10 Causes of Procrastination

If you’re reading this, you probably have some procrastination issues.

If so, do you know what causes you to procrastinate?

Here I’m describing most common procrastination causes – it’s likely that some will apply to you. Try to spot which ones ring true as that will help to uproot procrastination from your life.

Here are 10 causes of procrastination:

1. Low self-esteem.

If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, it’s natural to delay taking action towards something you consider unachievable.

2. Incompatible goals.

If your goal comes from ego and not the real self, you’ll have much less drive to achieve it and you may start procrastinating. Egoistic goals appeal to mind, but the heart doesn’t respond; the heart doesn’t release the energy to achieve such a goal – it’s a struggle to go for it.

3. Placing more importance on other things.

When your goals seem less important than your current issues, there won’t be enough drive to achieve them. Such issues might be money shortage, health problems and conflicts with people you care about.

4. Belief that one lacks tools.

Many procrastinate because they believe they don’t have enough knowledge, good enough technology, attractive enough appearance or favorable enough circumstances to achieve their goals.

Since such a belief is in their minds, it serves as a strong barrier to the energy of productivity. It’s natural to delay action when a reason for the delay seems logical, and thus appealing to the mind. Mind is the master of body – whatever you feed it, it will direct the body accordingly.

5. There are too many distractions.

There could be numerous things to do or forms of entertainment/engagement to spend time on that promise a temporary sense of happiness and satisfaction. It’s very easy to involve yourself with them as they give instant gratification. They, however, are quick to consume all time, and leave you feeling like a failure in the long run.

6. Unwillingness to understand the consequences of procrastination.

Some people block off the ability to see what their lives would look like if they would continue delaying taking actions towards success. They would rather believe that in some magical way everything would sort itself out. This unwillingness to take off the sunny glasses and see things as they are cause many wasted lives.

7. Fear of success.

Fear of success is more common than some think. It haunts people for various reasons, like believing they aren’t good enough or aren’t worthy of a better life. Procrastination comes as a natural response to such convictions.

There are other reasons for fear of success too, like…

  • believing people will dislike you when you’re successful
  • believing that successful people are boasters and shallow
  • believing that successful people are bad in some way
  • believing that success requires too much hard work

The last reason is partially true, but only partially. If you work hard but you love your work, it will seem natural – something you would do anyway.

8. Being in comfortable circumstances.

Having a steady job, living in relative comfort and having an okay relationship numbs people from hearing the inner call that says “You can be so much more.” 

Because there’s no hard push from such a lifestyle (compared to poverty, for example), people don’t feel the need to act now to improve their existence. Many wake up only at the very end of their lives, regretting haven’t gone the extra mile.

9. Lack of well-defined goals.

It’s easy to start procrastinating when you don’t even know what kind of life you would like to live. A mind cannot calculate the actions you need to take if you have no well-defined goals. Thus, no energy comes forth to manifest the goal.

10. Lazy body.

Body, mind and soul are connected. When one is out of balance, another will get sick soon. If you eat wrong food or don’t move much, your body becomes sluggish and soon this sluggishness reaches the mind too.

Then thoughts of procrastination start reaching your ear:

“I will write a blog post tomorrow.”

“It’s not that urgent to take out the litter anyway.”

…and similar thoughts hypnotize you into non-action.


Think over the reasons of procrastination I gave in this post. When some ring true, note them down and dwell on them. This awareness of procrastination reasons itself will start healing this disease.

Then check in a few days’ time this blog again – on Sunday I’ll release a post about how to beat procrastination. I’ll address ways to beat every cause of procrastination I mentioned in this post.

Have you identified your biggest cause(s) of procrastination? Do you have something to say about procrastination? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Hi Simona do you do cleanses (colon, Candida, liver, et cetera), if so how much do they increase your productivity? I want to do some cleanses. Also I’m familiar with the fact that processed foods, fluoride, and drugs all lower your vibration, do any cleanses exist to fix this, I.e vibrational cleanses? Because I had 4 pills of 10mg Prozac forced on me about a year ago and to this day it still has numbed my positive emotions, before I had ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) all the time, which is pleasurable electrical sensations in your head when you think positive things and ever since I was drugged with Prozac I haven’t had them and I miss having ASMR quite a bit and am willing to do whatever it takes to have ASMR again, because boy if you have it it sure makes you feel alive.

    • Yes I did, Max, and they give clarity but be careful with cleanses – follow the procedures correctly, as they can harm also.

