit. It takes lots of work to become successful but if you do your heart’s work it doesn’t seem work at all! Uproot these and similar beliefs if they currently reside in your mind.

8. If you procrastinate because of comfortable circumstances, do the exercise I already described in the sixth point.

9. If you procrastinate because you lack well-defined goals, it’s time to make them clear and real in your mind.

Firstly, read this post to understand how to correctly visualize your goals. Secondly, when you’ve been visualizing for  some time, do the manifestation test to check the score of how likely your goal is to manifest.

Well-defined goals and clear vision will provide you enough energy and drive to materialize your intentions. As I’ve already mentioned, your goal should come from your Authentic Self and not the ego for more energy to come forth from within to achieve goals.

10. If you fail to be productive because of laziness, you should start eating healthier food, drinking plenty of pure water (like spring water) and exercising for at least ten minutes a day.

Foods that can spur you into action are spices, herbs and heating foods, like eggs and grains. That’s according to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing science.

For exercise, I advise jogging for 10 minutes. It will get the heart racing, the blood pumping, and the energy going for more achievement.

Without further delay, take the last tip and apply it now. Jog for 10 minutes and feel how much goodness these 10 minutes can do to your attitude. You can even jog at home; the most important thing is to move!

Eat healthy food when you feel hungry, followed by plenty of pure water 30 minutes later. These small changes can serve as huge aids to overcoming procrastination.


In this post I provided a substantial, yet still incomplete list of ways to beat procrastination. Below I summarize procrastination causes and ways to remove them – look through them again for your mind to process this information better.

1. If you procrastinate due to low self-esteem, improve your opinion of yourself by doing Louise Hay’s mirror exercise. Make peace with traits you can’t change, and improve those that you can.

2. If egoistic goals are to blame for your procrastination, connect with your Authentic Self to discover goals aligned with your being.

3. If you place more importance on mundane things, you will keep getting more of the things you spend most time doing/focusing on. Shift your focus, therefore, to things you want to experience.

4. If you believe that you lack the tools to succeed, know that if you do your best with the tools that you have, with time better tools will come your way for sure.

5. If too many distractions are to blame for procrastination, make a list of all your daily actions, and highlight those that take you further away from your goals. Focus on them as this awareness will prevent you from easily doing them in the future.

6. If you don’t think about the consequences that your procrastination will bring, see in your mind’s eye how your life will look like in five years’ time if you keep doing daily what you do now. The energy must arise in you to take action to improve your life if you take time to do this exercise properly.

7. If fear of success causes you to procrastinate, find limiting beliefs causing fear and remove them. Especially pay attention to most common reasons for fear of success, like believing you’re not worthy enough or that successful people are not good in some way.

8. If you’re quite comfortable with your life, do the exercise listed in the sixth step.

9. If you lack well-defined goals, create a realistic and detailed vision in your mind’s eye of the goal you want to achieve. If visualized daily, this vision will fuel your actions.

10. If sluggishness prevents your productivity, eat more healthy food, drink pure water and regularly exercise. This will unclog your body, making it, as well as the mind, more active, and thus taking action towards your goals will become much easier.

Lastly, note down in a few words causes and ways to beat procrastination that apply to you. Then take the first cause and work to remove it. Once that’s done, take the second cause. Little by little your procrastination will no longer be, and you’ll find yourself materializing your most important goals.


  1. Stefano says:

    Hi Simona,
    thanks for the post. I’m the king of procrastination 😀
    Mainly caused by factor number 5 and 10, since i was a child.
    I will try your suggestions 😉


  2. I love your new blogging set-up: writing on Thursdays and Sundays… it appears that the topic, then follow up posts are very effective! Especially for those who want to optimise their life. It’s true that whereever you focus, your energy goes. I’ve been focusing on relationships for years and through hard work and awareness, made a strong happy healthy relationship. Now, I’ve noticed that I’ve procrastinated for years because what I was doing was not aligned with my true self. And worsely, I didn’t even know what my purpose was! This brought me a lot of pain… I’ve recently found my way (or, I’m on the right path) and now devoting so much energy to it, that it is changing very rapidly. However, I must not forget the things also that I once provided so much energy to. It’s difficult sometimes to juggle the things that we need to grow. All the “plants” in our lives need constant watering or they will die.

    • That’s very true, Anna. So it’s good, therefore, to focus on the plants you really want to see grow:) Congratulations for discovering your purpose in life, that’s the most important thing!

  3. Angela says:

    Loved it. Thank you so much Simona.

  4. Hi Simona,

    You are a wonderful and kind person. Love all your articles and read and apply them everyday. People have told me I am a very positive person and am not able to be with people who speak or look down on anyone. Am gaining so much knowledge reading your articles. Will get a few books of yours soon. Thank you. God Bless You.

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