  2. Pst. Abraham Snorton says:

    Simona, please keep the good work up, for God Almighty will continue to bless and increase you with
    great knowledge……. Thanks a lot

  3. Thanks for another great insightful post!! How do you cram so much wisdom into your young years??!! I have suffered from all of these issues, here are my thoughts below…
    1. Low self-esteem.
    This is i think the main reason i suffer from procrastination, it is like all the other reasons rolled into one!

    2. Incompatible goals.
    I do feel unmotivated to pursue practical goals, like jobs that earn good money. I am much more motivated to pursue goals of spiritual growth, but in the 3D world, these can seem an impractical way to spend your time.

    3. Placing more importance on other things.
    Doing internet research, reading books, meditating learning and developing spiritual practices hold much more fascination for me, but as yet they do not, and cannot pay my bills!

    4. Belief that one lacks tools.
    I feel this strongly, i want to shift my career into the field of spirituality, but when there are so many who seem to have extra sensory perception and to have skills far beyond my awareness level, i feel ill-equipped to advise others…

    5. There are too many distractions.
    I can get distracted by reading blogs, watching youtube videos or reading books on mystical topics, and spiritual practices, but i do not feel these are a waste of my time at all, i feel conflicted about priorities, as the money earning jobs i do now, do not fulfill me.

    7. Fear of success.
    To your list i would like to add fear of commitment, if I were to start my own business it would be like a marriage, that i would have to commit to for an indefinite period of time, with no one else to rely on but myself for success or failure.

    6. Unwillingness to understand the consequences of procrastination.
    i will add this reason together with 8. Being in comfortable circumstances.
    I feel i live a comfy life and i have a lot of things going for me, but yet i do feel that tug to go for bigger dreams. When one starts making changes either big or small, it is easy to see what one stands to lose, but less obvious is what you may gain. In this way, sometimes having nothing to lose, can be a great motivator.

    9. Lack of well-defined goals.
    I would like to add that it can feel daunting to make radical changes from our current life, changes like new career, starting your own business or moving to a totally new strange place. It can feel so daunting that its hard to figure out where to begin.

    10. Lazy body.
    Lastly, exercise releases endorphins which elevate mood, gives one confidence and positivity!! Not keeping this up, negativity, depression and anxiety can creep up on you. Paralysing you to inaction with fear.

    Thanks so much for all you do, I am really looking forward to your next post about overcoming procrastination!!

    • Dear Jennifer,

      Thank you for sharing your procrastination reasons with others. Even sharing them this way, just putting this all on paper, serves as a great way to become clearer on what needs to be done and addressed. And thank you for the Fear of Commitment cause, I missed that and it does play a big role in many people’s procrastination. I’m glad my post helped you and I hope the next one will help you even more!

  4. Josephine says:

    I really appreciate you, keep it up, it has really help me so much that i have to correct those mistake in me.
    thanks for your post.

  5. I liked what you said on being too comfortable. When this happens than one thinks they can do it later. One other thing I was wondering about is when you keep getting more ideas which distract you as well. When one is highly creative it too can be a distraction.

    Worry can also get in the way as well when the universe sends stressful events to loved ones that need your immediate attention.

  6. Hi Simona
    I have identified my issues and the only solution is to change the environment I live in. Thank you so much.

  7. Courtney says:

    Thank you Simona! Great article. I can relate to some of those reasons why I procrastinate but never thought of them before. Very insightful :)

  8. Hi Simona!
    Thanks for your post. This information on the topic was very insightful because I have been struggling with this right now & it seems that nobody understands why. It is because what I do is not aligned with my intrinsic goals and it’s comfortable, so I never had a clear defined goal for a way out. But now that there is one (or, the possibility is there) I find myself more productive. You are right, a clear goal is a definite driver. Thank you for posting.

  9. Thanks for this post Simona! Quite a while back when I was in a job that I didn’t enjoy I couldn’t understand why I procrastinated so much. I even googled procrastination in an attempt to try and stop doing it. None of the articles were as helpful or as insightful as yours. This really spells out the psychology behind this behaviour. Thanks again :)

  10. Bhaskar says:

    So true Simona, I’ve suffered a lot because of multiple combination of these factors. I appreciate you putting up here, I am much clear about my shortcoming now. I’ve just embark on a fresh journey towards my life transformation, your article is really the best help I could get at this moment.

    Hear you more in coming times and wish you the best :-)

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